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Our bodies contain a lot of chakras, but in a Chakra Balancing we concentrate on the 7 major chakras. They consist of root, hara, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead and crown.
Chakras are the link between the universe and the physical body and contains everything you experience. For better or worse ... They are shaped like a flower that opens and closes based on what you experience and what experience you have related to your experiences and they rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

 All 7 main chacras is radiating front and back of the body, except the crown, starting with the head and radiates through the body and between the legs, and roots that begin in the abdomen and radiates down to the ground and out of your head. Front and rear chakras are shaped like two cones, where the tips meet at the spine and opening radiating front and rear body.
Healthy, well balanced chakras radiate far out from the body and work in line with each other. As soon as we come in contact with something negative, healthy chakras will retire and close themselves to accepting energy and then open again when the danger is over.
Our hectic life can be challenging and causes chakras to work out of step with our energy and the result is reduced efficacy in different parts of life.
Root: It's located at the base of the spine and radiates up through the body and out of your head. Providing energy to meet the basics in life, school and work, to find a place to live, enough money to pay your bills, have a balanced relationship with policy and society. An unhealthy rotchakra can lead to anxiety and fear or total lack of fear and is connected to   kidneys, adrenals and spinal canal. The color is red.
Hara: located below the navel and gives energy to create a home, children, a good sex life, for healthy reproductive organs and genitals. The color of the hara is orange.
Solar Plexus: Located between navel and chest. Solar plexus is home to your ego, who are you, how you perceive yourself. Physically, one can often feel the solar plexus when you dread something, it feels like butterflies in one's stomach. The solar plexus in imbalance can cause poor self-esteem, low confidence or an inflated ego. Physically, the solar plexus relates to the stomach, liver, gall bladder, nervous system, digestion, small intestine and pancreas. The color is yellow.
Heart: Provides energy for all types of love. The heart chakra in balance and the ability to feel unconditional love for everyone and everything, along with respect for everyone and everything. A developed heart chakra doesn't judge. The heart chakra imbalance causes fear of the unknown and an inability to escape injustice and tends to judge others based on one's own experiences. Physically relates to the thymus, heart and circulation, blood, vagus nerve and immune system. The color is green.
Neck: Energizes communication. A developed halschakra provides energy to communicate in a healthy way. When the voice disappears, trembles, when suddenly coughing for no reason, or you can not keep quiet long enough that others will not have to have the imbalances in the throat chakra. A low voice shows a lack of energy, a rumbling, too loudly showing the energy. Physical relates to the thyroid gland, breath, lungs and bronchi, nutrition turnover and metabolism. The color is blue.
Pan: The 3rd eye. Together with intuition, pineal and pituitary glands. A balanced pannechakra gives a sense of being grounded, the safety of their own creative solutions and ability to see through acting. Intuitively, we know the truth. Physical, the pan relates to the left eye and the brain's lower physical organs, nose, nervesystemm, endocrine system, it influences bl growth. Imbalance in pannechakra linked to depression. The color is purple.
Krone: Is our spiritual connection. Physical connecting to the crown chakra with the right eye and the brain's upper physical bodies, with intuition and telepathy and come out at all. Crown chakra contains your genetic and spiritual experience and a balanced and well-developed crown chakra provides access to all your resources. The color is purple or white. 
A Chakrabalancing is a comfortable treatment which takes between 20 and 30 min. It consists of transferring energy from the clinician's hands, where we also have a chakra in each palm. These relate to all 7 main chakra and transmit universal energy from the process to the client. The energy transferred to two and two chakras to all work in harmony. This is a deep, relaxing yet energizing treatment, where you feel afterwards increased safety, earthing and access to their own experiences.

Do you have a demanding day ahead of you? It is highly recommended that you begin it with a Chakrabalancing. Is life challenging? Treat yourself to a timeout, no obligation, just accept it.

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