Inner Whisper - Coaching for Enlightment
Inner Whisper - transformasjon og muligheter
Discover your unconscious barriers.
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Discover your unconscious barriers!

Life is always in motion and can change in a single moment. According to Universal Laws, nothing ever stays the same. Not even when we feel trapped in a situation, unable to do anything about it, as if it's going to go on forever...

We're in times of change. They're exciting, yet also heartbreaking times, we're left confused and often afraid. Old solutions don't work as they used to, so what do we do?

We have tremendous capacity to make changes in our lives. The challenge we all face is the unconscious patterns that take place beneath the surface in our everyday life. The patterns that cause us to choose the 'same old', even when we consciously believe we're creating something new. 

Let me help you uncover what you need to uncover! 

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Personal Transformation Coaching

Are you seeking fulfillment in your life or business?

Do you have difficulty coping with daily pressures, such as decision-making or time-management?

Do you lack Direction and Clarity in your Career Path?

Are you encountering Marital or other relationship Challenges?

Ontological & Transformational Coach, Guy McGowan, offers one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype, to address those personal obstacles and misconceptions preventing you from living your Life to its fullest Potential.

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Pris: $100.00

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