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More and more people are discovering struggling with symptoms that are difficult to figure out. The problems such as constipation or diarrhea, flatulence, nausea and regurgitation can probably be easy to relate to the food you eat, but what if edema, pain in joints, blemishes, snoring, earaches, insomnia, depression etc. also may indicate intolerance is not so well known. 
Take a look at the form of symptoms and see if you recognize anything.
It is the protein in the food we react when we get sick of the food. Protein resembles a link composed of amino acids in the digestive process is broken "link" down to the simple amino acids that take their nutrients through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and then carried to the liver. Our liver is an amazing chemical factory, which uses amino acids to build digestive enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones, new proteins, all that the body needs of construction materials. As long as this works normally we just need to concentrate on taking in protein foods in addition to nutrients, the body does the rest. 
A healthy intestinal wall, causing good digestion is dependent on a good microflora. But these flora are very vulnerable to stress, poor diet high in sugar, alcohol and drugs and the result is that most of us adversely affect microflora. This leads to a much more exposed bowel wall where undigested protein residues seep through and into the bloodstream. These can confusingly resemble hormones and disrupted endocrine system, or have completely different effects. 
This is a process that develops in a vicious circle, adverse intestinal flora reinforces the problem by breaking down the protein and liver lacks building materials for its processing. This also leads to problems with the breakdown of lectins, a sigh protein found in many food sources. These are often deposited in the connective tissue, fat and muscle weave and creates pain and edema, and obesity.
Symptoms that may be related to food intolerances:
- Nausea / Vomiting
- Diarrhoea
- Constipation
- Air in the stomach
- Regurgitation / gulping of air
- Abdominal pain
- Burning sensation in cardiac region
- Blood and mucus in the stool
- Tired after meals
Joints and muscles:
- Pain and tenderness in muscles
- Arthritis
- Stiffness, restricted mobility
- Weakness / fatigue
- Swollen, tender joints
- Growing Pains
- Heat paragraph
- Headache
- Fainting
- Dizziness
- Insomnia, restless sleep
- Facial Blushing
- Snoring
Mouth and throat:
- Chronic cough
- Difficulty swallowing and cough
- Sore throat, hoarseness, loss of voice
- Swollen or discolored tongue / lip
- Inflammation of the mouth
- Itching palate
- Caries
- Excessive intake of food and fluids
- Urging to certain mmatvarer / forced eating
- Overweight
- Emotional eating
- Fluid Accumulation
- Underweight
- Watery, itchy eyes
- Red, swollen or sticky eyelids
- Puffy with dark circles under eyes
- Blurred or severely restricted vision
- Lysømfientlighet
- Stuffy nose
- Chronic red, inflamed nose
- Sinus
- Hay fever
- Sneeze attack
- Excessive mucous
- Mood swings
- Anxiety, fear, nervousness
- Angry, aggressive
- Irritable
- Frustrated, cries often
- Depressive
- Poor memory
- Poor to finish projects
- Poor in mathematics
- Poor, short span of attention
- Remove, mentally not present
- Is easily distracted
- Difficult to make decisions
- Lack of ability to learn
- Feeling of tension in the chest
- Asthma, bronchitis
- Shortness of breath, breathlessness
- Trouble breathing
- Persistent cough
- Piper when they breathe
- Acne, spots
- Itching
- Impurities, rash, dry skin
- Hair Loss
- Flushing, hot flashes
- Sweats, only at night, or both night and day
- Ørekløe
- Ear pain, infections
- Runny ear
- Ringing in the ears
- Impaired hearing
- Irregular, bouncing stroke
- Fast el strong thumping heartbeat
- Chest pain.
Energy and Activity:
- Lethargy, drowsiness
- Lack of attention even
- Fatigue
- Hyperactivity and / or ADHD
- Restlessness
- Poor coordination of muscles
- Stuttering
- Slurred speech
- Often ill
- Often and urgent urination
- Genital itching or discharge.
- Rectal Itching
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