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Inner Whisper - transformasjon og muligheter

Our prices:

PowaBase, first time inNorway.

Introduction price

Early bird until March 31: NOK 3 500.- 
Full price NOK 4000.-

Paymentplan available, please contact us


    Kinesiology                         1,5 t:   700 -
    Reiki healing,                     1 Hr     500 -
    Reiki healing by distance     1 Hr      500
    Chakrabalansering ,          30 min:   300    
    Magnetic Quantum test     15 min:   250 -
    + Test for  nutrient m 
maximum absorption:             20 min   300 -

Presentations about how unconscious and subconscious behavior create the circumstances in your life.   

Guidance on your path to Enlightment
Skype check here
Or simply  contact me
Norwegian and English


Coaching sessions on Skype 1 hr  100 US dollar

Also offering PowaChange and PowaBase  with follow up one-to-one sessions.

For ordering, check here

For more information, please contact us

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