Fear and limitations
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Fear and limitations

This is a blog that will be published both in Norwegian and English, because it`s a conversation between Kari and Guy, Norway and South Africa. It`s about life, challenges, obstacles, Kinesiology and Ontology. We will publish a new topic every week and please feel free to give us comments, or suggest topics we can discuss! 

This weeks topic: Fear

I want to start this conversation with the topic Fear.
It's a huge topic, Fear is everything that holds us back from what we want and what we desire. It's in the basic of every unconscious decision we make and our conscious mind just makes it understandable by reminding us of what we believe of ourselves. I'm not good enough, smart enough, this isn't for me. Or: it's a family thing, no-one in my family ever had the skills to do something like this... Or just, I don't understand, this is rubbish! There must be something wrong with you, believing what you believe... 
What a great way to kick off this conversational journey of discovery, Kari!
Yes, Fear is to Enlightenment, as Scarcity is to Abundance. Indeed a vast topic, but let's begin scratching the surface and see what arises!
The thing about fear, is that until we consciously choose to step beyond it, we remain trapped in this self-created net of stories and unconscious barriers. You're right, Kari, we allow ourselves to remain entangled in these stories (which have been gathering strength via our egos ever since we initiated them in our childhood) and they end up determining whether or not we have the capacity to truly succeed in our lives. In other words, this egotistical comfort-zone in which we reside shields us from that vast and untapped reservoir of potential! 
This fear only exists in our thinking though, and because it is cognitive and not 'cast in stone' for eternity, we are able — through dedication, observation and perseverance — to change these patterns of thought, thus shifting our Way of Being from Scarcity (fear) into Abundance (enlightenment)... And it's only one step away! As we become more aware of our fears; as we creep gradually towards Abundance, we begin to cast them off like the leeches they are and, all at once, we arrive at that euphoric realization that bridging that gap between our fears and our abundance is as simple as making a Choice — a conscious decision! It's a matter of BEING ME!
Yes. And I can't help wonder... When we're born into this wold, our brain is in a deep unconscious state. In fact, when we, as adults, are in the same state, we're sleeping very, very deep or we are in a coma. And we've already created half of our personality, through our genetical blueprint and what we've experienced in the womb. Depending on the environment we develop in, the physical, mental and emotional state of our mother and how hormones react to that.
Then we have a couple of years in a "coma-state" with very low brainwaves, until they increase a bit. But we're still in a state of hypnosis, where the brain only downloads information, uncritically. In fact, our brain works like that until we're about 6 years old. That's why we don't start logical learning in school before reaching that state. 
Have you ever been hypnotized, Guy? I have. And the strangest thing was that even if I was consciously aware that I was hypnotized, that I could speak even if this man told me I couldn't, that I could rise from my sofa, even if this man told me I couldn't, he was right! My conscious mind told me to get up and speak and I was completely unable to do it! That was actually a bit scary in itself, because the other people around me were laughing and joking about my state and I couldn't do anything about it... And I couldn't tell them, as I wasn't able to speak...
Thank God I had both talked and walked for some 40 years, so it was easy to bring out of this state. But what if not... What if I was just a baby and had no idea that I could do these things... And those people around me didn't understand how I felt and that it scared me... Wouldn't that increase the chances for not believing in myself! In fact, when writing this, I can feel my body react. A small shivering, just some goosebumps.. Nothing major, but when noticing, my body tells me to not go there... Let it be... Don't dig deeper into this, things are just as they're supposed to be... Let the unconscious stay unconscious, you don't need to know... Focus on other, more pleasurable things... Like, it's Saturday,the sun is shining, what do you want to do on a day like this...?
Why are we created like this? It certainly gives us a major possibility to grow when facing what's going on. What kind of deep, unconscious habits we're not aware of, making our decisions most of the time... And it's also a major wall that stops us from creating what we desire, when not facing it.... It can even hide what we do desire and just show us what others desire for us. And let us believe that's the truth...
When you speak of this development of the consciousness, Kari, I can't help but reflect on whether, as early Homo Sapiens, this consciousness developed much more rapidly as infants... Look at almost any animal that is born — out of a need for survival, they have to become aware of their environment and the dangers it presents almost immediately after birth. Surely it must have been necessary for early human beings to become aware much more rapidly as infants, than we are today? We were living in what we now determine to be 'the wild' and were prone to many of the same dangers as other animals were.
No I've never been hypnotized, but you illustrate so well how little control we actually have over our Way of Being and that we're at the mercy of our ego, which controls our physical world — our reality... When you and I were chatting yesterday, Kari, I was saying that what we perceive as real, is not actually reality — as you put it, we live in an illusion.
I drew attention to an illustration I did recently depicting the feet of a girl dancing — "The Dancer." In fact, that was merely my own interpretation of 'reality'... A friend interpreted it as a woman reaching up towards freedom, and yet all that was visible was her feet and calves. What was 'real' for my friend resided not in what was visible, but rather what was not visible in the illustration at all! It was also not my 'reality'! So we each have different 'realities' as to how we interpret the world — and none of us are wrong! So everything is an illusion, unique to each of us. There cannot be a single truth or reality applicable to everyone.
It follows then, that the same applies to our Language — how we are always interpreting what other people say according to our own reality and we create illusions of 'fact' out of all the things that aren't spoken or written! How often do we manufacture a story by 'reading between the lines'? In a chat conversation, we believe we can judge a person's mood and 'what they're really saying' by their use of smileys??? We seem to have become so dependent on the physical world — what we see and hear — rather than listening to and observing our Way of Being and, critically, our intuition... We've forgotten what it means to simply BE and not allow the conscious mind (our physical world) to influence us. Here we are back at the origins of Mankind, where 'in the wild' we had to rely on intuition and instinct to guide us — just like any other animal. This is how the Bushmen of the Kalahari live life to this day and we could learn a great deal from them about what it means to BE human!
Again, our fear creeps in and disrupts the flow; preventing the Universe from guiding us from within...
It's no doubt that fear did have its mission back then, in human development. That's another story, though, how we went from being so many kind of humans, to end up as only one kind, Homo Sapiens, the only creature with 23 chromosomes... 
We have lived in survival mode for thousands of years and as we develop, we transfer so many of our skills on to the next generation. When we are in survival mode we're unable to find creative solutions, based on fact in real time. We only have our habits in our unconscious mind to help us. That's good when there is real fear going on, if you're attacked by a tiger, you don't stop and admire all the beautiful stripes... It's fight or flight! 
Our brain is all about survival. So every time you experience something that you unconsciously see as danger, you have the same reaction, fight or flight! This happens so fast that you're not even aware of it, you just react. We get angry and upset, we're unable to concentrate, we pull ourself back from the situation with all kinds of excuses.  We're aware of everything that can go wrong, how we can be prepared for whatever comes along. We're afraid to follow our intuition, if we can hear or feel it at all, because our intuition will have a completely different answer. It will challenge you to trust, to let go of fear, to be proud of who you are and what you are. 
Everyone of us creates our reality, every second, with our choices. When we create in fear, fear is what we get. When we create in trust of the fact that we already have all we need to create a life filled with balance, harmony, love and abundance, that's what we get. 
Oh, it sounds so easy. So many people have said this, over and over. And when it comes to it, life is still filled with challenges. We will never get rid of challenges, but we can change how we meet our challenges, from fear to excitement.   
The only way of getting there is to go within, as you say. We can use life after life, as many as we want, to realize that we don't find it outside, in fact nobody and nothing can put you there, only yourself. We create a source outside of us self that says: if it's supposed to be, it will be... And then we wait for all the good things to happen... But they will not happen... Of course you create everything! So what do you create? A waiting mode... The Universe doesn't care how long time you need to find your truth! It's eternal! It's multi-dimensional, it doesn't even have time...
I'd like to reflect a little more on the Bushmen though — sure, they have relied on instinct and intuition for tens of thousands of years, and yet they have perhaps a more profound appreciation for Mother Nature than we do as 'civilized' beings... They give gratitude for all that they are given (another thing we've forgotten how to do) and they still enact the wonders of nature through song and dance... Sure, most of the remaining tribes have become 'westernized' due to modernization — and this in itself has been their undoing, sadly... All that's left of the traditional Bushmen is a handful of San people in the central Kalahari. 
Again, this is as a result of the overwhelming Fear that modern man has invented — all trying to bend others to our own will (be it as a culture, politically, religiously, or on an individual basis) because we believe our own Truth to be the only one! Ultimately, mankind's Fear will be our undoing as a species, unless this global shift in consciousness saves us first. And that's what we're tasked with here, Kari — to assist people to reach both into what we don't know that we don't know, and into that which we've long since forgotten... Yet, as you say, all of this information and knowledge remains for eternity in our DNA, through many lifetimes and generations.
This is a challenge we face as mankind, yet we also face innumerable individual challenges and obstacles... As one might say, "easier said than done" — and yet therein lies the answer... The answer to dissolving our fears and overcoming our obstacles — taking that step from Scarcity into Abundance — is in Language! Change comes from observation; from tracing our emotional barriers back to their origin, turning around the assessments we made and rewriting our stories...
"It sounds so easy," as you said, yet we both know it's certainly not. And still, there's a solution to everything! But how, because this all takes time, dedication and perseverance, as I've said? Yes, we have so many challenges and, for most people, they become insurmountable — a vast mountain just too high to climb... And yet there is an easy way! 
A mountaineer doesn't stand at the foot of the mountain and say, "oh I'll never be able to climb this!" Rather, he will simply set out upon his quest and, as the challenges mount up and the path becomes steeper and more treacherous, he resorts to placing one foot in front of the other; one hand-grip above the last, until he reaches the summit... 

The same analogy applies to our Fear; our emotional challenges; our pride and our ego. Deal with each challenge, one at a time. As we progress, we become more competent observers — and as we do so, we rise from Scarcity to Abundance; from Fear to Enlightenment. In fact, the mountain doesn't become steeper, but rather the path tends to flatten out — until we realize that our 'mountain' of challenges is but a series of hills, much easier to traverse on a day-to-day, instant-by-instant basis... Most certainly, only a very few actually reach true Enlightenment, but we are most definitely able to create Love, Happiness and Abundance as the dominating energies in our lives!

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