What you don`t know that you don`t know
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What you don`t know that you don`t know

Well, Guy, there is a subject you talk about, that I would like you to explain. You talk about "what we don't know that we don't know". What do you mean by that?
I know that when we  introduce PowaForce, we talk about that. And I know that it has an important role in the different ways of being human. We tend to say: "Oh, we're just human, what can you expect..." And then we believe that.
This belief holds us down. It holds us back from realizing our own potential, who we really are, and what we can accomplish. 
And knowing you, I look forward to see your response to this.
Thank you for reminding me of this, Kari, because understanding it is critical to the Abundance and Happiness we all strive for!
Why? Well, because what you know has got you to where you are right now, yet where you want to be lies in what you don't know that you don't know.
Allow me to expand upon this statement somewhat. All that you've learnt throughout your life from parents, teachers, siblings, peers and from personal experience, constitutes what you Know. It's all the knowledge you've gained throughout your secondary and tertiary education; all the books you've read and all the online surfing you've done. There's and intermediate stage here (what you Know that you Don't Know), encompassing additional knowledge resources — that which others around you might hold, or information you don't have, but know how to access. For example, you Don't Know how to pilot an aircraft, but you Know where to find the necessary means and training to do so...
Most of us believe we have all the answers and that we know such a lot, yet Abundance continually eludes us. This is because we're 'safe' in what we know; we draw upon our past experiences to propel us towards our dreams, and that same past becomes our crutch. We accept our lot in life as Jane and Joe Average. Yet none of us would see ourselves as 'average,' would we? Well no, because we're not! We are all unique and we all have a unique experience of life!
Which brings me to the second part of the statement in that "where you want to be lies in what you don't know that you don't know." In other words, to step from Scarcity (where you're always left wanting for more) into Abundance, you need to seek out that which doesn't exist for you right now. And because you have a unique experience of life, you can't look to the past experiences of another... Neither will serve you in your quest!
I'll use an analogy to try to give some perspective to the importance of this distinction: If all that you know constitutes a single grain of sand, and all that you know that you don't know is represented by, say, a handful of sand, then what you don't know that you don't know comprises every single grain of sand on all the beaches and deserts on the planet. Now, would you rather sit with what you know and contemplate that grain of sand, or could you see yourself taking a walk to see what's on the other side of that big sand dune?
So if we are constantly (and consciously) aware that we are ignorant, if we incessantly seek out new learning, and if we vigilantly observe our Way of Being, then we begin attracting more and more of what we want.
I wonder if this makes sense to you, Kari, or if I might provide some additional clarification?
It's clear and it's unclear... Still it's a lot of words... Because, how can we know where to look if we don't know that we don't know?
If I'm unhappy with something in my life, say I have problems with my relationsships, in some mysterious way, I end up in the same situation over and over, now matter how determined I am to not end up there. I understand that I've made some choices out of old habit, because this is what I've experienced before, this is what I'm familiar with. I don't neceserally like it, but I know how to deal with it.
So, next step is to figure out how to change it. And this is when all these words come up... It sounds so easy... Just go to what you don't know that you don't know and there's the answer...
How do I find it? By reading books? Listening to people more intelectual then me? Accomplished more in life then me? 
Where do I search?
Yes thank you, I would love more clarification on this.
Yes we tend to make it sound so easy, when it's not — and then again, it is actually very simple... Now you're doubly confused! It's a bit like this: remember those holographic illustrations that were popular some 10 years ago — where you had to forget it was a flat sheet with squiggles on it, and adjust your focus to somewhere behind the paper itself? Suddenly the image sprang to life and you saw dinosaurs and fish and so on in 3D and, once you grasped how to do it, doing it again and again was so easy! Well it's the same with reaching out for what you don't know that you don't know — you need to change your perspective and forget what your mind is telling you to see, according to what you know...
I'll use a personal experience here which you and I shared recently, that completely changed my perspective and led me into a new realm of thinking that never existed for me before.
I woke up one morning with a second toe so acutely painful that I couldn't even walk! The pain was centred around a point at the base of my toe and gradually spread out, so that my foot became swollen and inflamed. I had absolutely no clue as to the cause of my discomfort.
So, naturally, I tried to analyse it according to what I Know... "I don't recall kicking anything, or stubbing my toe against the bed — I mean I'd certainly remember having done that." "Well I guess it just cramped while I was sleeping..." These kind of thoughts and assumptions rattled around in my head, but the pain sure-as-nuts wasn't going away!
Normally when faced with something like this, I might have visited the doctor (hmmm if only I could drive, which wasn't an option!) who would have sat me down, got me to tell him what I thought it was, charged me a fortune for the five minute consultation, and prescribed an anti-inflammatory...
Well, I didn't choose that option, but I chose to tell you, Kari — Reiki Master and Kinesiologist (how convenient for me!) I'd like for you to explain how you assisted me with this, Kari, but the abbreviated story is that on the morning of the third day, I awoke pain-free — as if it had never been there causing me to yelp and grimace and hobble for two full days! Oh by the way, here's another surprise — Kari is in Norway and I'm in South Africa, some 10 000 km away! And the cherry on top — Kari worked with me via Whatsapp messenger!!!
The point I wish to make though, is that I allowed myself to flow into a dimension and domain I'd never experienced before and follow the instructions Kari gave me (which were very simple). "Let go to let come" is one of my mottos and in this scenario, I simply let go of what I knew (I'd exhausted all of the explanations that came from what I already know) and allowed a new energy to infuse me. This letting go created a space/portal for Kari to work her 'magic' and remove the pain, but more importantly, she gave me the perspective that the pain was a metaphor for something else in my unconscious that was causing a blockage of energy... Once we had worked on releasing the blockage, the pain dissipated...
All it took from me was a conscious acceptance that I don't know; that I was ignorant in a field in which Kari is expert! So I picked up another 'grain of sand' here, along with a powerful reminder that I should always be open to new learning. Therein lies that which I don't know that I don't know!
So if you're struggling with difficulties for which you seemingly don't have an answer or solution to, take a deep breath and let go of what you know, because the answers and solutions will always come from a source of new learning you least expect!
Perhaps now you could shed some light on your side of the experience, Kari?
Well, Guy, this is a great example of what I think of as What we don't know that we don't know! 
All these words we use are limited to our ability to understand what's been said. Sure we can both hear and understand, at least as long as it's our own language... But then again, we only understand that which lies in the department of what we already know or know that we don't know, but are able to figure out. That is, if we're not a Transformational Coach, like you...
So what happens when an aching, swollen foot gets better again in just a couple of days, with me working on my stuff in Norway and you just recieving in South Africa...?
Well, actually nothing more than energy in flow, doing the work that energy does. It's our intent that triggers it and in this case, your ability to simply allow what you don't know that you don't know,  to work for your highest and wisest.
As humans, we are so much more than we're aware of! We have this body, and we tend to believe that our biological form is "me". And this "me" knows a lot! We can even relate to the fact that we inherited a lot from our ancestors, which also has an influence on us. But... I've said it before and I'm going to repeat it until it's a common truth to everybody: 
We create our life through our thoughts and feelings which create our words and actions!
So, what happens in your unconcious mind, is not known to your brain. Or to use your analogy, your brain has no clue that we are connected to all the beaches and deserts of the world. It simply goes on, working on all these old habits, allowing the things it can understand to be the truth and all the rest doesn't exist. 
Until you meet your fears and worries.... Then your brain really starts working! And does everything to hold you back from emotional pain and sorrow, fear and worries. If nothing else can stop you, let's create a real pain. A pain exactly so intense that it holds you back from whatever you're doing to force these feelings...  
We are so powerful, Guy!  As humans, we have our free will and we're able to do whatever we want. And... everything we do has consequences....
So, in your case, you chose to work on what you then didn't know that you didn't know, and voila!!! Now you know!!! Now your brain knows too!!! 
And next time you touch whatever gave you this hurtful foot, your brain knows exactly how to deal with it. It's now been a part of what you know, or at least of what you know that you don't know, but you can figure it out. 
And this is why the PowaForce Forum is such an amazing upportunity to reach out to all the people out there, wanting to change their life but don't understand how... It's the same principle... The brain has no clue what's going on, it just continues as it does to see that you survive. And what you experience is lack of selfworth, lack of motivation, feeling out of control with what's happening in life... Because your brain doesn't care if you're able to get your job done... If you're able to concentrate on whatever task you have...
But as soon as you open up to what you don't know that you don't know, then your brain knows exactly how to deal with it! Just like we did with Kinesiology! 
So all it is, is to give your brain a chance!
Thank you Kari — you made it sound a whole lot simpler! And yet all of this experience resides, as you correctly pointed out, in what I know that I don't know, because I surely don't possess the wealth of knowledge that you do in this particular domain... Well, that's ok, as long as I'm open to accepting my ignorance, and am trusting of your expertise as a Kinesiologist! This, of course, goes without saying!
It's important to mention here, that although what we're talking about might make sense to many people, it's not to say that implementation is equally straight-forward... As I mentioned in the analogy about driving an automobile in our previous conversation, simply reading about it doesn't necessarily equip you with the tools you require, or the experience of recognising what you don't know that you don't know (even when you're looking straight at it).
You need to train yourself experientially to become a more proficient observer. Now to get that ball rolling, the PowaForce Forum — which you kindly referred to, Kari — is an ideal means to become acquainted with all of these new distinctions, and to attain that proficiency of observation. Once you've created that shift in the way you see and accept the world, so many new possibilities and opportunities reveal themselves!


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