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A topic of infinite interest to me is that of Energy — particularly the manner in which it applies to our Way of Being (as mentioned in the previous conversation).
My experience with the applications of energy stem from my martial arts background, where energy (Ki) is used to focus and channel outwards towards one's opponent. The Kiai, or shout, is one of many such examples, where one projects energy vocally, to either stun or disorient an opponent. The Kiai is also used to build inner energy (bravery if you will)that augments the focus of one's resolve... With a sword as an extension of the body, Ki is critical when executing a precision cut.
Think also of when you've seen martialarts practitioners cleave through tiles, wooden boards and even solid blocks of ice with their bare hands... It's Energy that is 99% responsible for making this possible. I know — I've done it. Try striking a three-foot pile of tiles without applying Ki and you'll break your wrist! Apply energy — and thus focus — to a point on the other side of the tiles and your strike goes through like a hot knife through butter...
Energy is also used to centre oneself from the Hara (stomach or centre of being), creating balance, lightness or immovability as required.
I speak of energy here, in the context of martial arts — projecting, radiating, focusing — but where does all this energy come from and how does it influence our bodies within? Kari, as a ReikiMaster and Kinesiologist, this is more within your sphere of knowledge than mine. Would you care to share your wisdom on the subject?
Oh Guy, I like this topic!! Thank you for bringing this one forth!
The Power of Humans is endless, and still we tend to believe that we're powerless. You see, all is energy.  
Did you know that scientists are measuring the effect of the collective human consciousness on the magnetic fields around the Earth? Whenever something happens, that touch people - it can be a collective sadness, like a very known example, when the English Princess Diana died, or something as trivial, (at least for me...)as world championship in football! The project is called Global Consciousness Project and there you can see how humans thoughts and feelings affect our Earth and then again ourselves! I'll try to explain...
Everything is built from the same thing,two quarks and one electron. One quark alone is in a quantum state and it reacts totally differently from anything else we know. It's everywhere at all times, at the same time, it's a frequens and it's quantum. It's impossible, at least for now, to study one single quark, because at the moment it's discovered, it connects with another quark and an electron and this is the basis of everything. The electron is negatively charged, just like the Earth. Now its called protons, neutrons and hadrons and the two quarks and the electron are connected to each other by light. However far away they are from each other, they react similarly. No matter if they are separated by a whole world, or Galaxes! And, none of the protons,neutrons and hadrons are separated, that means they allreact precisely at the same thing at the same time. 
This is what everything is built of. And I do mean everything! All living creatures, plants, rocks, water, planets, stars, the whole Universe! Our quantum part of DNA (what we usually refer to as DNA is only about 3 % of it, running our physical body), is this, and everything we ever have experienced about being a human, and the energy behind life is stored there. 
How do we get access to it? 
Through our feelings! And our brain has billions of pictures related to these feelings and creates thoughts to make it understandable. Thoughts that actually are energy frequencies. Keep in mind that everything is energy and connected to everything else and there we have Ki. The energy of life! The more you get in balance, the more Ki you get accessto, the healthier you are! And the more your able to create the life you want! 
We control Ki with our minds... Ki flows in and out of our cells, our bodies, out in our energy-field where its connected to the energy field of everything else, and then it returns to the body in an endless flow, bringing information back to our cells. Everything is of this energy, so when you cleave through wooden boards and even blocks, all you do is to balance your Ki frequensis to the Ki frequensis of whatever your about to cleave, and there it is...  
Energy flows by intent. We can send energy wherever we want, outside of time and space. We can heal our past by intent, rewrite the story of life, the script as mentioned last time. We can change our future, we can heal relationships and create what we want. The secret is what frequencies we use. Love, joy, laughter and happiness have much higher frequencies than those of fear, anger and bitterness. And we attract whatever resonates with the frequencies we send out by intent. The roots of our fears, anger and bitterness is in what we don't know that we don'tknow. In order to change frequencies, we have to be aware of it before we can release it. The magnetic energy field around the Earth changes as wecollectively send out higher frequencies and we create a better world!
There is an endless flow of Ki, we decide how much we have access to trough healthy food, clean water, fresh air,exercise, healthy sleep and Earthing. As well as the way we think andact... 
And the understanding of this also pointsout the responsibility we all have to do our part to create a betterworld... 
This is profound, Kari! Humanity needs a shift in consciousness in order to ultimately survive as a species, and the way you explain it seems as if this shift is entirely possible through positive manipulation of this Energy. As long as we're aware of it!
Most people (and I don't want to sound condescending about this at all) simply aren't ready to accept the magnitude of the task we face globally, so we almost have to take 'baby steps' to begin with— which is entirely possible. If we took a micro view of this collective consciousness, I can already see what a profound difference it might constituteat a corporate level, or even in a small business, where the collective energies of staff and management relate directly to growth!
This growth could be depreciative(negative), due to a whole host of factors and conditions, where a business,despite the very best of intentions, fails entirely. On the other hand, abusiness could experience incremental growth — kind of an average— where perhaps 90% or more businesses exist. With a better understanding of Energy though, how it applies to the individual Way of Being and, therefore,the collective Way of Being, it is entirely possible for an organisation to experience that sought-after Exponential growth, along with a plethora of other solutions which ensure optimum performance.
Again I say that this requires firstly knowledge — a real forage into what you don't know that you don't know; secondly commitment and thirdly, perseverance.
Now, I'm going to play devil's advocate here, Kari, and say that it's all well and good for us to control our energyflow through our thoughts and so on, yet how do we access the kind of learning and knowledge that's necessary to implement the energy shift you speak of— be it personally, or in a working environment, or even at a community level? In fact, you and I have often spoken about making our respective field sof expertise available to the 'have-nots' — those disadvantaged communities who, by the way, represent by far the majority of the world's population...
Thank you, Guy, for playing the devil'sadvocate! That gives me an opportunity to talk about something of such great importance for me!
You see, we don't get access to it....Well, that's not right, of course. But the fact is, just the very phrase"What you don't know that you don't know" says everything! Because your brain doesn't understand this and quite frankly, it doesn't care either.Your brain wants you to live! Period! If you have issues that give you low selfesteem, make you feel vulnerable, hold you back from choices that can bring success in life, your brain couldn't care less. It just shuffles out hormones and neuro-transmitters as an answer to the situation, to be sure you let go of the very thought of doing anything to trigger the fear and pain you'vef elt before. Because your brain understands fear and pain! All kinds of pain,physical, mental and emotional. Then it knows what to do in order to keep you away from pain and fear in the future. This is a perfect arrangement if you want to survive! It is a less perfect arrangement if you want to grow, reach your potential and create the life of your dreams!
The only way your brain can gain Access to all the potential stored deep down in the unconscious part of you (which by the way, is unconscious simply because the brain doesn't know about it) is through fear. It 's through stepping outside of your comfort zone and into"What you don't know that you don't know." Fear and the pain are the triggers that transfer the unconscious information to the brain and make it conscious.
This demands a question: Why on earth do we function like this? I know many of my clients ask that question, it seems totally impossible to understand. What is the use of knowledge we don't have access to? And the answer is simple: This is what makes us develop and grow.For every new generation we have more advanced genetic material we can use, for both personal and collective growth! And it is this genetic material we refere to as "What we don't know that we don't know". It's unique for every one of us, and at the moment we're born, we're purely genetic. Then we meet life, we start to download information about how to live and as time goes by,our genetic references disappear deeper and deeper into our unconsciousmind.
When we muscle-test  withKinesiology, we get access to this unconscious world of potentials and what to do in order to get this information to the brain in a calm and peaceful way, in a safe environment, just like when doing PowaForce.
That is the real conscious shift!
And then let's take this back to what we started with, energy. Every time we reach new levels of consciousness, ourenergy frequencies change. The energy we send out is different, it creates a different reaction form for our surroundings and the environment changes. In a family, in a business or in an organisation. 
When it comes to it, it's all about the single human being, no matter how big it gets. And in a business or even an organisation, a wise leader will see that. When working with this Universal energy, everything has potential to grow. In fact, it's the only way to grow without limitations!
For next week I would like to continue with how we can use this knowledge to help each other on a more material level. Action creates energy, the more  action, the more energy. This is common sense when we talk about sport and physical activity, but how can we really use this to create a better life? When energy creates energy and what you get is what you give!

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