The Practical use of Energy
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The Practical use of Energy

Last week our conversation was about the energy of life and how everything is of this energy. What I would like this week, is to go deeper into how we can use this energy in our practical everyday life.
When I work with clients, I work with this energy. My clients have all kinds of issues and even if they can come with a physical problem, like, let's say, allergies or digestive problems, there is always a lot of things going on in their unconscious mind that keeps energy at lower frequencies. For every word you speak, your brain is listening! Think of all the times you have started to tell someone about a problem you want to solve, and suddenly — there is the answer! It's so obvious!!
When you say something out loud, you hear it and then you activate other parts of your brain and then, like a miracle, you had the answer yourself! You sent it out there as a question to yourself, even if it seams like it was to the next person. And you answered! This is a perfect example of the fact that we live in a world of duality and everything has an opposite. So if you have an issue of some kind, you also have the solution. 
So what happens if you tell yourself over and over, that you're never going to make it, life is nothing but a struggle, I will never get the money I need, I will never get the job I want, I will never meet someone to love...? And it's not a question, it's a statement?
This is the energy you send out and these are the answers you get. 
So, Guy,  both you and I dedicate our work to help people out of this track. I am the therapist here, using my tools and knowledge to work deep in the unconscious mind, but what is it about the PowaForce Forum that creates this transformation in people's lives? And as a result, helps every participant to start sending out energy vibrations that create other results in the physical world? 
Can you share some of your guidance on this? Because this is a great opportunity for all to make giant steps forward in personal development to the benefit of all! We both know it, but why should those not knowing this, choose to participate in PowaBase and PowaChange?   
Ah Kari, you've raised a topic of such great importance, because this interaction between Energy and Language is part of every instant of life, 24/7!
So put it as simply as I can — we Create through Language.
We shape our path in life from one moment to the next according to our language; the language of our actions, that of our everyday communications, and the language of our thinking. In fact, when you think about it, everything exists in language...
When you touch, smell, see or hear something even, that sense is instantly translated and cross-referenced in your mind and matched to that vast database of knowledge (that which we know), and given a name. Even if you've never come across a particular thing before, your mind will formulate a close enough match in language for it to be acknowledged...
Let me give some further perspective to the memory capacity of a single human being: Your Memory contains 250 times more information than the Library of Congress in Washington, DC! That’s 2.5 billion Megabytes. For example, if your brain worked like a digital video recorder in a television, the 2.5 Petabytes of your memory capacity would be enough to hold three million hours of TV shows. You would have to leave the TV running continuously for more than 300 years to use up all that storage.
Therefore, if you cannot describe a thing in language — from all of that knowledge data — then it does not exist at all. At least not in our consciousness...
Given then, that we create through language, and that the average human being has somewhere in the region of 60 000 thoughts per day, we can start to see how critical it is that we observe the patterns of our thinking! The very instant that we cast our language out into the universe, it begins to manifest. This is language applied to energy, and the very essence of the Law of Attraction.
Thank you, Kari, for drawing attention to the PowaForce Forum here, because — as I've mentioned in a previous conversation — we're not always equipped with the right tools to make any sense of all the undercurrents; all the barriers which prevent us from realising our fullest potential. In general, human beings operate at about 20-30% of their potential consciousness or enlightenment (many at far less!), so we need a helping hand, or jump-start of sorts, to catapult us to where we want to be.
This is where the PowaForce Forum, through programmes and workshops like PowaChange (one day) and PowaBase (four days), assist us in becoming better observers of our Way of Being, thus affording us the capability to tap into our reservoir of potential — that remaining 70-80%...
It's true that the answers and solutions lie within, not out there — and yet we continue to look to others, thinking that they'll give us the answers and make all out troubles vanish. Kari, don't you find that being a therapist, you're seen as someone who holds all the answers for clients and their dramas? I mean, there's no denying that the work you do — Kinesiology together with Reiki — is profoundly helpful (I've experienced your magic first hand!). Yet do you not feel that if we could get a group of people to see the world differently, then they really could deal with their challenges so much easier from within — and project that same new learning to those around them?
I couldn't agree more with you! No matter how much I love my work and the work we're doing together, my hope is that at one point this is so well known that there is no use for us to point it out anymore. That we're able to teach as many as possible that the only way to grow is to turn inside and discover the wealth of potential that is hidden there!
And, wow, it's amazing what a potential we have in our brain! And the fact is, that we all have this potential, not only for the smart ones. 
So why is it that some people seem to have access to so much more of this potential than others?
Our brain is a unique organ that consists of several parts that need to "talk" to each other. Just a single question, like: what colour are your mother's eyes? — starts a cascade of signals between the respective parts that give you the right answer! With not only the right colour, but also memories about how she smells, how she make you feel, everything you know, that relate to your mother! And the signals don't stop in your brain, they also effect your body, your organs, hormones, immune-system, digestive-system. They effect your words, your mood and the way you act. 
All this from only one question... And it keeps on going, every single second of your life...
So what happens when there is stress related to what you take in through your senses? Let's say, what if you, as a child, heard over and over that you're not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, even if you did your very best? Think of when you're a little child standing there, being corrected by a grown up... How is your eye position? You look up, don't you? So what happens when you start in school and you're supposed to write down all these new letters that are written on the board? Automatically your eyes assume the same position and... You meet your old stress... 
Then suddenly your different brain-parts don't "talk" to each other as effectively as they should! That's when you start to compensate... This stress make you send out different signals to the world... And again, your surroundings are answering you...
This is only one example, but imagine how this can effect your performance in life if there is enough stress here, from all you sense during your day! If that happens, your brain will end up on autopilot most of the time and the only thing that happens is that you repeat old habits. Again and again and again...
The trap here is that these old habits, even if they don't lead you anywhere, seem to make sense! This is the way it's always been done, it has never given you any problems before... Everybody does it like this... This is the way the society makes me live, this is how I'm being respected... 
Really..? Is it...?  
That word "autopilot" says so much about how we waste all this energy available to us, doesn't it, Kari? You ask why some people seem to 'have it' whilst others don't... Well we revisit this universal divide between Scarcity and Abundance. As it turns out, only 1% of us 'have it, whilst the remaining 99% 'want it'...
Oh yes, it's well within our grasp, yet Abundance constantly eludes us, because we're doing it all wrong! So, with all this apparent energy just sitting around unused, how do we actually harness it and put it to good use?
To answer that question, I believe we need to observe those people — that one percent who live in Abundance — and see if we can get any pointers.
First though, let's look at a few of the more obvious mistakes we make:
• You're making all the 'right' noises and doing all the 'right' things, yet complain bitterly that, no matter what you say or do, the problems just keep piling up.
• You start out just fine and things seem to be working out just fine, until the Universe sends you a curve-ball, and all your resolve crumbles.
• You suffer from 'Poor Me Syndrome' (not to be confused with pre-menstrual stress, although there may be some influences!) and you look to others to say, "oh shame you poor thing — we all feel sorry for you."
• Money rules you. This is probably the most dangerous facet of scarcity, so beware! You might be rich, with all the possessions you could dream of, yet there's always something missing in other areas of your life.
• Enough is never enough. However much money you make, or material possessions you accumulate, you're always wanting more. This is due to an imbalance in your perception of prosperity. Not to be confused with achieving goals.
• Conversely, you never seem to have enough... There are always bills mounting up; the credit cards are maxed-out; new obstacles always replace the old ones...
Expectation. You always expect of others to give you the answers and you want the world to revolve around you.
And so on and so forth... The list is endless...
Now let's look at some of the things that constitute Abundance:
• Belief. You have complete faith in yourself that, despite the illusion of your circumstances, you are Being Abundant.
• Perseverance. You remain 100% committed to the path you have chosen and you don't give up — no matter what!
• Gratitude. Perhaps the most important tool you have at your disposal and a key factor in the Law of Attraction. You give constant gratitude for however little or how much you've been granted in life.
• Money is simply a by-product of your will to get to where you want to be. Many people live very frugal lifestyles, yet for them, Abundance has little to do with money or materialism. Understand though, the difference between seeking wealth and chasing riches...
• There's always enough. You deal with whatever means you have, knowing that there is an abundance of whatever it is that you desire. You live in Sufficiency.
Acceptance. You have no expectations, just the knowledge that wherever you are right now — is perfect!
As I've said many times before though, this shift in consciousness doesn't drop out of the sky. Some of the examples I gave in the list of mistakes we make might be a bitter pill to swallow — the ego kicks in and masks all of these illusions, telling you that you're not really like that. We get caught in the constant battle between our ego, and what we really want.
The PowaForce Forum deals with all of these barriers and restraints, availing you of the opportunity to see the world differently — to see that that bridging the gap between Scarcity and Abundance is but one small step away! You are assisted in realising this incredible energy you possess — and how to make full use of it!

In our next topic, Kari, I'd like to talk about 'Incompletions' — how all that 'unfinished business' or baggage we have cluttering our lives derails the train of 'what we want' from it's path.

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