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Conversation 11 PowaForce Forum

Last week, Guy, our conversation was about our collective consciousness in business.
We have covered many areas about human life and everything we've talked about is the real human being hidden behind a wall of illusions! And when we believe those illusions are the truth, there is no answer. How can there be an answer for something that doesn't exist?
We've spoken about our unconscious habits, how we go around in circles, only repeating what we once learned, we've given some simple things to do in order to change, and we've often said that to really do that, most of us need help. We've talked about awareness, authenticity, inner power... And I know it is a lot of words about something most don't even think of. Life is pretty good, not perfect, but not bad, actually... So why bother...?
Humans have an attribute of energy that is in interchange with everyone we meet. Every single one of us is surrounded by a magnetic field, it's measurable and you can feel it. You can feel it when someone enters your field even if you don't see or hear it, we all know this. But what happens when two magnetic fields overlap? A phenomenon we're accustomed to here up North, is what happens when the Sun's magnetic field overlaps the magnetic field of the Earth... We've got the beautiful Aurora Borealis, amazing colours dancing in the sky. Sometimes it's audible too.
In this overlap, interchange of information takes place. This is well known, this is how electronics works, this is how my laptop works and how you and I can interchange information with each other. It's called inductance. 
As a Kinesiologist, I work with this information, and it is in this overlapping field of information that we influence each other. So, in order to grow, to develop, to realise individual changes or changes in the environment, to get the life we want, to get the business we want, the only lasting way to do it, is by changing the information. The old information created illutions. New information uncovers illutions and gives you the truth, where there are answers to everything.
The main reason I became involved with the PowaForce Forum in the first place, was that the PowaForce Forum gives the oppotunity to work with so many at the same time. The interchange of information is uniqe because so many are gathered at the same time!
You are the PowaForce Forum expert here, Guy! Please fill us in and broaden our vue on this!
Why thank you, Kari, for directing attention towards the PowaForce forum, and for sharing your wisdom in setting the beautiful scene — that of the 'Northern Lights' (Aurora Borealis) — to illustrate this universal influence we have over others, and the influence they in turn have over us.
Indeed, as you say, this inductance is not only applicable to human beings, or the animal kingdom, or even all living organisms, but everything in the entire universe.
Ultimately, this is all energy, source, light — and although I haven't yet had the privilege of witnessing the Aurora Borealis, I would assimilate the phenomenon to the kind of energy I always experience during a PowaBase programe. It's truly euphoric, uplifting and suffused with love and light. I remember experiencing this energy in a very individual sense as a trainee when I first attended Pat Grove's "I Am" training, yet I felt it with exponentially increasing power each time I've been involved with PowaBase, as an assistant, training manager and trainer.
As a trainee, it's all "me, myself, I" and you don't have the ability, what will all that's going on for you, to see the manifestation of this energy permeating a group of trainees and the training room itself. To be a part of this energy as a trainer is one of the most moving privileges I have ever experienced!
This brings me to what sets PowaBase (the four-day signature programme of the PowaForce Forum) apart from many other 'motivation' courses out there. The combination of an experiential process and this bonding energy ensures that the trainees — and I mean each and every individual attending the training — attains a memorable and enriching transformation.
But it's not about a "memorable experience," at least not by my reckoning! No matter how transformational and powerful your experience, slipping back into old limiting patterns of behaviour is altogether too easy. For that reason, we like to keep that influence in play, and the PowaForce Forum ensures the long-term transformational realisation by keeping the momentum going.
People who have completed the PowaBase training are welcome, free of charge, to join any future training as assistants — and believe me, that's when the real learning begins!
Trainees are also able to interface with myself as trainer, and with each other, via an online forum, as well as being involved with all sorts of social events.
Kari, I'm less interested in getting 'bums-in-seats' than I am in the priceless reward of seeing people take that giant step into what they don't know that they don't know and comprehending that, "hey, I can achieve anything I choose"! Yet in addition, there's this togetherness; this overlapping field of information; this energy that I've seen cementing participants of a training group for a lifetime — time and again!
We can all experience The (Northern) Lights — it's right in front of us just waiting for us to reach out and choose!
There is such a beauty in what you tell us here, Guy! It gives meaning to the Universal law that says "All is one"! 
We all live in the illusion of separation! Did you know that the very first feeling of loss in a person's life, is when the fertilized egg split for the first time? When it turns from being a whole, "all is one", into two identical cells, with exactly the same information? It also gives birth to dualism and the illusion of separation is born!
Is that even possible so early? There are no organs yet, no brain, no heartbeat... Is there life at this point? Yes, very much so! And this is another venture we can talk more about in another conversation, today I just want to point out that the illusion of separation is something that has been with us all our lives.
So, here we are, with a body built of trillions of cells, containing the exact same information. Every single thought we think, every single word we say, affects our DNA. All of these trillions of cells are filled with DNA and the molecules in all this DNA give us exactly what we ask for. Every single DNA works in synchronicity, every single DNA has a magnetic field that overlaps others until the entire body is connected and works in synchronicity, according to precisely the same information. And all this information in our magnetic field overlaps other people's magnetic fields, sharing information. Every single one we meet!!
So why don't we feel this? Well, sometimes we do, like entering a room where there has been an argument. Then we say we don't like the energy here. But most of the time, this just passes us by, it is unconscious.
All this is on a cellular level. It is impossible to understand the amount of information that resides in the cellular memory, every time a new baby is born, the DNA is more refined, more educated, with more information. And, like you say, Guy, the induction is Universal. And by the way... Where does Universe begin?? We know it's up there with all the planets... But where does it begin? I'm tempted to ask you to hold on to this question and take a look at an atom, which are the building blocks of everything. Does it remind you of anything....?
So, let's take a look at the brain! If this is going on in the body, wouldn't we know it?
Your brain is all about your life, right now. It is about survival and everything you know is built on your experiences. Some of it you remember, some not. So what happens when information from a cellular level reaches the brain, is that it starts to interpret it, according to what you already know. No matter what we experience, it's all about how the brain interprets information from a cellular level. The cellular memory is genetic information, the brain works with what you've experienced during your lifetime. 
Your ancestors may have been marvelous with dogs, over and over, but if you have been bitten by a dog, you're not able to reach this potential, your brain will interpret almost everything that has to do with dogs, as potentially dangerous. 
What science says:

What I, as a Kinesiologist, see happening in the PowaForce Forum is how expanding experiences lift the veil of illusions, and give the brain an opportunity to create completely different reactions, based on new information. And the more information being shared, the more effective it gets.
We live in a time with increasing consciousness and the fact is, that we all have something unique to give to each other in order to grow. The fact that the PowaForce Forum is not over after completing PowaBase, but one can continue for free as an assistant for as long as one wants and needs, is of the new increased consciousness energy!  
So, what are your plans, Guy? What can you tell us about the possibility of enrolling in the PowaForce Forum during Spring, for those who want to start this journey?    
Well, Kari, I must say that I am blessed to have a gem such as yourself on the PowaForce Forum team! It is seldom that one finds just that right person, who shares one's vision, yet who is so uniquely qualified to assist in manifesting the dream that the PowaForce Forum is! It's no coincidence of course — our bond was forged a very long time before we met...
Since you and I mad acquaintance, we have had countless hours of discussion about the journey ahead of us and, relative to this conversation, introducing Norway to the PowaForce Forum!
Indeed we will be launching in the Spring (Autumn/Fall down south where I am) with both the PowaChange 4-hour workshops, the PowaBase 4-day transformation training, as well as Personal Coaching and Kinesiology sessions.
January 2014 will see the launch of the official PowaForce Forum website, where our exciting vision will unfold. Locations and dates for our various training programmes and workshops will be published in due course.
Kari, you are spot-on in your assessment that the PowaForce Forum is all about dispelling the illusions and the myths about who we really are and where we are meant to Be — together! PowaChange and PowaBase are merely starting points towards realising your fullest potential though, as our aim is to equip you with all the right tools for carving a path of sustainable growth, both as an individual, and in fulfilling the role you play in your workplace or business, or in society. There is no end to learning upon your path to Enlightenment, nor is there a ceiling to the heights you may reach in life. The only limitations are the choices you make, and by understanding your potential, you will be assured that your choices are the right ones!
Our aim is to remind people that no matter who you are, what your position, status or circumstances in life, we are all equal as Human Beings. As such, it is our responsibility to uplift those around us, so that we may all prosper from the Abundance, of which there is sufficient for the needs of each and every person inhabiting Mother Earth.
In closing this conversation, I'd like to share with you a link that clearly illustrates the need for more people, wherever in the world they may be, to observe this equality — irrespective of gender, politics, religion or culture — in the form of understanding and respect for each other: 

The time to discover your Power is NOW!

In our next conversation,Kari, I'd like to talk about the importance of having a Vision, both short-term and long-term, and how applying energy and focus to one's vision shapes the future.


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