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Deeper Into Vision

Last week we talked about the importance of creating Visions and how it works. This week I want to dive deeper into this topic. It really is a very important one, actually it's so important, that without knowing this, in these times, not being conscious of this, is like building a skyscraper in blindness or crossing the Pacific Ocean without a helm. 
Why? Because we live in a time with huge changes, where information crosses the Earth faster than ever before possible! Our grandparents and great-grandparents could pretty much live exactly as their parents did, concentrate on surviving in the everyday life. Many got married with the boy or girl next door and stayed married the rest of their lives, more or less satisfied. They started to work at the age of 15 and stayed in the same job till they retired, mom was a housewife most of her life, taking care of her family. Most of them lived their whole lives in the same area, met the same people, experienced the same things...
And now? What happened? The last 50 years have enclosed more changes than ever before, and now it seems to speed up even more. We can follow whatever happens in the world at the same moment it happens. That does something to us.
Our eyes are connected directly to our nervous system. What we see and what we hear is monitored from a little gland in our limbic system called Amygdale, the centre for strong feelings. Every single input from eyes and ears, together with everything you smell, is measured through Amygdale to check if you have ever in your life experienced anything stressful that can in any way be reminded of by this sense input. If there is only a single thing there, the alarm goes out to the rest of the brain. And, by the way, the same happens if there's love and good feelings connected, the messages go out. 
And what happens? As mentioned before, the brain has pictures of absolutely everything you've ever experienced. Many pictures create a movie, a story. This is how the brain works, putting pictures together to make a story. And the story also contains feelings, whatever you've felt, together with those pictures. This is how our magnificent brain works. And there's more, because it reacts too! From the message that is created to the inner movie, signals go out into the body, causing the body to react. And it does, believe me!! It creates behavior, it creates happiness and positive feelings, it creates pain, it creates illness, fear, energy, good luck, bad luck, potential for success, potential for failure, absolutely everything you can ever imagine.
Wow! It's so amazing! I get so humbled every time I talk about this, mostly we don't even think about what a friend or partner we've got! This is one thing we all have in common that proves we're not alone...
And knowing this is a key to a better life! It's a key to unlock whatever holds you back from creating what you desire in life!
Because the brain reacts in the exactly same way if you create pictures and movies by intent. The more details, the more alive it is and the more you can believe it, the better. Your brain doesn't care if it's a real happening in the moment, it just reacts to your pictures and your inner movie. This is why Vision by intent is so powerful! To run from unconscious habits to intent, creating what you want and not what you fear, changes the whole world for you. 
And... There is no fun if it's not connected to some challenges to overcome... Because everything you've experienced before, will still be there. Amygdale will still measure everything and alarm your brain as soon as you touch something that sets the alarm clock running!
So this is what I want to talk about this week! How do we make a Vision that will create what we want, knowing this? And will we get exactly what we want?
What about you, Guy? Last week you told us about how you lead a team of entrepreneurs through a guided visualisation, you told us how powerful it is. What can you tell us about the challenges we can meet making a new Vision, and also stay preserving enough to create a vision that works?
Ah yes, Kari, the beauty of the brain is indeed humbling! Only we can't 'see' it, so we don't recognise it. I spent Christmas and New Year with family in Cape Town, where the vistas are quite breathtaking — like many scenic places in the world — where one could spend hours enjoying the views that seem to stretch out to infinity. If you pay attention though, if you observe for a while, you'll find that the brain possesses more magnificence than all the vistas in the world! And you painted a vivid picture of that in just a couple of paragraphs, Kari, so thank-you!
For some, tapping into the potential our brain holds for us is like opening a can of worms (visual pun not intended), or Pandora's Box. It just seems too daunting, so our fear causes us to keep that lid firmly in place, wilfully ignoring all of that promise and beauty...
It really doesn't have to be that way though, does it? As you say, the world is a much more complicated place to live, and the pace of everything seems to have escalated to the point where, if you don't have eight arms and three heads, you just can't cope. And yet, contrary to those old, simple times, where there wasn't much to tax the brain besides staying healthy and having a decent job, the opportunities for success were also so far fewer. What possibility was there to create a vision, like we're able to today, without being born a go-getter and leaving behind you all that made you feel safe and content?
Now we can be whatever we choose, with a vision up to the stars! And we can do it from right where we are – because with internet access, the whole world is our marketplace, and we have any and all conceivable information and connection literally at our fingertips! In fact, looking at the world of today versus yesterday from a different perspective, it's a much simpler place to be! It's only as complex or simple as we make it out to be, isn't it? Kari, you spoke in our last conversation about us utilising only 5% of our brain capacity — so as it stands, the modern world has a long way to go before it can really begin to tax us to the point of burn-out! People say "it's all become too much for me" — but that's just an illusion spawned by our own fear.
So here we are, blessed with this incredible organ residing in our cranium, that can do almost anything we ask of it, and yet we continue to plod through life in the 5% lane, without allowing our brain to perform even a fraction of its magical potential!
Like I said though, it doesn't have to be this way... What we need to do, is to take an inventory of what we have available to us — if we were to let go of our fears for a moment. Much can be said for the guided visualisation process (in its original application, for entrepreneurs, but with many different interpretations) in releasing fear and immersing oneself in abundant thinking, because the basic platform for the process is meditation. And meditation is all about shedding the negative thoughts to make way for pure, white light — the source of Abundance.
As with everything in life, this transition should never be rushed (in fact, there's an old proverb that, abbreviated, says: "Haste makes waste") and, just like applying oneself to meditating regularly, you should build up the time you spend in gradual increments. Slowly a new habit begins to form and you become comfortable with allocating more and more time to visualising. What you might previously have discarded as mere day-dreams, now become the clay which you begin to knead and mould into what will become your vision.
This is where the lovely Ms Amygdale steps in — like a master-coreographer — and starts building for you that movie of the awesome Vision you have for your future, which means major changes, not only in your own life, but that of anyone you touch with your new-found magnificence!
I'm sure you'll forgive me if I take the liberty here, Kari, of mentioning to our readers the fact that you and I are busy constructing a 6-week online programme, as part of the PowaForce Forum, which will assist participants in breaking down some of the major barriers to success and in establishing their sustainable vision. So watch this space for details, people! Wherever you are, lost in thought in this crazy, modern world, this one's for you!!!
Tell us though, Kari, how do you go about assisting individuals in Kinesiology, to pry under the layers of fear, to unearth their rainbow vision — and the pot of gold that lies at its source?
Oh, Guy, the thing is, that the most important and biggest barrier to success, is fear! Fear of really succeeding!! 
How is that? Don't we all wish to live an easy life, filled with everything we can imagine to make it good...?
What would happen if you got what you envisage? What would happen if your boss actually called you into his or her office and told you that they see potential in you, they want to give you more responsibility! What if you envisaged the best relationship you could ever imagine, a partner that was perfect for you... What would happen if you really won in a lottery and got rich? What happens if you succeed...?
That thought is scary!! 
Would you be prepared for more responsibility? What if you failed...? And the potential... is it really there...? If you got this amazingly perfect partner, will he or she tolerate all your strange habits...? And what if you won all this money and got rich from one minute to the next... How would that change your life...?  How would all your family and friends react? Would they expect you to share...? Or pay their bills... Would they start to treat you differently..? And success...? What is expected from a person that has become successful? Would you be able to deal with it...?
In my work, every day, as a Kinesiologist, I meet people's fear! It's always there, in every single treatment! And fear creates illusions! Our life is practically built on illusions! Do we even know if what we desire is ours??? Who owns your desires? If you're sure it's yours, that's great! If something happens when you read this, stop and be aware! Could it be that what you try to envisage is what you believe is expected of you? Something your parents want from you...? Something your culture wants from you... Something you've learned to believe...
Could it actually be that becoming successful is to scary, when following a guided meditation deep down in the different levels of consciousness? Could it be that we spoil our own vision, because if it did come true, we would have to take a huge step out into the unknown?? Leave the things we know and all that's left is trust and faith?
I want to remind you of the Universal Laws. The very first one is: Everything is One! Law number two is: All is Energy and Frequencies! That isn't only a reality when joining New Age people! It's a Universal truth, it's how things work! To go against it would be like me, after writing this, putting on my bikini and going outside to relax. It's -8 degrees, ice-cold wind and snowing! And then be angry or sad or confused, because I freeze and get a cold! 
Guy, can you remember I told you about my death-fear when snorkeling in Thailand a year ago? (I apologize if this is uncomfortable for someone to read, but I think it's important as an example to show that all is one) 
I looked up and literally saw a gigantic, black wave rising in the horizon, coming towards the shore, fast! And I absolutely panicked! I was close to the beach, I had to swim about 5-6 metres before I could put my feet on the sand, I was sure I would never get there. I couldn't breathe, I wasn't able to swim, I felt like I was drowning! Everybody around me was safe and happy, playing in the water... It was absolutely scary and unbelievable! And I have to say, I love water, I am very fond of swimming and snorkelling...
So, what was that? Like you and I discussed, I was at a beach that really was hit badly with the tsunami, back in 2004, and the fear, when it happened, must have been so huge that the imprint was still there for me to take in! I can even feel now, writing this, a bit of unease...
The fact is, that all our genetic references is in our DNA. Science has now discovered what Kinesiologists have worked with for ages, that our ancestors' traumas, feelings and solutions are inherited. 
They are there as metaphors. It is not linear, it is not connected to any person or any specific happening, They are your personal metaphors of life. And they're enormous! What are your ancestors' experiences that creates your metaphor for wealth and success? What did my ancestors experience about tsunamis and huge storms on the sea that made my metaphors?  
Our brain doesn't understand metaphors of life! Our brain needs time, linearity, people, real happenings, time and space, in order to understand what's going on. And it needs a trigger, to be able to get that information from your DNA, the trigger is fear! Then the brain receives the metaphor, then the brain alters it, then you don't understand that it is a metaphor, all your brain has to alter it with, is what you've experienced through your life... And that is — mostly illusions.
So yes, Guy, I'm happy that you mentioned that we're working on this 6 week programme to go deeper into creating your life through vision, to be aware of what's really going on and to get the tools to work it out. 
And there is one more thing I want to say to all our readers: 
We have readers and followers from almost every continent in the world, Africa, Asia, Europe and America, I would really want you to tell us what your vision is, what do you want from life, what make you happy? How is your life, what are your challenges? We have different cultures, different ways of living life, but we're all humans! On the same path!
You can write in the comment field or you can e-mail us if you don't want it to be public, we will treat every single comment with the deepest respect!
What do you think, Guy? Can you please fill in the picture. You are the Ontological Coach here, I love the way you read my language, the words I use or the tone!! What wisdom can you fill us in with, how can you round this off?
Well, Kari, just recently I was working with someone who is on the brink of success as far as establishing her vision is concerned. What she now is struggling with, is that she believes she's doing it right; saying and doing all the right things — and yet change still eludes her...
What I've noticed is that whilst she is telling me all of this, her language tells an entirely different story! And she's not been aware that 95% of her language, instead of shaping what she wants, is delivering precisely what she doesn't want — and has done so nearly all her life. Outwardly, she's a wonderfully vibrant person, full of passion, creativity and exciting concepts, and yet in terms of her current Way of Being, she does not possess a mood for success.
Due to a recent breakthrough though, she is now faced with the opportunity of turning it all around; of re-writing her story of Scarcity, with one of Abundance! For myself, this is an incredibly exciting process to witness, and I look forward to observing how she utilises her new-found tools to design and attract all that she desires!
Her breakthrough, the magnitude of which I believe she doesn't fully comprehend as yet, is a simple observation she made of her own life. In a conversation with a friend, she stumbled upon a barrier that has been with her nearly her whole life (as she digs deeper, she will find the roots of this barrier ensconced way back in her childhood) and that it has manifested a debilitating story, brilliantly disguised by the ego to appear 'normal'... It is, of course, an illusion that has been eating away at her capacity for success all these years like termites in a tree.
Luckily for her, she now has this previously unconscious story very clearly in her conscious mind, and she is now able — with a little help — to disassemble it in order to recreate it from scratch, to become her core story of success, strength and Abundance.
Now the real work begins though! This is the part where old habits need to be dissipated and new, positive and generative habits formed. A mood for success has to be developed and maintained. She is quite right in maintaining that it's "easier said than done" and that it's all well and good for me to be telling her what needs to transpire, when she's the one living with it... Too true! This illustrates perfectly, that the willingness to change and the commitment it takes to guarantee this change comes not from someone or something 'out there' but from within YOU! I could not have experienced this potentially life-altering realisation for her — she had to have that 'light-bulb moment' for herself. She had to see this defining breakthrough for what it was and is... It had to come up and hit her on the head! Now she is empowered!
An analogy I used to show how all of the pieces of our life come together, is that of an orchestra making ready before the concert. All of the members of the orchestra are busy tuning their instruments and all that can be heard is a hotchpotch of meaningless sounds — twangs, hoots, tinkles and squeaks... Until the maestro taps his baton, bringing the orchestra to attention... Now all the members and their instruments are concentrated as one ensemble on playing one concerto. Magic... Abundance... You are the maestro here, nobody else! You're the one who gets to bring it all together. Obviously, you want a great orchestra, so you need to enlist the right role-players to make it so!
That trigger you spoke of, Kari — the fear — is exactly what brought about this 'light-bulb moment' for my coachee... From the "no, no it can't be that!" to the "oh my, it IS that, and has ALWAYS been that!" The bubble of illusion has been burst and all that's left is truth. You begin to comprehend that the prevailing language that's been unconsciously defining your Way of Being all these years now shows up for what it is: a false truth, based on what others think of you, or what (more importantly) you assume that they think of you. This is what has held you back from the highest expression of who you are and the untapped potential you hold! And it's all just an illusion!
We need to equip ourselves then, with some tools to begin working with all the new realisations that well up as a result of our revelations, or else we soon become swamped all over again.
The first tool is Perseverance. Learn to become 100% committed to your beliefs and your vision, and no matter what obstacles and challenges you face, never give up! There's no point in starting a journey if you give up halfway, or even 99% of the way. You'll only know you're there when you arrive! So stick to it and you'll get there — this I guarantee!
The second tool is Trust. There are those who maintain that you should trust nobody. I beg to differ, for it's the people who say that, who cannot trust themselves. Develop your self-trust and you will become trusting of others. The illusion that you cannot trust people, is because you have always attracted the kind of people into your life who let you down. This makes you believe that you can't trust people, yet what's really happened is that you've lost the trust in yourself to attract the right kind of people and circumstances for you.
Thirdly, there's Observation. Become more aware of the language of your thinking. What are the stories that keep repeating themselves over and over in your mind? Are they working for you or against you? Find a means of recording your thinking (keep a journal perhaps) and see what patterns emerge. Observe your family, friends and colleagues and what their language is... See if you can tell the signs in other's language that is either holding them back, or that is having a positive effect — and learn from them. Be open to the world around you; the beauty of the scenery, the sound of birds, the aromas of flowers. When commuting to work, see if you can observe something new each day — something you've never observed before.
Lastly, as I spoke of earlier in this conversation, you should Visualise. This is a means of consolidating all of your other tools into a single, focused vision. This is where you harness your dreams; where you filter the stuff that's working for you from the stuff that isn't. This is the sextant, with which you align the constellation of your Way of Being, in order to plot your chosen course.
The helm Kari mentioned, is your unerring desire to adhere to the course you've plotted across the Pacific, and your Vision is your destination — the island paradise.
I second Kari in reaching out to our readers across the world and urge you to engage with us! Share with us your thoughts and your challenges, as we'll surely find a way of assisting you. Kari and I are of entirely different backgrounds; we're from different continents — even different hemispheres! Today, Kari is experiencing heavy snowfall and sub-freezing temperatures, whilst I sit sweating under a fan, with sunny skies outside... To top it all, we're of different genders! And yet we see the world much alike!Now surely, there must be more like-minded people out there, who also seek to make a difference, in their own lives and the lives of others. Come join Kari and I in this exciting voyage of discovery and let's visit new worlds together!

Next week, I'd like to discuss illusions and how important it is that we realise how they shape our lives.

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