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Conversation 15 Abundance

We have talked about many things during our conversations, Guy, and very often we talk about Abundance. Not as a subject of its own, more in terms of a goal, an evidence that we do things right. We send out the right energy, we have been able to clear out all the barriers, now we're in charge of our own life. And our reward...? A life in Abundance! Happy ever after!
What is Abundance? Often it's seen as money, wealth, riches. Is that all Abundance is? And is it so that as long as we have all the money we need, then we will be happy and all our struggles are gone? And what if we don't get this money? Does that meen that we have done a poor job?
I know a man, he comes to visit me every now and then at my clinic. He is nearly 60 years old now, we've known each other for many years. He used to be very fit, he used to be a man with control, he used to be a man living a life in Material Abundance. An admirable man. On top.
Now, he lives alone in his little apartment, he barely has enough money to eat. He has no job, no car, no support from his family. And every time he comes to visit me, he tells me how happy he is. He loves to stay outside in the woods, living in a tent, fishing, for weeks at the time, when the weather allows it. In the winter, he makes a hole in the ice and he can sit there for hours, waiting for that fish to bite. He tells me how he is in a completely balanced and harmonic state, because he is able to live life exactly how he wants to. And he tells me that he doesn't miss what he had for a moment. 
I asked him once, what Abundance was for him, and without doubt he said it was the freedom to just BE. For me, that was so powerful. Because, when is it that you're free to just BE? Isn't it in the moment when you have no expectations, no plannings, no memories of earlier times. The moment when everything just stops and it gets quiet. You feel completely safe in the moment. The moment when you just know that the happiness you feel, shows you've made the right decision for you, what you have is what you've earned. And you know that nothing will ever happen that you can't handle.
Well, that stands for itself, doesn't it...? Think about it! You're still here...! And wow, what a journey! 
In a Kinesiology session we actually see a human having 5 bodies. Physical, mental, emotional, essential and the X-factor part, whatever that might be for you. Often it is the spiritual part of you, but it can just as much be something else, that depends on what is important for you. All these five bodies interfere with each other and they are also interacting with your past and your future. Every issue we work with, must be in balance with all five bodies now, in the past and in the future. Only then do you live a life in complete balance and harmony. 
So I'll ask the question once again... What is Abundance? Well, to be honest, in the middle of winter in Norway, with almost 1,5 metres of snow and ice-cold wind — and it isn't going to stop snowing for a week — right now a place in the warn tropical sun sure would feel like Abundance to me... 
What are your thoughts about Abundance, Guy? And how do you help your clients to reach the level of Abundance in their own lives?
Abundance! It's everything isn't it? It's what every single human being strives for, whether consciously or unconsciously... True Abundance escapes most of us though, and when one observes people for a time from a certain perspective, as you and I are in the position to do, Kari, it is not difficult to understand why. To begin with — and I by no means wish to sound condescending — I believe that only a very few people actually comprehend what Abundance really is. For the most part, Abundance is usually associated with the superficial, materialistic world.
The beautiful story you told, Kari, reminds me of something I once read, about a rich man who one day looked at his reflection in a mirror and asked of himself the defining question: "If I were to lose all of my possessions, my fine clothing, my Rolex watch, the gold cufflinks, my Porsche, the mansion I live in with all its exquisite contents, the high-powered job... Then Who Am I?"
An interesting realisation, is it not?
Indeed, Abundance means many things to many people — in fact every human being's definition is unique. For example, an entrepreneur might define Abundance as the accumulation of wealth and prosperity, whereas a Buddhist monk might see it simply as inner peace.
With Ontological Coaching, we hold (in parallel to Kinesiology) that our Way of being is formed from three aspects: Our Body, or our physical being, as the vehicle of our soul in this lifetime; Our Moods, or our emotions and, most importantly, our Language. Without proper care and constant observation, a deficit in any one of these three aspects means that we are unable to live a life of complete Abundance.
Kari, I remember a time, some years ago now, when I arrived at a very similar breakthrough question to the story of the gentleman you mentioned, and the 'man in the mirror' I've just referred to. I had built a career in advertising and design over a period of nearly twenty years. I was creative director with my own advertising and design consultancy, that included importance and status, I drove a flashy BMW, I owned a double-storey house in an upmarket area — I thought this was Abundance... And suddenly the bottom fell out. I lost my one and only client, a global organisation called Unilever.
With my highly successful enterprise down the tubes, I had to find work (in keeping with my accustomed status as creative director), which I did... During this period, my marriage failed and I got divorced, and even a subsequent relationship went awry. I was desperately unhappy with my career and with my life. My concept of Abundance had suddenly vanished...
Then the bottom fell out yet again! I was retrenched, as the advertising agency I was working for was closing down. No more creative director, no more status, no more Mr Important! How awful!
I remember sitting contemplating my woeful circumstances and wondering how my life could possibly have gone so far wrong, when I remembered something I had written on a piece of paper some time before on a programme I'd attended, run by Rod Finnie (who subsequently became my business partner, before passing away in 2011)... On this piece of paper I had written my 'calling,' which was "to make a creative difference in the lives and businesses of others." Well, at the time of me attending the programme, this so-called 'calling' hadn't seemed so important, yet as I sat there wondering what was to become of me, it suddenly began to make a whole lot of sense!
My reckoning of Abundance had been all about the external things. I was defined by everything except ME — who I am! I allowed other people, objects and circumstances to determine my Way of Being and my perspective of Abundance... I also realised that for all those years, I had not lived according to my calling. At this point I decided I wanted change — I wanted to be ME! More about that process later, but what really hit me was that in seeking Abundance (or at least my version of it) I had failed to look within... I had unconsciously chosen to be without!
In other words, if asked the same question: What is Abundance? I would say that it resides in my Way of Being and how I choose to BE. It exists right now in this moment, as I sit typing these words, thinking how these conversations might make just a small difference in the life of someone following Kari and myself from across the globe! Abundance is to follow what I am called forth to BE! Abundance is but a choice away — and it's not "out there," it's "in here"! 
So tell me, Kari, how you might suggest one go about manifesting Abundance? How would one break through the illusions (which we spoke about last week) of who we are, in order to simply BE?
Before I answer that I just want to say thank you for telling your story, Guy! As I read it, I start to feel energy and laughter bubbling like champagne in my blood! I hope I don't offend you, but how wonderful!! And how obvious it was, all the choices you had made were outgrown and then you were ready to start looking at the only source that holds the truth! Your inner self! 
Most of us get stressed when we reach this point! What on Earth are we going to do, when everything we have held so importantly in life, simply vanishes, like magic. Evil magic, some might say!! And yet, what an opportunity!!
How can we know what our real truth is? When we're young, we believe we know! We are often strong-willed and we don't need to be told anything. Instead, we turn to those around us, our friends. We often believe that we make our own choices, when the truth is, most of the time we don't know what to choose, so we follow what the others do.
And before that? Nobody asks a little 5 year old what he needs in order to be happy! We just tell this boy how to act and what to do to be happy. Eventually, when growing up (and presumably he already is happy, like most kids...), if we did ask him, maybe we would hear something extraordinary, like: I want to play! I want to have fun! I want everybody else to have fun, that nothing bad would ever happen! And I want to believe that life is magic and everything is possible!! 
What if someone did ask this 5 year old? Their reaction to all this may very well be: Don't be stupid! Life isn't like that! Life is tough and hard and you have to fight for what you want! And you have to follow the rules! If not, you will have to pay the price!
And one of my 'favourites': Do you think money grows on trees??? You don't get anything, unless you deserve it! So, what have you done to deserve it???
It becomes a personal truth. It becomes a collective truth. And it leads to a personal and collective dream. What if... I had all this money, this amazing house, the respect that follows this job. What if I owned a Porsche and a Harley Davidson... What do I have to do to get there? The magic disappears... All that remains is what kind of rules to follow, who can show us the fastest way to get there? And who can we be inspired by someone who has done it and proved that it works...
We know that some people have done it. Maybe they have built themselves up from nothing, to end up as a millionaire. What strikes me, when reading or hearing interviews, articles or books about them, they have one thing in common: They did not do it for the money! Money just followed as a result when they followed their dream! 
They say, that when you follow your dream, your calling, your inner truth, life becomes magic! It is such fun doing what you do that it is like playing a funny, creative game where you can manifest everything you want. You understand that everything is possible, it's like magic. Maybe you even start helping other people to be happy. And the more you play like this, the more satisfactory life is!
So yes, what Abundance is, is a very individual thing. Still, the result of living a life following your calling, is that you have enough of what you need! Also material Abundance. That is an important part of living in our world. We can not eat happiness, we can not wear happiness, we can not live in a house built of happiness, but when we choose what makes us happy, the rest is easy. 
And now down to the really important question here: How do I find my calling??? How do I know what is the most important task for me in life? And is there only one? Because, it feels like my calling changes as years go by.....
I have no answers but one, to all our readers out there: You are so unique! Of all the 7 billion people on Earth, nobody is like you! None of them can fill your place, think and feel just like you. None of them can fulfil your part of the human evolution! You have a potential in your unconscious mind that grew with every generation before you, that is entirely yours! That means the only place you will find your calling, is by searching in this huge reservoir of possibilities inside of you! In your dreams. In your desires!
So to answer your question, Guy, how to go about manifesting Abundance, I think there is only one answer: Live your life to the fullest! Dare to follow your dreams and know that dreams change. Dare to change with them! Let go of the old that you've outgrown and welcome new experiences in life.
You had your successful enterprise for 20 years, Guy, I'm sure they were wonderful years. You had two close relationships, I'm sure they gave you plenty of joy and happiness! At one point it's over, as everything changes all the time. Now you can use all your experience in order to fill out another part of your calling. Maybe some day in the future, other parts will show, that you're not ready to see yet! 
And what you already do, is to share your energy in your pictures! That creative energy will follow them forever, wherever they go in the world and make a difference!
We grow and we change and then we grow some more. For me, life is like a river. At first, I had to learn how to swim. As I felt more safe I started to float down my river of life. Sometimes it's calm and peaceful, I can just be in the flow, listening to the birds singing, the sun shining and warming my body. Then, from out of the blue, it gets rough, I get dragged under and thrown around, I hit stones, suddenly there is a cascade of water, and it's ice cold... But then again, just as my inner river turns left, the sun is back and the birds sing even more beautifully. The river calms down again and I have learned to be a better swimmer... No matter how rough the river gets, it's up to me and my choices how I handle it. 
Yes, you're right, Abundance is but a choice away!
What do you look for in you clients' language, when it come to making the Abundance choice, Guy? Is there anything we should be aware of when it comes to our inner talk, how we address ourselves, how we unconsciously stop ourselves in our strive for Abundance? 
Oh indeed yes, Kari, as I see it, the beginning and end of Abundance resides in our language, and in particular, the language of our thoughts!
As I've mentioned before, we have, on average, in the region of 60,000 thoughts a day! It's almost impossible — at least to begin with — to observe each thought as to whether it's positive or negative; in Abundance or Scarcity. It is however quite easy to teach yourself to observe certain patterns of thought as they begin to develop. I often do this exercise, where I stop myself when I realise my emotional state (Mood) is beginning to react negatively to a particular situation. I then ask myself whether the thoughts I'm having are serving me, and whether they're uplifting me, or getting me down. If it's the latter, I ask what thoughts I could replace these negative ones with in order to raise my mood and become more enlightened.
You see, as soon as we dip into Fear, be it in the form of worry or anger, we cannot hope to attract Abundance. In fact we 'talk' ourselves into building walls against Abundance!  So we need to compose our Way of Being, such that we are in a position to receive. And believe me, when we reach this state, we will attract all the Abundance we need, and all of our dreams will bear fruit.
To begin this process, we should understand one critical thing: Only 1% of people on the planet live a life of true Abundance (according to their particular interpretation)... The remaining 99% live in Scarcity — and this includes many fabulously rich people from the very top echelons of society, so don't feel like it's because you don't have money and prestige! The Universe (or God if you choose) doesn't discriminate between human beings according to culture, status or money. Those who believe, and are ready to receive, shall do so! Without fail!
I return to my own story, where I had arrived at this crossroads in my life, where things just weren't working out the way I had expected. My saving grace was that I realised I needed to change, that I had to follow my calling! It really was as simple as making a choice; the choice that emerged from all the options available as it bubbled up from my intuition. "To make a creative difference in the lives and businesses of others." At that point in time I had no idea how I was going to go about manifesting this calling, but that didn't matter — I just allowed my intuition to be my guide. There's a saying I picked up along the way, which I use as a kind of personal motto: "Let Go to Let Come." I had to let go of all the drama and stories, the delusions of grandeur, the status and all that it implied, so that I could cleanse my thinking and begin Be-ing ME!
In essence, I had to realise my Unique Blueprint; the fullest expression of who I am. To describe this blueprint, I use the analogy of a tree (and seeing as I'm in Africa, I'll use the magnificent Acacia or 'Flat-top' as an example). The seed of the tree holds its blueprint — that of a majestic, dense spread of branches and tiny leaves, providing shade for animals from the relentless African sun. Assuming the seed finds a spot with the right conditions for its growth, it will simply grow, without question, into the fullest expression of what it is meant to be as a fully-grown Acacia. Abundance!
We human beings also originate from a seed containing our blueprint, yet as we grow, we allow our barriers to stunt our potential for Abundance, so we end up as a withered shrub, instead of the awesome Acacia we were meant to be. Abundance is there for us to take, yet we remain timidly in Scarcity, not knowing how to cross the divide...
To bridge the gap then, between Scarcity and Abundance, the best place to start would be to observe those who are already Abundant in their lives — see what makes them tick. Kari, you've mentioned one observation that's common to all people who live abundant lives: that money plays no part... Whether they have a great deal of money or not, they possess immeasurable wealth nonetheless. So most certainly seek out as much knowledge as you can of these people — read their books, listen to them speak — and from this knowledge, see what you can, in turn, learn about yourself. As Kari said, we are unique, so never attempt to replicate or copy the life of someone else for yourself! Find the threads of common thinking from what these Abundant people share and adopt that thinking into whatever it is you would choose to BE.
Abundance, as I've said, is attracted, so ask yourself what you are doing, and how you are thinking in order to attract. What is your language? The most important trigger of the Law of Attraction is Gratitude! By giving thanks for what you have — and fundamentally, for all that you don't yet have — the wheels of Abundance shift into gear in manifesting all that you ask for.
Allow me to explain what I mean by being grateful for what you don't yet have: As you begin to observe your Way of Being and the language of your thinking; as you start to slowly change from what circumstances dictate, or what others expect of you, to who you choose to BE, so the process of Abundance begins for you. It isn't immediately noticeable (a crucial period where perseverance of belief in yourself and of your potential is all-important), but gradually begins to grow, until you one day suddenly realise that you are already in Abundance — and that you always have been!
Therefore, bridging the gap between Scarcity and Abundance is really to start thinking and acting like the Abundant human being you wish to become, and that you have all that you've asked for — not tomorrow, but RIGHT NOW! Hence the reason for giving gratitude for what you don't yet have...
And never give up — EVER! Understand and believe with absolute certainty, that all the Abundance you could ever imagine for yourself (and more!) is within your reach! There will always be obstacles in your path and challenges sent your way to test your resolve, your belief and trust in yourself that you are worth it, and that you deserve EVERYTHING you ask for in life — that is what Abundance is, after all... There is Abundance for every one of the 7 billion people sharing this planet, all at once!

The PowaForce Forum gives you the tools to manifest Abundance in our lives, through assisting you in shining a spotlight on what it is that is contained in your Unique Blueprint, and this is something I'd like to discuss in our next conversation, Kari. How do we go about what our blueprint holds for us in that seed of origin, and how do we ensure the fertile soil essential to the fullest expression of who we are meant to be?

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