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Last week I mentioned how our Unique Blueprint holds the fullest expression of who we are, and this week I'd like to delve deeper into the meaning and importance of determining this blueprint.


When you hear the word 'blueprint' you might think of mechanical or architectural drawings of a building, electrical circuitry or perhaps secret plans of a naval vessel... Well, this is what is in my mind's eye — and it's exactly the kind of thing we might imagine having of our own life-structure! In this case though, there's only one infinitely detailed drawing for each of the 7 billion people on Earth. Call it our DNA if you will, and this is perhaps a more accurate description, where all of our genetic information and make-up is encoded... A bit like that circuit-board in fact — all precisely and clearly laid out — if only we were able to make sense of it.


Unfortunately, we don't receive a blueprint, along with our birth certificate, as we emerge from the womb into this big crazy world, spelling out definitively what our potential is and how we might go about achieving it... Perhaps in centuries to come (who knows, perhaps even mere decades), technology will have advanced to the point where we will gain access to such data! And my-oh-my how priceless that data would be!!!


So until that time comes to pass, we have to work with what we have available to us — which isn't a whole lot — until we learn how to access our blueprint, of course. As I've said before, we are unaware of the existence of this blueprint, as it resides in our unconscious mind, stored away in some vault until we realise the need to access it. We're therefore completely oblivious of the potential we hold to achieve untold successes as a human being. In fact it's somewhat like the Bourne Identity movies, where Jason Bourne is afflicted by extreme memory-loss. He has to rediscover his identity by using his instinct and observation skills, piecing his life together again, one bit at a time.


In a way, we're all a little bit like Jason Bourne, as if we've forgotten who we are and what we're capable of! All but 1% of us have possibilities existing for us that we aren't even aware of. And yet they are indeed there — we just have to find them! What is preventing us then? Well, quite bluntly, you are your only preventative! You hold all the keys to all the locks...


Once we have plotted out our Unique Blueprint, and we realise how much potential we hold, the danger arises in believing that when you have what you want, you then want more... And more... And more! There's a very fine line between Sufficiency and Greed! It's a trap into which so many people fall. The Universe is all about balance: Good versus Evil, Love versus Hate, Black versus White, Up versus Down and so on... This balance is ever-present, and just as we accept that the Sun will both rise and set each and every day, so we have to accept balance in our lives. For every success that we achieve, there will always follow an obstacle for us to overcome. I refer to it as maintaining Equilibrium. Like tending a garden, where new bulbs grow, so do the weeds.


The ego always seeks to tip the scales and disrupt that balance, and this is why so many people become consumed by the illusion of success; of chasing riches, instead of seeking wealth... The blueprint has become blurred and instead of manifesting the grandest possible expression of who you can be, you're back to that withered shrub I spoke of in our previous conversation entitled "Abundance." We set a self-imposed ceiling, which is our assumption of what our fullest potential is... The ego has tricked us into believing that because we have a lot of money, status and material possessions, we have reached the pinnacle of our potential — and yet (as Karen Carpenter once sang so beautifully) "we've only just begun"...


Whilst you're reading this, take a few moments to consider what your Unique Blueprint might hold for you. Ask yourself, if you already have achieved many successes: "Might this just be the tip of the iceberg?" Or if you believe you're a failure: "Who or what has determined me to be a failure and what is the real truth here?" I guarantee you, that you have virtually immeasurable potential and that your Unique Blueprint is a wonder to behold! In fact, your potential lies beyond your current imagination — it lies in what you don't know that you don't know!


Well, Kari, what is your perspective on this Unique Blueprint we all have, and the importance of being able to realise it and work with it to shape our lives?




I like this one, Guy! Now we're talking potential!


I often mention our genetic references in our conversations, and that is exactly what our blueprint is. Emotions, traumas, solutions, survival, love, hate, fears, everything that our ancestors experienced is there, in our blueprint, for us to use. Just like the ability to digest food, what kind of disease we might contract or what kind of colour your eyes are, how tall you are and your nose that is precisely the same nose as Grandma...  


From the moment of our birth we are purely genetic. Look into the eyes of a new born child, look at the deep wisdom, it is like the eyes of a master, who knows it all. It's the wisdom of the ancestors, their triumphs, their losses, their doubts, their self trust, everything is there, ready to use. It is the recipe for your life! And it is also your challenges in life.


Our new born child meets the world, she experiences so much, she evolves so much and so fast that before she starts school, her soil is made. After that, what she experiences just broaden her understanding. 


We have different belief-systems. 85% of the Earth's population believes we are something more than a coincidence, that there must be something more to life than what is obvious. There are so many different explanations about what that is, I leave it up to every one of you to decide what you believe. But when it comes to your blueprint, there is no doubt that you have an enormous source to help you grow!


60 years ago, DNA was discovered and scientists have worked ever since to understand what is is actually all about. They discovered that there was a huge amount of DNA that seemingly was not used for anything at all, and did what humans most often do: they did not understand it, so they assumed it was just trash, left overs from evolution. 10 years ago, a very big project started to try and understand what this junk DNA could be. That is the beauty of humanity, this urge to go forward, there is always someone that starts to ask questions, who wants to know more! So, 10 years after, we start to get scientific reports that tell us that if we feel depressed or anxious for no obvious reason, it can be inherited from our Grandmother, just like your nose...


And isn't this totally understandable, in the eyes of evolution? Ever since the beginning of modern science, the human body has been studied, like a strange UFO, picked apart to every tiny little puzzle and piece in order to find out how we work. And they did a very good job! Just look at what amazing things surgeons are able to accomplish! But if that is all we are, pieces and puzzles that have to fit together in order to stay alive, why do we need our magnificent brain? And why are humans the only species with a DNA like ours? It is unlike any other known living creature on the Earth. Why do we have this ability to find new solutions in order to grow?


And... The most important question for me: WHY DO WE HAVE THIS URGE TO EVOLVE IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS? 


We can not help it! None of us stay the same, we evolve every second of our life! 


Why is it, that when we look back in time, we talk about how brutal it was, how barbaric it was. It seems like there was no time for human feelings. Most of us are not there any longer. Most of us find it extremely difficult to physically hurt other human beings, while our ancestors didn't  seem to mind at all. 


Our consciousness matures. We all have ancestors that both have been brutal and experienced brutality. Can you see how we, generation after generation, have grown? To the point that now, for more and more humans, brutality is not the answer any more? Would that have been so without our ancestors' experiences in our blueprint? Would that be so without our brain's ability to find new solutions by interpreting information?   


That is exactly what our blueprint is, our ability to find new solutions in order to grow. If we turn back to Grandmother, who may have experienced something in her life that made her depressed, could that be something she inherited from her mother or her grandmother...? Is it possible that the depression, the fear, hopelessness, lack of self trust, whatever it is that holds you back from creating the life you want, is there for a reason? And that your brain, this amazing organ that has all to do with your survival, use this information as a deeper soil to build the soil upon, that you have in your life. Could it also be possible that when you find the key and open the door, you are at the end of one circle of evolution, ready to go on with your life with a new set of understandings? More aware? With a broadened consciousness?


Guy, I have learned to be very aware of my clients' language, thanks to you. And there is no doubt about the fact that the person's blueprint shows in their language! Can you tell us more about that?




It's truly amazing, you know Kari, once we're made aware of something — which we already knew! — how crystal clear our world becomes! All it really takes, is becoming a little more open to accepting new perspectives. You have just made resoundingly clear to me how the so-called 'baggage' of our ancestors carries over to our own blueprints and has a marked effect upon how we live our lives! We know of our ancestors — indeed some of us knew our great grandparents personally in our lifetimes — just like we know the moon is out there in the universe. What we don't perhaps realise, is that our ancestors' non-physical presence still affects us, in the same way the moon affects the tides and so on. And much like spring-tides, so a particular ancestor (many generations back) can have a major impact upon our Way of Being.


So yes, Kari, as we start becoming more aware of our language and how it impacts the way we see the world, the perspectives we hold, so we become more conscious of other people's language and how they are unwittingly shaping their own blueprints. Given that we create through language, it becomes easy to tell, from the language of someone's Way of Being, what kind of life-experience they are manifesting for themselves.


For you the reader, however, I would like for you to concentrate on your own Unique Blueprint for now, and how you can begin to re-design it according to how you choose to BE!


Begin observing how you describe 'what you want' — firstly in your mind (your thinking) and thereafter, when sharing your goals and dreams with your closest confidant. Throw the net a little wider and observe the language you use when telling a colleague about yourself and what you do; or better yet, a complete stranger! Is your language positive or negative; up-beat or played-down; modest or boastful? Record your observations over a period of time (say a week) and you will see a pattern beginning to emerge. From this pattern, you will determine how to go about implementing a new language; a generative language; a learning language!


A refreshed Way of Being will arise from this process and you will start to feel like you are finally able to just BE... Now you are at the stage where you're able to begin work on your Unique Blueprint!


As I mentioned in our last conversation about Abundance, human beings originate from a seed, just like the huge Acacia trees of the African savannahs, and this seed contains the Unique Blueprint for whatever organism grows from it. Similarly, as the tree's seed will germinate and grow only in the right conditions — in fertile soil that will sustain its growth for a lifetime — so we human beings need to be aware of our own conditions of growth. We need to ask ourselves what previous generations' Way of Being is deeply embedded in the ground-soil we seek to plough when establishing our own blueprint. For the time being though, let's just accept that our ancestors might have a significant bearing on our lives, and that we primarily need to focus on what kind of blueprint we would like to have — and CHOOSE it!


Because Science, as you mentioned, Kari, has yet to comprehend so much about the depth of our DNA structure and how it applies uniquely to every one of us, we have to use our creativity and imagination to ascertain what potential we might have as yet not tapped into. Again, we're back to CREATING through language. Don't underestimate the power of this creative imagination you have, either, for it's one of the most useful tools for personal transformation you could ever possess!


I'll be frank, in that there's little you can do about having inherited Grandma's nose, aside from reconstructive surgery, but there's a great deal you can accomplish towards eradicating the unconscious inherited habits that have been passed down the line of ancestry. I'll use my love for cooking as an example: I have many old recipes, which I inherited from my mother, and she in turn from her mother, and then again from her mother's mother, etc. — possibly going back quite a few generations in Yorkshire, England, where my mother's side of the family originated... Now, there are some recipes which I really enjoy as-is, completely unchanged, whilst in general I find traditional English cuisine to be rather bland. So I take the original, boring recipe, and add my own ingredients to give it a more Eastern, or Mediterranean twist. I add herbs and spices, Masala or chilli to give it, what to my mind is a much more appealing flavour.


I have taken the old influences and altered them to suit me as I would choose. I have used my creativity and my imagination! The very same applies when working with your blueprint! Never mind the old habits you've got entrenched in your foundation soil. You are the chief designer of your Unique Blueprint, so you get to add or do away with what suits you.


You also need to apply a formula when utilising your imagination, and here I would refer you to Conversation 12, where we spoke about Vision. During the second quarter of 2014, Kari and myself will be launching a new 8-week programme, under the PowaForce Forum umbrella, entitled "Creating your Life through Vision" — an absolute must for anyone who wishes to dedicate themselves towards the process of personal transformation.


The road to Enlightenment is long and winding, through many deep valleys and dizzying heights — indeed, at some point you will realise and accept that it is infinite... Our Unique Blueprint is the actual path we tread, but although the landscape may be criss-crossed with a myriad of paths, some wide and others narrow, the path YOU CHOOSE is the path YOU MAKE! And whilst you're on your journey, be sure to contemplate that for the average person, Enlightenment is reached when we realise that we have enough right here and now; that we live in Sufficiency...


What you said about this "junk DNA" was absolutely fascinating, Kari! From a Kinesiological perspective, how would you advise making use of it to expand upon our consciousness?




The thing is, Guy, that this so-called "junk DNA" has been a part of us our entire life, whether we're conscious of it or not. We know a whole lot of what is in there, and we use it all the time. 


Kinesiology is all about the real version of yourself, the one you are meant to be. In that process of taking back your life, we work a lot with our blueprint. And even if the source, where the information comes from, is hidden deep in the unconscious mind, most of the information is still so well known. And of course it is, this is our very personal reality. 


Our blueprint, our genetic references, shows in our outlook. It shows in our face-traits, it shows in our muscle-tone, our whole body-structure, it shows in our hands... We are a walking map of information about our blueprint and our language and our Way of Being shows the power and the stress. Our negative ego, the part of us that creates all the mess that causes problems for us, will use the information in our blueprint to stop us. Our mind has an enormous power over our body, and the negative ego does everything it possibly can to make sure we don't succeed, if you recapture old stress. Negative ego begets negative ego behavior, which can be very obvious for those around you, and so difficult to see for yourself. You only point out all the misunderstandings you have to deal with, all the stupidity, all the drama sent back to you, all a response of your own negative ego behavior. 


We are experts in reading this map in other persons, we do it by instinct. In a blink of a second, when we meet someone for the first time, we unconsciously know so much of this person. Some of that is known, like  when a person has a roman nose, he must be a arrogant person, but there is a girl with this cute little happy nose, she is so kind and nice... We talk about authority when we describe a person with a strong jaw, we talk about artist-fingers and so on. 


But most often, we are not aware of the fact that we read each other so fast. So we get confused when people's behavior or language doesn't connect with our inner understanding. Then maybe we get confused or even irritated with this person, maybe we don't trust them. Now they trigger some stress in you, maybe your own map doesn't get along with the other person's.    


From fully conscious to completely unconscious, there are a number of levels. I want to use an example from my clinic to show how these blockages can be very obvious to those around you. This particular client had lots of drama in her life and in her family. It never seemed to end! There was a lot of anger and blame, grown up children accusing her, controlling her. 


We went down the levels to see where her stress came from, and every step we stopped at, we found her story. One step had to do with a feeling of separation, she told me that for most of her life, she had felt separated from those around her. Not heard, not seen, not respected. One level was acceptance! She told me she had never felt accepted in her family. So I asked her if she was able to accept the uniqueness in herself... One step was simply choice or no choice! Are you aware that you always have a choice, you are in charge of your own life to the point that it is your decision whether you live or not? Or are you stuck with a belief-system that tells you that you have no choice? If you do, there is a fair chance you end up feeling helpless; old negative suggestions from your genetic references will be your truth; old genetic wounds of doubt, even to the point that you unconsciously start to shut down; your behavior becomes self-destructive. 


When my client received this information she could see that she had used the exact same words when she was sad. "I don't feel accepted by my own family!" "I feel so separated from them, it 's like I am not in the same room as them." "I have no choice but to do what they want me to do..."


Next session she told me that she had managed to integrate the fact that she had a choice. She had decided to let the family drama live its own life, and she felt very strongly that they were a whole, so all she had to do was to BE.  She had invited her family over for dinner and told them about her new rules, she accepted the fact that they wanted this drama, that was their choice. When the drama was over, she would be there. Maybe... If she wasn't doing something else, for herself! 


We have all this potential in our DNA, our brain interprets what comes up with the help of our experiences and all the information from all our senses. The thing is, that it works just like a computer!  That is so amazing, by the way, because someone, and I don't think for a moment it was a brain expert, understood the nature of our wonderful brain and copied it into a machine. How it was done, I have no idea, maybe by purpose, maybe not. What I do know is that it makes it easier for me to explain a quality of the brain. When we feed our computer with information, it will do as asked. No matter what the information is, if the computer has the right program, it will do it!


I have another example from a client with a son that was a drug addict. She once told him, after years of sorrow and worries, that if he was going to go down, she would go down with him. After some time, he was back on track, got sober and clean. She was not aware of the fact that she didn't end the program, that was still running in her brain. She ended as a "prisoner" in her own house, because she became allergic to electricity and couldn't go outside the house. She gave her "computer" an order, it followed up. And again, when tested out what this was, the feeling of having no other choice but to feel judged instead of choosing to be safe, showed in her blueprint. She told me that her husband always getting irritated by the fact that she so easily blamed herself for everything that happened in life, even if she had nothing to do with it...


Your blueprint shows in your actions. We have talked so much about stress and barriers in our blueprint, there are also so many stories about clients actually getting sick from giving themselves over to what others expect, giving their power away. Then, when taking back their power, starting to create life from their real self, they see that they have, all the time, used their resources and their strengths, the potentials in their blueprint. 


You gave us some very powerful tools, Guy. I just want to say one thing: Every one of you out there is already using your abilities in your blueprint to a certain degree, either in a positive or a negative way. There is no end to what you can accomplish, but for now, be aware. Look at those around you. Your family, your partner, your friends, colleagues — what do they show you? And, what is your role together with each one. You will see that your role changes according to who you're with, we do that. So why is that? And how can this information give you more information? If you open the box, the information will keep on coming!


Be fascinated with yourself! Start to explore yourself like you would explore a new loved one. You will be amazed over how much you have taken for granted, that is not true! And yes, our 8 week programme will go deeper into this, because in the end, how can you visualise and get what you want, if the information that runs in your "computer" doesn't suit your visualisation?  


That brings me to a topic we have talked a lot about, Guy, the love that is behind everything. The Beatles sang: "All you need is love..." and that song was running through my head over and over today, while working with my clients. No matter how hard things are, there is another side of it. I want us to put on the glasses of pure love and then talk about why we experience what we experience. And how to be more aware of what is going on.


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