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Kari, I’d like us to exercise a little creative license in this conversation, to go beyond the realm of what is apparent, or even comprehensible. Let’s talk about Timelines—past, present and somewhere in the future perhaps. Let’s discuss the space our soul occupies across these dimensions and realms, to see if there’s some way we could use it to the advantage of our Way of Being.
Time is perhaps the one thing that is utterly remorseless in its progress; so completely unstoppable. It just happens, second after second, year after year, millennia after millennia… There is absolutely nothing that can be done to check its advance.
There is no guarantee more absolute, than that “time marches on.” Neither the flow of a river, nor the changing of the tides—not even the rising sun—can be guaranteed in the same way that time is.
We wish on occasion that we could turn back the clock to a time we thought we were most happy, to experience again a few of those wonderful moments of our youth.
Each day we look at ourselves in the mirror and spy yet another grey hair, or more wrinkles around the eyes. We can’t seem to do the things we could, say, twenty years ago, because our bodies just won’t allow it. Our joints become stiff at certain times and we’re far less flexible than we were in our youth.
Just recently I was thinking about all the family friends we had when I was a child. Most of them that were of my parents’ era, have passed on, and exist only in memory now. Time… It applies to everything and everyone, without exception.
And yet time is just an illusion, isn’t it? I mean you can’t touch it, or smell it, or see it. But it’s there… Tick-tock-tick-tock… We know that between the past and the future lies the present, and yet every next instant becomes the past just as soon as it’s happened.
So does the present really exist at all?
“Live in the NOW,” people say. What is “now” if by the time you’ve said it, it’s already “then”?
Perhaps we place far too much emphasis on the physical aspect of time—past, present and future—whilst completely missing the possibility that we (you, me, and all the rest of the people and creatures on this planet) are timeless. What then, if time didn’t exist as we perceive it? What if we could, for a moment, just let go of the fact that we exist in a biological form and that our clock is ticking? There might just be a few alternative considerations, which assist us in becoming a little more enlightened.
So now let’s let go of what we know and look to what we don’t know that we don’t know…
We’ve all experienced the phenomenon of déjà vu, where we have a sudden inkling that we’ve previously experienced whatever it is that’s just occurred. We get the feeling we’ve been to this place before; there’s something familiar about it. Sometimes it’s a bit creepy and we get a shiver down our spine… For the most part, we shrug it off and forget about it, or we jokingly say, “ah, déjà vu…”
Maybe we should really stop and contemplate these phenomena more closely, because something happens to us each time, for us to take note. This is our intuition telling us that we’ve ‘got mail’ from the Universe!
Be open to the possibility that you have indeed been there before, in some previous lifetime. Or possibly in a future circumstance that has yet to happen. How about this: that you’re experiencing this event in a consecutive Timeline? Have you ever considered the possibility that you may exist in two or more paradigms or Timelines simultaneously?
Yes, I know a psychologist or a psychiatrist may have an academic or theoretical explanation for all this—but let’s for the moment lock them away in a room to talk amongst themselves, because I’d like you to indulge me with this thought for a while…
It might be that you are having the very same experience, within the same Timeline, yet in parallel universes. Another possibility is that your soul is present in two separate biological forms, on two separate continents, yet undergoing the exact same event. So although you can’t quite place your finger on what it is that’s just happened, you have a strong sense of familiarity with images, smells, or feelings.
Allow me to return to those family friends I mentioned earlier. The fact that they exist in my memory (and that of many others) begs the question: Have they not simply shifted to another Timeline? Even now, I ask questions of my father, who passed away in 2010. And I receive answers… As with my mentor, friend and business partner, Rod Finnie, who passed on in 2011. Communication with those no longer physically living, still takes place…
Similarly, when you meet someone for the ‘first’ time, yet something tells you that you’ve met before. You recognise this person, and it’s more than just a case of them bearing a resemblance to someone else you know or knew. I believe that people are placed before us because we have crossed paths before, in another Timeline, and that we are simply meeting again to continue our journey together.
This link might be somewhat humorous, but that aside, what if we did bear likeness to someone you were in a previous Timeline, or even an existing one?
In fact, as I’ve said before, I believe this to be true of Kari and myself. It’s as if, in some shape or form, we have had dealings before. Powerful and positive dealings to boot, because our relationship came into being so seamlessly, that it was as if we’d always been sharing our thoughts and dreams.
Now I remind you here, dear readers, that Kari and I have never met—at least not physically. We have spoken via Skype and chatted on Whatsapp, yet we have a bond that seems to transcend the physical; to bypass time altogether…
Both Kari and I have set out on a journey together, but the Timeline of that journey is indistinct, meaning that we have no desire to actually reach the end of the road in our physical lifetimes, because it will simply continue in another Timeline.
Now, Kari, before our readers begin to consider the possibility that I’ve gone completely off my rocker, perhaps you could share with us your interpretation and perspective of time and Timelines?
And you think my interpretation will help?
I have to share with you that I had my reply to you ready to send yesterday evening, but I decided to wait until today to send it, I have no idea why! When I opened my laptop today, everything was gone!
As long as we speak about Timelines here, I decided to go with it and see what came up, so I had my breakfast and left home for my clinic. It is raining today, so I took the bus and, as I entered it, I had a picture of my friend, getting on the bus too. And two bus stops later there she came. I could see there was something on her mind, and when I enquired, she told me she had just learned about some major issues a family member was experiencing, she felt very sad and she needed to share. 
Coincidence? In my world coincidences don’t exist. Timeline at hand? Definitely!
The last years I have more and more often discovered that I get answers before I get the question. I know that sounds weird, although I am sure we all do. We just have to be aware.
So what kind of answer could I possibly have got before the obvious question: What kind of justice are we talking about, when a young, successful person experiences something like a bomb exploding in his life, where everything changed from a life in abundance in the morning to complete disaster five hours later?
As I was walking to the bus, I suddenly saw so clearly, how one of my own major issues actually had lead me to where I am today and if I had got what I wanted back then, my life today would most likely have been totally different. I felt a real gratitude towards what once felt so bad, so scary and made me feel so alone and lost. I met my friend in the energy of that gratitude and naturally listened to her with a complete different energy.
Can you see the beauty in this? Nothing here was linear, but if it had been, there’s a big chance that I would have thrown gas on the fire and not been supportive to my friend at all! She did not need any answers from me—she just needed a calm energy filled with gratitude and love for how everything is in perfect alignment with the other.
And now I just want to remind you of yesterday’s script, lost and gone this morning…
Yes, Guy, you and I met very seamlessly, yet I felt there was a recognition on a very deep level the first time we had a meeting on Skype. I had learned from other sources that there was a very important male energy in my energy field that would manifest when the time was right. I forgot the whole thing, and the next time I heard it I got irritated and was not interested at all!
Well, it took its time, but now it is so clear that we met at exactly the right time! Now it is time to continue our work!
This makes me sure that our body and our energy field have different Timelines. And also that what once enters our energy field, will always stay there. Be it in this lifetime or in another Timeline.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, I already had two boys. This story is from a day I was waiting outside a bookstore for my mother. My boys where 3,5 and 2 and I had about one month left of my pregnancy. There was a lot of traffic and I had a hard time coping with it.  I felt heavy and hot; I could hardly walk because of my painful hips and swollen legs, and I was GRUMPY! I felt very sorry for myself I have to admit!
Along came this tiny, little old woman, in slow motion, leaning to a crutch, clearly in pain. She was looking down and still went straight at me, put her free hand on my enormous stomach, looked me in the eyes and said:
“Do you know how lucky you are?”
I was speechless! She did not wait for an answer, she went ahead in the same slow motion—and I was changed!
This sentence followed me ever since. I never saw her again; I do not know who she was, but I can still see her eyes looking into mine, filled with wisdom… I got a message from my soul, my soul-family and the Universe:
“Do you know how lucky you are?”
There is so much more to life than we understand in our reality. And the understanding of Timelines, to the point where we are able to comprehend, is a very important part of increased consciousness. Conscious thoughts have already existed 1,5-6 seconds before they become conscious. The reaction is already made, from an inter-dimensional Timeline. Now the question is: can you understand this in your Timeline?
What about dreams, memories, the feelings that flow through your body when you think of loved ones passed away? What about sudden insights, attractions, and connections to persons you haven’t seen in years, and an hour later you meet this person on the street?
You and I are also in different Timelines, Guy, yet both in the same reality; I experience winter, short days and long nights; I haven’t seen the sun in months, it is cold and not very funny to be outside. You experience summer, a lot of sun; heat…
Different perspectives united and still different Timelines as we continue on our path. How does this align with our Way of Being?
There’s a saying, Kari: “birds of a feather flock together,” and your worthy interpretation surely proves that from the spark of our shared ‘craziness,’ a fire will ignite!
Indeed we do all have different Timelines, yet these Timelines are continuously crossing and intertwining; perhaps joining for a while; then breaking away to reunite elsewhere.
Let me put it into context with our Way of Being and see how we can gain some advantage out of this thinking…
We are our Way of Being, in that it is all about us; body, mind and soul, so each and every one of us are different in that respect. How we turn out as human beings, whether enlightened or not, depends of how conscious we are of our Way of Being—just like we might put a lot of time and effort into our garden, because we want it to look beautiful.
So, we would naturally start to learn about gardening: which plants grow better in our habitat; which composts and fertilisers to use, when to prune and trim and weed etc. It stands to reason that the more we learn, the more proficient we will become and the more magnificent our garden will be.
Well it’s exactly the same with our Way of Being! In order to manifest that magnificent garden of potential, we have to constantly tend to it; we have to be willing to grow and for that we need to be open to new learning.
It is not then a question of IF all of our Timelines do align with our Way of Being, but rather HOW we choose to align them. First though, we should be cognisant of them, and the only way to facilitate this is to open our consciousness to New Learning. If you’re closed to this, then you will remain stuck in one dreary Timeline, unaware that other Timelines exist, or even that there are such things, and your potential will forever be limited…
Because Kari confronts life without a blindfold on, she is presented with many opportunities to learn something new about herself, of others, and the circumstances of her life. The Universe (God, if you will) is always willing to teach us—as long as we are willing to learn!
The results can be profound. Are you perhaps aware of a particularly memorable or even life-changing statement or event (like Kari’s question: “Do you know how lucky you are?”) that has stuck with you for many years? You quite possibly are aware of it, yet haven’t fathomed its full significance. For me, that moment was, without doubt, on the day I chose to fulfill my calling: “To make a creative difference in the lives of others.” Who I am today is as a result of that realisation.
I realised that my life and consciousness was all contained in one box; one Timeline. Even though I had spent nearly twenty years in the field of advertising and design, it was a linear groove, where I assumed that because I was a designer, I was an ‘out of the box thinker.’ I was much mistaken. All those years, my Way of Being had been stuck in that groove, and I was completely unaware of the possibilities open to me if I would only let go of the current Timeline and accept that there might be others.
Ever since then, my desire for new learning has grown exponentially, as has my willingness to accept new possibilities.
During the last three weeks of his life, Rod Finnie (who, as you know, was my mentor, friend and business partner) and myself had the most astoundingly enlightening conversations. We both shifted to a different Timeline, away from the physiological circumstances, and into Wonder. Everything we spoke of was new; it was powerful; it was generative; it was Life!
Speaking of time and Timelines, how often do you find, when you check the time, or glance at the clock on your phone, that it reads 1:11? Or 11:11? Even 22:22, or 5:55… Have you ever been aware that there’s any particular significance to these numbers, or do you just call it coincidence? To me, just like Kari, there’s no such thing. Everything has meaning and everything has possibility!
I used to notice these numbers coming up in my cognisance, until the occasions became so regular that I decided to research their meaning. I looked into Numerology (amongst other sources) and found that 11:11 signifies that a portal of energy for a new phase of development has opened up for you. Kari also sent me a chart, which I now keep on my iPhone as a quick reference, although there’s probably an app for it somewhere.
As opposed to those numbers simply representing the time, they’ve taken on a whole new dimension (a new Timeline) for me, and I am now more conscious of how to make use of them to my advantage. Even the word “portal” signifies a door of sorts; an opportunity for me to step into a new Timeline! So, when I see these numbers come up for me I always stop and ask myself: “What does this mean?”
And it need not be on a clock; it might be something you’re reading (like these conversations), or a number-plate on a car; on someone’s T-shirt… Anywhere at all! The more conscious you become, the more will show up for you. Suddenly the matrix of your potential is right there in front of you!
It’s your duty to yourself—and nobody else—to question; to investigate these things! You are reading these conversations because you are already exhibiting a willingness to accept change and to learn about new possibilities, so you’re almost there!
The PowaForce Forum provides the ideal platform for you to discover so much about yourself and your Way of Being that you never knew existed, and calls upon you to cast aside the doubts and the prejudices that seek to confine you to what you know.
Accept that you are a being of incalculable complexity and endless possibilities. Forget about “living in the Now” and expand your consciousness. Be in Infinity!
As a Kinesiologist, how would you advise our readers to harness their awareness of Timelines, Kari, so that they might broaden their spectrum of knowledge and potential?
You are so right, Guy, when you say: “Be in Infinity!” That is what we are!
And when we manage that, we see we have all the time in the world to reach everything we want. We can even dance without difficulty through all the different Timelines we experience and still feel joy!
I would like to end this off with our physical body.
Twenty years ago, I heard about a test done in the USA, where they had a number of participants who got married and stared to build a family back in the 1950’s, so when the project started, they were 65-70 years old. Before the project started, they were tested in all kind of ways, intellectually, physically and psychologically; then they went to live in a village where absolutely everything was made as it was in the 1950’s. Everything, from furniture to cars—you would have likes the piece about the cars, Guy! They stayed there and lived as they did back then and after a month they were tested again. At that point their physical body, as well as their intellectual skills, had changed into a younger state. They felt younger and psychologically stronger, even the thickness of their skin and wrinkles had changed to the better…
Imagine that… And even without expensive skincare products!
And to make my point, don’t we all know people who look so much younger than their age? Or older, for that matter! What about all those examples where a daughter becomes pregnant at about the same age as her mother did, or a person, who might be in very good health and full of energy, start to get similar symptoms to one of their parents at the same age they did? How about that someone who falls completely apart and seems to age ten years overnight when they reach the age of retirement?
What about this astonishing man I saw on the news some weeks ago, who was 102 years old and still running! He joined a run where he wanted to beat his own record from when he was 94, and he did!! Still he stated afterwards that he was quite satisfied, but he could have done it better, he was only 90% in shape!  
The common answer to this is: They must have very good genes! And yes, they must. And there is more.
As I’ve said before, our mind has a huge impact on our body. What you believe and what you focus on, is what you get! Now, that seems very simple, I know.
Still, imagine for a while that this body of yours, is not you. It is the vehicle you need in order to stay on this planet and live your life. It is a very intelligent vehicle, which in a fully competent state, can take care of itself completely! Now, we are not there yet, we have lost a great deal of that capacity during time, but the potential is there! And it is your beliefs and your thoughts that turn the capacity on and off. Which again reflects in our Way of Being!
Is it not obvious, in light of what I’ve just said, that you are in charge of your body, and of your ageing process? What you believe, and what you think, is what you get! 
What has this got to do with Timelines, you might ask. Then I ask you, when do you get old? When you are 40, 60, 80? How much time do you have to do what you want in life? If you finished your studies at 25 or maybe 30, how much time do you have to make a career before you reach the age when you are too old? Or if your life feels miserable, how much time do you have before it gets better? Are you going to take charge of your life today or do you prefer to do it later, tomorrow, next year, when your partner changes, when you get more money, when things change for the better…
That is your Timeline! Or more correctly: Your Timelines! Your partner and all the people in your surroundings have their own Timelines. How much can you manage to do within an hour? A day? Some people can accomplish a great deal in a short time, whilst others feel incapable of doing more than one or two things during the day. There is no right or wrong here, just different Timelines. 
And, as you say, Guy, it is a part of your Way of Being! So often we say: BE! Be in the moment; be aware; LOVE yourself so much that you start to admire who you are, right now; fall in love with yourself!
After all, you are the only person you are going to live with all your life!  And as long as that is the only thing you can be certain of, you had just as well start becoming aware of your Timelines. If you do, you will reveal a lot of secrets about yourselves and your inner power! And your body reacts with beauty and grace, your heart gets stronger, you get more energy, you sleep better in the night, you experience less pain and you look and feel younger!
Now, Guy, next time I would like us to talk about a subject you have already touched, when you talked about numbers. Numbers are vibrations and everything vibrates. Our vibrations attract that which has similar vibrations and they create a pattern. We use this unconsciously all the time, so imagine what we can accomplish when using it consciously?


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