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Have you ever felt happiness and joy flowing through your body like a stream? Suddenly, without any reason, it starts somewhere, maybe in your stomach, and you simply have to smile, or perhaps even laugh? Perhaps you’re walking down the street, on your way to school or work, and suddenly you find yourself in a very good mood, out of nowhere?
Or perhaps you’re feeling good, and suddenly, still walking in the same street, you feel down, a little bit depressed without knowing why? Perhaps you suddenly feel a bit insecure, even frightened? What is going on? And even more weirdly, you reach the next block, and you feel good again…
This is a common experience and right in line with our Way of Being and what you do as an Ontological and Transformational Coach, Guy. We experience this so often and still we don’t seem to reflect on it at all.
Pythagoras and Plato, both philosophers living 500-400 BC, had a theory that the Universe was made out of the Laws of Music and functioned like a huge symphony orchestra. Today’s scientists have tried to understand what they call A Theory of Everything (ATE) and now some scientists have come up with a surprising theory that agrees with those two ancient philosophers as it says:
Everything that exists, vibrates, and is connected with each other like the strings in a huge string-instrument.
Very simply, it says that inside every cell we have electrons and quarks, and inside them there are strings that are connected through vibrations. This means that everything is held together by vibrations, from the tiniest little electron inside a cell to the whole Universe. And I must remind you, that this is also everything in nature!
“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” (Albert Einstein)
Bringing that into our physical body, every single cell vibrates on a frequency and these frequencies synchronise with their surroundings. For example, when two or more women live together, they will soon synchronise their menstrual cycle. If somebody laughs, you might start to feel happy and laugh yourself, or if someone in your surroundings is angry or depressed, they will bring you down with them!
I believe, Guy, that this is what happens when you tell us about how all participants in PowaBase build up a synchronised energy and by are able to reach so far into their vast potential.
A Swiss scientist studied vibrations made from sound and came up with a Tonoscope, a device which can be used to make different patterns from different sound vibrations. This is used in medicine when a picture is made from ultrasound.
Scientists who study cancer have come up with some interesting new treatments, where red lights are used on cancer cells to manipulate medicine into the cells, so there you have vibrations through light.
Now I want to connect some pieces and parts here. Because our feelings and thoughts make vibrations in the string-instrument inside our cells, the same goes for the words we use. All this is defining our actions, and what we feel, think and speak will also create other people’s modes and actions.
And I do want to point out the importance that there is no matter. Everything is connected through vibrations, from our tiniest cells to the endless Universe! Vibrations is a language of information which we transfer to each other, the world and the Universe, through our magnetic field and so we are connected in a much broader way than we think. In fact, that explains why you and I, Guy, can feel each other’s disturbance or start texting each other at the same time!
We can have fun with that, but the fact is that it also puts us in a position where we are responsible for what kind of energy we want in our surroundings and the world!
This is what my work as a Kinesiologist is all about, clearing out all disturbing vibrations and energy frequencies to make way for synchronicity! It also means that I have to be as cleared out as possible, because my mode and unfinished business will affect my clients!
But that is not an issue just for me as a Kinesiologist—it is a fact for all of us! If we want to live a life in Abundance, as we so often have spoken about, the only way to find it is by being aware of our own unfinished business! When you take actions towards that and clear them out, your vibrations will be at a higher state, and lower vibrations will not affect you at all!
That is when you can stand in the middle of the storm, unaffected and calm!
I know this is in your line, Guy, so what can you tell us about the importance of our Way of Being regarding this?
“Good, good, good, good vibrations…” sang the Beach Boys back in 1966, about a girl giving “excitations” en route to a “blossom world”… No matter how young or old you are, that song always provokes such warm, sunny vibes—and will for decades to come, I’m sure!
You’re right, Kari, this is precisely what music does to us. I speak for myself when I say that I love any music that makes me want to move—whether I’m moved to dance or moved to tears, or both!
When I work, I do so with the radio playing, so that I can listen to music. Even when I don’t have the radio on, it’s for a reason: to listen to the sounds of the world around me, the birds, or even the flow of traffic. It’s all energy; it’s all vibrations, and it invigorates me!
Relative to what you said about the different emotions one might experience whilst walking down the street, I believe this has a great deal to do with the Earth’s energy fields. As we walk, we pass through these frequencies, and they are either positive or negative, so this phenomenon, together with the susceptibility of our Way of Being, brings about a constant fluctuation in our emotional state.
It’s said that walking is good for you, and perhaps we can understand why, as the Earth is ‘recharging our batteries’ as we pass through these energy fields. To take full advantage of this, one should walk barefoot (or at least with leather soles) to allow for that exchange of positively and negatively-charged energy. Some may beg to differ, but I maintain that walking is better for you than running, because the pace of running is too fast to gain the full effect of the different energy fields.
Simply by spending time barefoot in the garden and feeling the grass under your feet will provide much the same experience—perhaps even better! My favourite though, is taking a walk on the beach. There’s a very special sensation when the waves wash over your feet, and as the water recedes, you feel the sand eroding under your feet.
If you were to contemplate this basic experience for a moment, you’d realise that many things are going on for you! Firstly, the combination of the sand and the salt water is a perfect conduit for energy transfer—I think of it as ‘bonding’ with Mother Earth.
Secondly, there’s that feel-good sensation, associated with the cool, rushing water, and the tingling under the soles of your feet and between your toes. At this point, your consciousness is raised, and you become open to enlightenment.
Also, as the water moves past you, and you feel yourself settling in the sand, there’s a momentary spell of dizziness, as your biological being (your sense of balance) attempts to associate the visual movement with the physical experience.
This series of natural processes is called Grounding or Earthing, which is essential for maintaining a healthy constitution and vigorous physical state. In fact, keeping a vibrational balance, or equilibrium, as with everything else in the Universe is how we were meant to be.
(To find out more about Earthing, check out this link: )
If you desire to unlock your potential and strive for the highest possible expression of your unique blueprint, then I strongly suggest that you remain mindful of the importance of Grounding.
Having practiced the Classical Guitar in my youth, Kari, I can certainly identify with the claim that everything is inter-connected through vibrational frequency, like a string-instrument. I remember tuning my guitar with a tuning fork, which, for those of you who don’t know, is a small metal fork-shaped prong that is designed to emit the musical note “A” when tapped. Placing the rounded end of the device onto the ‘box’ of the guitar causes the “A” note to resonate through the guitar and the last string is tuned to that note, with the others following suit, each an octave higher…
The same applies to an orchestra, where that gaggle of sound you hear before the conductor brings the musicians to order is each musician ensuring his or her instrument is correctly tuned. Or that single note the organist plays, so that the choir is able to hold the same frequency in their voice, in order to harmonise with the other choristers.
Many religious and meditation practices utilise the very same technique as I did with my tuning fork, to ‘tune’ the body. Picture the guru sitting in the Lotus Position reciting, “Ommmmmmmm…” and you’ve grasped what I’m illustrating. Interestingly, in the Hindu religion (and many other Eastern religions) OM refers to the “vibration of the Supreme” mantra… It goes back for millennia…
A note of perfect pitch is attained, which reverberates through the body, allowing one to engage with a frequency or vibration, in order to receive the Wisdom of the Universe.
Even as I write these words, I feel connected vibrationally with each and every one of YOU, our readers! I don’t want to sound melodramatic at all—this is a permeating energy that binds us all, universally. And even though we’re connecting via different Timelines (you are reading this in another Timeline from that in which I write), the same frequencies of vibration reach out to you. Synchronicity.
Think of the ripples, or rings of vibration, that emanate concentrically when you throw a pebble into the middle of a pond: the outermost ripples reach the shore long after the initial pebble splash has dissipated…
You referred to PowaBase, Kari, and the synchronised energy that exists in the training room. It’s precisely the same kind of vibration I feel while I write—there’s a connection that begins right at the outset of the training, which gradually builds as each person tunes into the same vibrational frequency as everyone else, just like those musicians in an orchestra. It becomes so intense, that one can almost hear the sonorous hum, as we all hit that same perfect pitch together. Unseen and unheard, yet it’s really powerful stuff indeed—so much so, that each member of the group, including myself and whoever is assisting me, inexplicably form a bond that can last a lifetime.
So, Kari, in your work as a Kinesiologist, how does one go about reaching that higher state of vibration; of synchronicity, and how does it manifest as Abundance?
Actually, Guy, there are a couple of steps necessary in order to get there. The first is to be aware. To start wondering, could there possibly something more? Is it possible that you are able to heal yourself with a little starting help? The next thing, when you are ready, is to devise a solution for yourself, as long as you are committed to taking the responsibility to uncover your potential and see how grand you are. That is a huge step and when you say yes to taking this step, the ball starts rolling!
Of course you can have Kinesiology treatments without doing this, but it will still do its work. Like the body itself, if you don’t take the responsibility for getting your nutrients, or believe it is unnecessary, your body will still do what it must to keep you alive. But the experiences and effects will unfold thousands of times, if you decide that your health and happiness is your responsibility, and nobody else’s!
You have some beautiful examples, Guy! When you speak about walking on the beach, I can feel it!  The vibrations from the waves are actually like our brainwaves! So walking on a calm and sunny beach will not only recharge you, but also put you in a relaxed emotional state in order to experience connections and find new solutions!
What about a walk in the woods? Again you walk in the vibrations of the Earth, breathing in positive ions from the air, getting negative ions from the ground, nothing in your surroundings moves faster that you, (unless you scare an animal or have one with you, of course) it is so amazingly revitalising and recharging!
My lineage comes from Western Norway where nature is really spectacular! A couple of years ago I was at a family gathering there, and I travelled by motorbike as a passenger. As we where heading home, we had to start with a ferry, and the fjord was surrounded by huge mountains—all very majestic! On the other side, as we started to drive, I was sitting there admiring the mountains, thinking of how old they are and what they could tell if they could talk. Suddenly I could hear them, the Ohmmmm-sound! (And it was not coming from the Harley Davidson I was sitting on, even if that is a natural thought!)
In my vision the mountains started to vibrate and the sound was in me as much as it came from the mountains. It felt so strong that for a moment I was sure it was an earthquake building up! Then I understood it was me coming into touch with a part of myself that knew the vibrations of the Earth; the language of nature! And it was also in the interaction with the mountains knowing me! This went on for over 30 minutes actually, while we were driving along the road, between the magnificent mountains and the sea, before it slowly faded out, like a “Goodbye dear human, welcome back another time!”
It was a very profound experience! And it made me so aware of how we are so much a part of nature and of evolution, yet we just seem to have forgotten it. In the last 150 years we have learned that we have medical science to thank for being alive—so many of us refuse to believe anything unless science can prove it.
So we wait for some intelligent persons to tell us how we can enjoy a good life. The problem is that the answers change all the time…
I had one of those totally life-changing experiences twelve years ago, where I went from being strong and very energetic, to falling completely apart and not being able to work at all. It was during December, very cold and dark, and continued as such for months. My doctor wanted me to take pills and I didn’t want to do that at all. But after being in the same state four months later, I said yes, let me try!
It was a very small dose and I was told it would take up to 3 weeks until it would help me, still I felt worse and worse as the days went by. After one week I was unable to move and I could hardly hold my own head up. I threw the pills away immediately!
They did not interact with my cells’ vibrations at all! I have hardly taken any medication in my life, as I have been blessed with a very healthy constitution, so my cellular vibrations were, and hopefully still are, very natural!
Every single medicine we take, has its own vibration and the problems accrue when the vibrational patterns don’t work together.
So instead, I went out in the sun, as we had now reached April. I started to work in the flowerbed and slowly I gained the energy to take a walk in the woods or by the sea and it felt like I had got my life back!
This was my experience, although I am the first to state that medical science is astounding! But there is one thing that seems to be missing, and that is the understanding of vibrations. And that’s weird, since there is also a science about vibrations, in human beings, nature and in the Universe!
Homeopathy is a treatment using vibrations. The basic remedies are so diluted with water that it is not possible to find any trace left from them at all. In our reality we can not get well from a medicine that is not there! It makes no sense! If we consider it to be in a quantum state, however, it makes perfect sense!
What homeopathic remedies do is to send messages out to remind the cells how to vibrate in order to heal themselves. The same vibrations and reminders that we get through healthy food, clean water; a walk on the beach, being surrounded by happy people with high vibrations; animals, nature, sun! We have it all, everywhere, and we use it all the time! Still so many of us don’t believe in it before it is proved by conventional science or orthodox medicine! That creates a lack of confidence and trust—no wonder so many people feel separated and unhappy!
It is the same with Kinesiology. We clear out why a state of unhealthy vibrational patterns exist and remind the cells how to vibrate in order to heal. The amazing thing is that when our vibrational patterns change, our Language changes from negative to much more positive!
I want to bring our attention back to PowaChange, as step number one, and PowaBase, when you are ready to take step number two, in order to reach the state of synchronicity, good vibrations and Abundance. I am thinking of readers new to what we are sharing, Guy, so can you to tell us more of the profundity taking place when attending one or both of them?
With pleasure, Kari, and thank-you for raising the subject, because I’m hearing of more and more people out there who are searching for ‘something’ to assist them in attaining fulfillment in life, Abundance and happiness, yet not finding quite the right ‘something,’ no matter how many books they read; courses they attend or speakers they listen to.
To assist others in finding that ‘something’ is very close to my heart, as I know it is to your heart too, Kari.
I was speaking to a friend in Europe just the other day, whose statement rang true with that big question most people seem to have. She said that she has been to see therapists and attended programmes on so-called ‘life skills development,’ and they all had the same thing in common: All of them certainly unearthed the problematic areas of her life and indeed provided possible solutions, yet none of them equipped her with the tools to effect sustainable, long-term transformation in her life!
I’m sure you would agree, Kari, that this is the proverbial sixty-four million dollar question! And therein lies our quest, so allow me to address the issue…
I’ve said on previous occasions that the answers to all of your troubles don’t lie “out there” somewhere. Nobody, and I stress NOBODY has the answers for you, whether it’s a doctor, or a psychologist, or a barman! YOU have those answers locked away inside of your consciousness.
It’s all too easy to play the weak lamb and allow others to solve our problems for us—heck, we even pay them for the privilege! Does this make any sense at all? Well, not to me, that’s for sure!
Let’s assume that we have a very basic understanding of automobiles and how they function. The temperature gauge starts heading into the red. Do we call the mechanic immediately and pay for a breakdown service to tow the car in? No! We pull over, raise the hood and check the water reservoir to see if it hasn’t boiled down. If it has, we get to the nearest water supply, top it up and continue on our way.
The very same principle applies to us human beings. We really don’t need to run off to our therapist every time we’re feeling down, as we have the capacity within us to rectify our own issues.
Of course you’d be right in thinking, “But what if my car really broke down, because I don’t know how to fix it? And what if I have a real drama in my life, where only my therapist or doctor can help?” Well, certainly I’d suggest take your car to the mechanic, but what if I told you that you never had to see your therapist or doctor ever again? You’d probably tell me that I was the one who’s crazy!
Now we’ve arrived at the decision Kari made twelve years back: Whether to allow others to determine our wellbeing, or to take charge ourselves and heed our inner resonance!
I haven’t visited my doctor in about five years—he must have forgotten what I look like! Even then, it was to have a general physical examination, to be told what I already knew: that there were no problems whatsoever. After an ECG and a bunch of other tests, I paid handsomely to be told what I instinctively knew though… Silly, isn’t it?
When I recently caught a flu virus, I didn’t go to the doctor, because I knew he’d put me on antibiotics (chemicals) for a week and I’d pay by leaving my arm and leg behind too! I stayed at home, in bed, and had lots of Vitamin C, honey, garlic, ginger, and made a huge pot of thick chicken and vegetable broth! Within a few days I was good to go again…
Not only did I regain my health the natural way, I also saved myself a handful of cash! Does that sound crazy to you? No, I didn’t think so! You see, my body told me what it required to correct the lowered vibrational frequency it had been brought to, and I was receptive to that intuition.
Now, besides the fact that Kari and I both choose to be more attuned to our wellbeing (as do many others, make no mistake) we are also fortunate enough to possess those vital tools which assist us in staying on the path to Abundance, which brings me to PowaChange and PowaBase
Under the auspices of The PowaForce Forum, these two programmes provide the foundation for you to start tapping into that vast reservoir of potential you possess. Not only that, but also ensuring you access that inner wisdom (which has always been there) to really take the reigns of your Way of Being!
PowaChange is a one-day workshop (or half-day, depending upon the circumstances) geared towards you understanding, accepting and acknowledging that there’s a great deal more to Who You Are than you were previously conscious of. It shifts you from the point of what’s impossible, to what is possible.
Whilst both are experiential programmes, which share extremely valuable tools to use in realising Abundance, PowaBase is one that takes Transformation to the next level… It’s four full days of wonderfully empowering training that hits the sweet spot of synchronicity with every single person who attends. In fact, it’s a guarantee—something I do not mention lightly!
As Kari correctly said, these are the first two stages, or stepping-stones across the River of Life. Unlike the complaint my friend in Europe had though, it doesn’t end there! The PowaForce Forum is there to support you, should you require it. The only difference is that at this point, you will have become a highly proficient observer—of your Way of Being and how to operate at the optimum vibrational frequencies, whatever the circumstances. Abundance will permeate your life and, most importantly, you will be able to simply Be!
As a continuation of what it means to Be, I’d like next week to discuss the subject of Authenticity, with reference to the questions: “Who am I?” and “What have I become?”
(Painting by Kina Bagovska)



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