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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~Lao Tzu
I want to start this conversation by saying thank you, Guy, for starting last week’s very important topic about being Authentic! When working on that, it occurred to me how it is impossible to reach the goal of Enlightenment, if we are Inauthentic.
So in this conversation I want to discuss how this journey of life patiently gives us everything we need in order to reach an Enlightened state. I say patiently, because Inautheticity will give us problems, again and again, until we choose to take this first step on our path to Enlightenment. Life doesn’t judge us, we can take as long a time as we want, it will only continue to bring up the same issues. It is humanity that judges, not life itself. Or the Universe!
I am sure that our work, Guy, is a result of our many experiences as inauthentic beings, where we at last were able to see the truth, be grateful for all the experiences that led us there, and say yes, we are ready to take on our calling!
In my own life, I learnt as a little girl that I was different, and sadly enough, not at all like the little girl my family wanted. I remember I felt very sorry for family, and also very confused. I used to watch other children to learn how to be ‘normal’ and most of the time I preferred to be alone, with my animals—then I did not disappoint anybody.
What I felt, was that my odd Way of Being led to others people’s judgment, and what I figured out, was that I was not able to comprehend life, so I had to follow the rules set by others. It is very hard to feel judged, it feels lonely and scary and I did everything I could to not experience that.
I had to work hard for many years before I realised that this odd, different person wasn’t odd and different at all, only the authentic part of me that I rejected…
Life is a journey! It can be the most exciting journey, filled with everything you can ever imagine. Now, there is a question here that we often forget when this is stated.
How do we know what is our best? How do we know what to pour into life, that is so wonderful?
My answer to this question is that we don’t know. Because life has a quantum dimension as well as the physical dimension we know and all we can comprehend is the physical dimension. We have a handicap, so to speak. And a blessing, because life will give us all we need to grow in consciousness.
It never ceases to amaze me how so many of us go through life in a waiting mode. It is like the real life will show up one day, and then everything will be fantastic! Time goes by, year after year, and there is always something that has to be done before life can begin.
Sometimes we stop and realise we feel like there is something missing, we search in books and we search online, we talk with friends and we talk with our partner; and the most common activity when we don’t find answers, is to change something. Get a new job that pays better, buy a new car,  get yourself a new husband or wife, move to another city, start to exercise, it does not matter what it is.
Because every time you change something in your life, you open up for something new. You don’t know what that is, you don’t have the complete picture in your mind, you just do something else. So even when you don’t do anything at all, simply waiting for life to begin, you give potential allowing new experiences. We are programmed to do this—we can’t help it. The question is if you do it consciously or unconsciously!
“Your Individuality is the essence of your true being. Most people, however, are not in true contact with their Source, but are only conscious of passing thoughts and emotions. Because they do not relate this to a larger whole, they lead a life of separate moments.”
This quote from Alan Oken says something very important about the journey of life. We come to this Earth with this enormous Potential, to start this “journey of a thousand miles”, and the first steps is to figure out how to become a conscious, Individual person.
All of us have some challenging experiences when growing up. It is necessary in order to develop as humans. We enter this world with our very own, individual setting like family and surroundings, and we are set to figure it out, with our own free will. You may protest now, and say that you were a victim, the difficult things you experienced were not a result of your free will and that if you had a free will, you would do everything possible to avoid what you experienced.
This is where it starts to become interesting. As we grow up, our individual perception of who we are, is developing. Your free will lies in what you do and what you decide. You may decide that your experiences and the feelings about them, define You—there is nothing to do, except wait for life itself to change. In the mean time, you try to hang in there as best as you can, waiting… Reminding yourself over and over that life is a difficult task, not realising that your past is still your NOW.
Even when all your challenges from your childhood are over, they are kept alive by constantly reminding yourself of them, and acting accordingly.
On the other hand, you can use your free will to decide that every single moment of your life leads you to something else, in a constant flow. Enlightenment lies in the consciousness of this, and to accept the fact that we, as human beings, don’t see the whole, only pieces and parts of it.
Now, Guy, I look forward to hear what you have to say here. As we have said before, our lives are completely opposite of each other, still when it comes to this, we share the same inner knowledge. Like we share with people all around the world, without any community, leaders or religions to tell us what to believe and what rules to follow…
We simply wake up and start remembering the truth of human Power!
I know The PowaForceForum gives everyone the opportunity to begin the journey to Enlightenment, so what can you tell us, that can help our readers to understand how The PowaForceForum is so unique?
Ah yes, Kari, you raise an extremely valid point here! We strive to be authentic, in order to be happy, yet all we are really doing is appeasing other people’s interpretations of what ‘Authentic’ represents. How can we possibly achieve this, given that we all see the world differently from each other, and that we all have our own unique experience of life?
You gave such a wonderful illustration of this, by relating your childhood experience, Kari. I don’t wish to cast doubt on parenting, because parents on the whole do a marvellous job of raising their children, with whatever wisdom was passed down to them over countless generations. And yet this same story you related (or at least something very similar) repeats itself time and again across the world.
I was fortunate as a child to be allowed—indeed encouraged—to be whatever it was that I wanted to be, and I am eternally grateful to my amazing parents for that! As I was telling a close friend just yesterday though, I hit a major barrier when I began high school. In a country where sport is regarded as all-important, it was compulsory at my high school (at least to begin with in grade eight) to play rugby. If you didn’t play rugby, you were regarded as inadequate; an outsider, by teachers and fellow students alike… Well I detested rugby, and still do to this day! I was a skinny kid, not built for this kind of gruelling contact sport at all, and my ball-coordination was pathetic. So what business did I have playing stupid rugby?
And yet I happened to be a stubborn one who never suffered authority gladly. This I guess is the Aquarian in me! As a result, I rebelled against all sports at school, preferring to take up Karate, which was outside of school and, more importantly, of my own choosing!
Now, although this form of prejudice by teachers and students ruined my high school experience, I give gratitude for that stubborn non-conformist streak, because it not only stood me in good stead for choosing a career path that appealed to me, but also showed me a semblance of my authentic self. So you’ll never find me doing ‘the done thing’ together with all the other conforming folks out there.
Another aspect of my life that rubbed me up the wrong way, was having to undergo two years of National Service in the army, back in the late 1980s when conscription was still enforced. Granted, I could have chosen to be a ‘conscientious objector,’ but that would probably have landed me in prison, so, unwillingly, I did it, with a brush-cut and a rigid posture… Again, it was a case of continuously trying to go unnoticed—flying under the radar!
All of these experiences I’ve just shared, as well as what Kari shared of her childhood, are the side-effects of how people and society constantly judge everyone else, and try as hard as they can to make others conform to what they want. Would I be wrong in suggesting that society, as a whole, is Inauthentic? It certainly bears consideration…
What’s the answer to all of this inauthenticity we’re surrounded with, then? Well, I’ll get to that later, but for now I wish to address Kari’s query about The PowaForceForum.
You’re right, we are almost literally polar opposites, and yet we do share from the same bowl of wisdom in terms of our respective callings. This is the great balance, Kari, the Yin-Yang which makes our journey ‘together’ so beautiful.
The PowaForceForum is a means whereby anyone can achieve exactly the same level of consciousness as we do.
My first stepping-stone along the path of consciousness came over thirty years ago, when I began practicing Martial Arts. It taught me to observe with greater skill and ‘see’ with more focused clarity. As a teenager, it was the perfect tool for me to start working with my individuality of spirit, whilst conforming to the regimented training of the body.
The Martial Arts practice, for all the good it brought to my life, was however, quite rudimentary in establishing my Way of Being and developing the concept of my Unique Blueprint. It wasn’t until more recent years and meeting Pat Grove and Rod Finnie, that my consciousness was really opened wide to possibilities. After working with Pat for some time, Rod and myself formed The PowaForceForum, targeting businesses and entrepreneurs, with regard to assisting them in transforming their enterprises, their staff and themselves towards developing optimum performance.
We coached people in Spherical Consciousness, 21st Century Leadership as well as the benefits of Participative Capitalism.
When Rod passed away in 2011 though, I set out on a new journey of discovery—and re-conceptualised The PowaForceForum and the potential it represented in the world today.
I’ve spoken of this before, Kari, but where I realised that The PowaForceForum had something truly unique to offer was in the word ‘Forum’ itself. There are a lot of great trainings and programs, webinars and workshops out there, yet few if any are providing the long-term commitment to each individual that The PowaForceForum does.
So you attend a programme and yes, it’s transformational and you feel like a whole new authentic being once you’ve completed it! You’re ‘psyched’ to implement all of the new learning in your life… What happens after a month, though? A year? A decade? You’re stuck in a rut, back with your ‘old’ self once more; same barriers, same obstacles.
Sure, many of these coaching institutions offer refresher programmes and so on, but do they really look at what true transformation is all about? Do they know that it can’t happen over a weekend, or a follow-up webinar, or with a monthly newsletter? Are they perhaps more interested in their own financial goals?
I don’t have the answers, but what I do know from my experience of having attended many of these programmes, is that once it’s over, you’re on your own (but thank you very much for your payment!)
As an aside, I attended a three-day programme a few years back with an internationally recognised coaching foundation that shall remain nameless. I remember at the time wanting to believe it was helping me, yet there was something about it that didn’t quite hit the spot. I couldn’t place my finger on the problem, until my girlfriend signed up to assist on ‘team’ for a subsequent programme. Preparation began two weeks in advance and all assistants were assigned their duties. Now here’s what shocked me: I couldn’t believe the amount of bickering, backstabbing and jealousy that was going on ‘behind the scenes’! Even the two trainers (two indeed!) were at loggerheads, where one almost walked out!
Now what kind of energy and unconscious atmosphere do you reckon this creates for the trainees themselves, who have paid good money to attend? And what of the inauthenticity generated by all this negative behaviour? Well, I’ll let you answer that for yourselves, dear readers… Just know that if it’s happening in this foundation, it’s happening with many others across the globe!
Back to The PowaForceForum then… We have set about to eradicate all (and I mean ALL) of the negative energy from the experience you will have, whether it’s PowaChange, PowaBase, or any of the programmes and workshops we have in our stable. We understand that the quality of the energy and the authenticity of the experience you have, is a life giving nectar, too precious to meddle with. It is for this very reason that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’ve completed the training and it had not lived up to your expectations.
I’m proud to say that nobody has ever claimed against this guarantee.
Here’s where the ‘Forum’ part takes over though. Once you complete your training, you are part of the The PowaForceForum family and are thus never left out to dry! We have a system that is unique to the field of Transformational Coaching, whereby you are able to keep your set of ‘transformation tools’ in tip-top shape, for as long as you choose.
Although I will not deny that the ultimate responsibility for progress, development and change lies with you, The PowaForceForum provides a very solid and authentic foundation for you to build upon, and assists you whenever you might fall short along your personal path to Enlightenment, wherever in the world you might be!
As you’ve said, Kari, you and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to our shared vision. How would you choose to give back for all the profound life lessons you’ve learnt, in assisting others to recognise the not-so-obvious differences between Authenticity and Inauthenticity? How can we use this to manifest positive change in our lives?
Thank you for your in-depth explanation about the The PowaForceForum, Guy.
Every time we talk about this, I’m reminded of the outstanding opportunity this presents for everybody who seeks change in their lives, big or small. We all follow our own path, have our own very personal experiences that slowly create our own interpretations of life. Still, we are so connected, no one is unaffected by others.
I just saw a science program called Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (which follows Carl Sagan’s 1980 series entitled Cosmos: A Personal Voyage), where they showed how our DNA has similarities to the DNA of trees, bacteria, birds and animals, to the degree that we are practically in family with nature itself! Yet there is something unique with human DNA that doesn’t exist anywhere else. It is also scientifically proven that human thought affects nature.
For myself, I have this one experiment. One of my plants lost a leaf a week ago. I tell this leaf every day how beautiful it is and how grateful I am that it is still here, and it is as fresh as ever. It has not had any water, only light from the window and my love…
I read an analogy, as a description of DNA yesterday:
Ancients find a stereo CD player washed up on the beach, playing beautiful rhythms and music. Nobody understood how it was possible and for a long time they just sat there, listening, before they started to check it to figure out how it works. They do not understand all the technology at all, but what they do find, is that the music came from the speakers, so that must have been the part that worked! The rest of it was useless, so that got thrown away.
We can laugh at this analogy, and still it’s exactly what is going on with the human DNA and science. There is a huge ignorance about what it is that makes up the 3% of physical DNA, which is amazingly 3 billion chemical molecules, working together!
You tell us about how you did not enjoy rugby at school, Guy, and instead you chose Karate. What if Karate was an ability you already had skills for in your DNA? Maybe it was a natural thing for you, maybe you had done it before, in another life, or maybe it was something your ancestors had done very well and you just picked it up and continued?
You talk about the Inauthenticity of the world, yet there is a mutual consciousness arising. It happens all over the world and it is a deep inner urge to wake up. Inauthentic businesses are exposed; inauthentic politicians and corruption are found out, right down to inauthentic individual people. What has been tolerated for decades upon decades is no longer tolerated, and so many experience chaos in their lives. It is like it’s about time to let go of illusions and start to live the life you want!
Have you seen how many You Tube clips are shared on social media these days, about 7/8/9-year-old kids with unbelievable voices, singing in contests? Or showing other skills? Like a little boy I know who is four years old, and he went with his father to see a race with Motocross bikes. He asked if he could try, on a little bike made for kids, and he rode like he had never done anything else in his life!
There is no doubt in my mind that he remembers it. The skills lie in his inner information base and he just uses it! He has earned it, through his many journeys of life, and it is his to use.
So, how does one recognise the differences between Authenticity and Inauthenticity in the journey of life?
Ask yourself who is the owner of your decisions! I talked with a man a couple of days ago who was speaking about how life is a struggle, and if you fight hard enough, the reward is a good life in the end.
I wonder where that truth came from… I know that he has lived like that his entire life. I also know that he has said “no thank-you” to so many good possibilities in his life, because they were too easy. It had to be a scam! And nobody fooled him!
Every day is filled with gifts; the challenge is to see them as gifts. Do you meet them with gratitude, or fear? Do you take responsibility for your actions towards the things that happen in your life? This is what tells you the difference!
It will give the right direction for you, for your highest good. Not for other people wanting to increase their bank balance, or for nurturing other people’s egos, yet it will give you the wisdom to uncover and expose the manipulations. And through that wisdom, comes a gift to change the life-direction for the next person, if he chooses to…
Now, Guy, we certainly had a lot to say about this! How can you sum this up and round it off for us, so we all go forward more wise and more aware?
You give me a rather large burden, Kari! How does one really round off a subject as vast as this?
I had a teenage flashback, remembering the original Cosmos series with Carl Sagan! I used to eagerly await each weekly episode, and even bought the soundtrack LP! Indeed, the series has been brought to us again in the context of twenty-first century consciousness—and yes, as science and technology progresses, so we’ve become more aware of how humankind relates to the rest of Mother Nature!
And here is a poignant observation with reference to Inauthenticity, Kari, because, as you mentioned, our thinking affects nature and we therefore have a responsibility to protect and nurture all of our fellow inhabitants on Earth!
Well, there is a global awakening of consciousness (and to my mind, the Internet is largely responsible for this, especially over the past two decades), which is highlighting a great deal of wrongdoing on the part of mankind, as well as individual ‘inauthentics’ in all domains. The question is though: Are we waking up in time, or will the Universe decide that humanity has already had enough chances and boot us into extinction, just like the countless other species we’ve eradicated and continue to wipe out?
Nevertheless, being authentic is about accepting the past and choosing to take authentic action NOW, for a better, more abundant future. I guess helping people to regain and manifest this consciousness is what our calling is, Kari.
If there’s a single piece of advice I could give, when it comes to establishing one’s Authenticity, it’s that growing your consciousness is paramount. This is the path to Enlightenment, and seeking Enlightenment is our purpose as human beings. Should we desire to arrive in our next life (or whatever quantum state it may be), we need to become more proficient observers of ourselves, and our relationship with all that surrounds us.
I must make mention to our readers how only today, my personal Kinesiologist, dear Kari, assisted me by applying some of her magic to my right index finger, which has been troubling me for some time now. Like many of us, I thought that a pain is just a pain, and that’s the end of it… Kari has a big box of tricks though!
Well, much to my surprise, what was brought to cognition for me was that the cause of the pain was as a result of my inauthenticity towards myself over a period of decades!
As I’ve mentioned in previous conversations, my long-term barrier has been in dealing with inadequacy issues, ever since childhood, and right up to today in fact. Being somewhat bullied at school (until the Karate put it in its place); being told how useless I was by not playing rugby, which in turn adversely affected my academic work; and in latter years, succumbing to dominating people in relationships. All of these eroded my authentic self to the point where I didn’t believe I had an ounce of potential…
Now though, although I still have major challenges in life, I am fully aware of my potential in so many fortés! I have discovered an ability to share, to coach and to teach, which I never knew I possessed. I have rediscovered my artistic talents, amongst a host of others. All because I realised that I had opportunities constantly made available to me, and in order to be authentic, I had to make authentic choices regarding those opportunities! And so my life has progressed.
I’m sharing this because we all have stories—every one of us! Sometimes those stories lie dormant, or unconscious, yet control our lives and livelihoods so deeply! In fact, by remaining unaware, or by casting a blind eye, as we tend to do, we are adversely affecting our authenticity.
By working with me this morning, Kari managed to uproot a few of these issues for me and, now that I’m aware of them and how deeply they’ve impacted my Way of Being, I am better able to work on digging deeper into that specific time of my life when they initially arose.
Because I am now more conscious, more mature, and more accepting of my teachers (whatever form they may take), I am better positioned, authentically, to raise my state of Enlightenment, notch by notch, until my challenges are no longer working against me, but for me.
And the ache in my index finger is all but dissipated, thank-you, Kari!


In our next conversation, I’d like to take the concept of our interrelation with other species (and all that makes up the Universe) to a deeper level—that of the Thinking Substance.

 (Painting by Nicholas Roerich)



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