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“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.
A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.
A person can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.” ~Wallace D. Wattles, 1910 (from the book, The Science of Generating Wealth, reformulated for the 21 Century by Rod Finnie, 2011)
Well, Kari, I’d like to challenge the both of us, as well as our dear readers, in this conversation, to a little Spherical Thinking, as I like to call it. Let’s give our grey matter a little bit of a stretch, shall we?
As you mentioned in our previous discussion, “The Learning Process of Life,” we truly are ‘at one with Nature’ in every aspect of our makeup. So much so, that one could say that we are ‘plugged into’ the Universe, which in turn is part of the Cosmos, consisting of countless other universes and portals to new dimensions.
What each one of us is connected to, thus constituting a truly limitless potential, is so vast in its expanse, that even as I write these words, I feel that they fall far short of conveying the magnitude of this topic. Consider that if our Sun and its Solar System is rendered insignificant, even within our own Universe, then what significance does one human being represent? Absolutely none, right? Wrong! We do matter—because we are matter! And all matter is inter-connected, throughout the world we inhabit, across the Solar System we’re aware of, to the extremities of the known Universe and beyond!
Take a moment to ponder over that thought…
Let me ask you this: When you wake up each morning, do you stumble out of bed and walk, bleary-eyed, to the bathroom to splash water on your face, and contemplate with dread the coming day; or do you stretch and smile to welcome the beautiful new day? Well, whichever action you take, you are reaffirming your connection with the Universe. You are acknowledging your passing from a dream state to a conscious presence. You’re sending out a surge of neurotransmitters to orient you with your altered consciousness.
Incidentally, this orientation phase is the best time of day to meditate, because you are most susceptible and open to new learning in this state. It is also the best means of infusing peace and tranquility into your day ahead.
Back to the actions you take when you rise first thing each day. You may have noticed that the two descriptions I gave in my question were very different in their energy and language. Well, this energy, be it negative or positive, is how you shape your Way of Being for each and every new day, so it’s wise to contemplate this and observe your first thoughts and actions when you rise in the morning. Ascertain whether they are serving you positively or otherwise and choose the result you prefer to manifest. So, given the vastness of potential that awaits you as a gift from the Universe each day, don’t you think it’s time to start taking advantage of it?
As you quite correctly stated in our previous conversation, Kari, we human beings do possess a unique quality in our DNA (which you could perhaps touch on in your reply) that sets us apart from other species—and with that uniqueness, comes a very big responsibility!
How then, do we communicate with and influence Nature and all other matter? I believe that it is through Language. This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but there’s so much more to language than we are conscious of. In fact, it is through language that we connect with the Thinking Stuff, which is the topic of this conversation. I’ll address this later, but for now, I’d like to talk about how the language of our thought applies to our communication with other fellow beings.
Other species have a language of their own, a kind of language common to human beings as well, only we’ve forgotten how to use it. Let me illustrate this with a couple of examples:
A while ago, old friends of mine, Keith and Alan, came over for a barbecue (what us South Africans call a “braaivleis”) and, late in the evening as always, our discussion turned down a somewhat philosophical path. Keith was telling me of a YouTube documentary he’d seen about how two particular dogs anticipated their master’s return from work each day. Before he opened the front door, his dogs were already waiting, tails wagging… An experiment was then conducted, whereby the man tried a variety of techniques of coming home without the dogs knowing, yet still, they always got up and went to wait by the door before he could enter.
To cut the story short, it was discovered that, even before he’d left the office, the dogs would react! At the moment he gave conscious thought (in language) to coming home, his dogs would get up and make ready for their master’s return.
Keith then gave a recount of how, many years ago, his family bulldog, Winston, would always become excited the moment Keith thought about taking him for a walk, and would go and stand by the cupboard where his collar and leash were kept!
I have been trying out something very similar lately with my two cats. Tigga usually sleeps with me on my bed, and when I wake up in the morning and yawn and stretch, he doesn’t stir. Yet the moment I think to myself, “Time to get up and feed the kitties,” Tigga is wide awake and KitKat has come through from wherever he sleeps, to stand on my chest and eyeball me! I could swear they are both saying to me, “Well, are you coming to make us breakfast, or are you going to lie there all day?”
Remember, there’s no such thing as coincidence! “A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.” It’s simple cause-and-effect—a thought in language, leads to action. Whatever thinking you commit to the Universe begins to manifest, whether you want it to, or not!
Kari, you thrive on this kind of thing—what do you make of our role as human beings as the dominant species on Earth, and how it applies to the Thinking Stuff?
Oh, yes, Guy, let us give our grey matter something to work with! This is a topic I really love!! Thank you for bringing this up!
I’ll just jump in at the deep end immediately!
There is one eternal Universal energy which expresses itself through conscious creation!
These exact words came to me late one evening right before I was going to bed, and I had to write them down. During the night I had a lot of dream activity, and when I woke the next morning my remembrance had broadened:
This energy expresses itself in our three-dimensional physical world, like everywhere else, as matter. Suddenly everything was turned upside-down and it became very clear that all that exists in our world isn’t separated at all, only different expressions of the same energy!
And how is that possible? It is a very quantum, conscious energy, and what we call spirituality, is of this same energy. We call it Angels, Archangels, we call it Higher Self and we call it God.
This energy, so far from being understood yet, expresses itself through everything, all living things, all matter on Earth and in the Universe!
I want to remind you of the first Universal Law:
1) The Law of Oneness:
This Law explains that everything in this world is connected to everything else. Anything we believe, think, do, or say affects the world and the universe around us.
(So yes, I agree with you Guy, our Language is of great importance!)
As humans living in a physical three-dimensional world, this doesn’t make sense. We love to separate things and we have all these rules about how to do it the proper way. We want hierarchy; we want power struggles and the survival of the fittest.
So I will challenge you, dear readers, to really stretch your grey matter:
If everything that exists is this eternal energy expressing itself through conscious creation, who are you? And who are those spirits that you may or may not believe in when all is a part of the same energy?
Both you and I, Guy, at one point in life, took some serious action by following the inner push and pull energy that resides there. It is like the pushing and pulling is almost a physical feeling like there are no other options, and it can be really scary!
The first step is the toughest, because you have to let go of what makes life secure and safe. The step into emptiness, when you’re just hanging there, not knowing where you will land and what the outcome will be, is so scary that many don’t take any steps at all, until they are pushed into it! Crises always present an opportunity to make some new interpretations and change direction in life!
And what happens? We establish a few strengths we didn’t know we had and we live through it. We use our potential! And we grow!
This potential is not something vague, however. We are filled with it! In every single cell in the body! In our own personal DNA!
The Human Genome Project, a decade long project (still going on as far as I know) studying DNA, made an incredible discovery early on, that even though the physical DNA has one hundred trillion molecules, which work synchronically in all cells, they represent only 3% of the whole. For some time, the remaining 96-97 % was named Junk-DNA, as it was best understood as a leftover from human evolution. And isn’t that what makes science so slow? Rejecting what can’t be seen or what doesn’t follow the known physical laws. Even if it is obvious through everything we have studied, that Nature doesn’t hold onto anything if it is of no use!
Do you remember, Guy, we talked about how the ancients had so much broader an understanding of life and the Universe? They had no technology, like we have today. Twenty-six thousand years ago, the Mayans devised a calendar that ended on 21.12.2012, as did other lesser-known societies. The world did not end, to the satisfaction of all skeptic people, but something has changed and it is getting stronger and stronger! The push and pull from fear and love gets clearer and clearer. And let’s go back 5000 years… The Chinese knew about the meridians in the body and the acupuncture points. They knew how to restore the polarity in the electro-magnetic system in the body, without any technology.
And 500 years ago, Galileo Galilei was imprisoned for stating that the Earth was round and for hundreds of years the Spanish Inquisition forced people to obey the church and its ideas through torture and murder.
Where did the knowledge go? In my understanding of this, we hold all Universal knowledge in our 97% remaining DNA. We turn outward and ask for help, we ask for protection, we tell each other that we have problems in life—because there is something we need to learn. Then we wait for it to go away, because we don’t understand what it means to learn.
And why is that? Humanity has access to only 30% of the 97%, while our ancestors had access to 90 % of it! It’s like the rainbow, with all its magnificent colours. They are just so dim to us, while they were so bright for our ancestors…
As humanity split up and spread throughout the world, we got so separated that we lost the connection to each other. All DNA in our body talks to all other DNA, but as human beings split, we lost contact with the spiritual information in each other’s DNA, and so it withdrew. The struggle to survive won.
Now we are connected again, aren’t we? There are so many people on this planet, that we are connected everywhere. We’re even connected through Internet, the induction process we talked about earlier involving magnetic fields crossing—which to a point works in the same way.
What we call New Age is actually rediscovering Old Age… What we call conscious shift is actually getting increased access to the eternal Universal energy that express itself through conscious creation, which resides inside our own DNA!
So Guy, anything we believe, think, do or say affects the world and the Universe. What can you tell us about this that can enlighten us further?
Indeed it does, Kari! I wish to impress upon our good readers how important language is, with the following two statements:
1.     Everything exists in Language
2.     We create through Language
Taking into account the first statement, that everything exists in language, imagine trying to buy something, or even simply describe something, without using language. If you wished to convey your feelings, or the environment you’re in, to me, could you do so without the use of language?
We use language to make sense of everything in existence, from the very tiniest of matter observed under an electron microscope, to the images transmitted to us from the far reaches of the known Universe by the infrared telescopes of today. And if it hasn’t been recognised in language, then it does not exist to us—yet…
Even our thoughts are mere feelings or emotions until we apply language. Only then do they become thoughts. You have a conversation going on in your mind right now, as you ponder these words! Language! Before you take action of any kind, an emotion or impulse must first be transposed into language.
I’m not talking about the unconscious actions, such as breathing (although I must add that if you were swimming, and decided to dive under the water, your language would be, “Well, I want to swim underwater to the other end of the pool and back, so I must take a deep breath.” There’s a mental calculation that takes place in language), or your heartbeat—these actions take place independently of the mind. I’m not talking either, of reflex actions, like when you’re driving and you’re suddenly faced with a potential collision; your foot goes straight to the brake pedal without thought. The “oh shit!” language comes thereafter!
I speak of the myriad of actions we take and the responses we give every day, all day, as a result of our thoughts. Through this language, we influence not only the direction of our lives, lifestyles and Way of Being, but also those around us, including all other creatures, right to the very core of this Thinking Stuff.
So now, to the second statement I made. This constant activity going on in your brain (remember I’ve said before that we have, on average, 60,000 thoughts a day, and each thought is processed in language) is your means of creating.
We create in a physical sense, by writing an email, or driving an automobile (believe me, there’s an art to driving, that some truly lack!), or even just taking a walk in the park… We also create metaphysically—much more so than we do physically.
The manner in which we experience Life is created in our language. If our language is negative, then the experiences we create will be dull, degenerative, or even potentially harmful to our wellbeing and that of others. Conversely, if our language is positive, colours brighten, the world seems to expand, and a whole new array of possibilities open up for us. Like the potter at his wheel, or the seamstress at her overlocker, we have the choice as to how we shape our future.
Consider too, that there are many forms of language, other than the spoken or written word. The deaf have a language entirely of their own, for example. Others, who are impaired in any one of the senses, develop an acuteness of their remaining senses to compensate for the spectrum the other unimpaired have. Sometimes I wonder who’s impaired and who is not! Autism is an area that sheds light on the incisive depth to which utter brilliance could extend. We say these people suffer. Really? Or are they not perhaps gifted with vision beyond what us ‘normal’ people have the capacity to perceive? For that matter, what is ‘normal’?
Animals also have languages that they use to communicate with one another. There’s the vocal language—wolves howling, birds tweeting (and by this I don’t mean they subscribe to Twitter!). Even the complex language of whales, who employ the enhanced transmission speed of the oceans (four times that of air) and ultra-low frequencies communicate over hundreds of kilometers with one another. There’s also the body language that the Animal Kingdom uses to such perfection. By and large, modern human beings, particularly the more westernised amongst us, have certainly lost the ability to observe and use body language for the powerful tool it represents.
Let’s take this concept to a deeper level now. It is commonly believed that our entire physical state regenerates every 7-10 years. That’s a whole new body—great news for me in my late forties! Jokes aside, if this is the case, then the information retained at a cellular level is continuously passed on to new generations of cells. As you quite profoundly stated, Kari, there is this “eternal Universal energy which expresses itself through conscious creation.” The knowledge you possess is passed on, cell-to-cell, molecule-to-molecule, throughout your physical lifetime.
In this manner, memory is retained, despite the lifespan of the cells of your body. And this memory, as and when it’s required, is called forth in language.
Now I’m going to say something that will no doubt shock a few of our readers: You not only possess the knowledge of your own life experiences (from the time of conception), but that of your ancestors, and of your countless previous lifetimes!
And I’ll say something further that will shock you even more: You retain the wisdom of humanity in its entirety, since time immemorial!
Given that the Source, the Thinking Stuff, or God if you will, is at the epicentre of Energy and Light, and that all matter is interconnected and in eternal communication, it’s inconceivable that we human beings are not a part of that loop of infinity.
So then what? The moment you die, does all of this information, knowledge and wisdom simply cease to exist? I think not! It lives on in our soul, through both our conscious and unconscious language.
I ask of you, our valued readers, not to hide behind what you know; what society, religion, and all other people in your spheres of influence dictate  and expect of your beliefs. Look to what you don’t know that you don’t know—that which doesn’t exist for you right now. Always question ‘what is’ and seek answers in ‘what isn’t’…
Now that you (hopefully) have gained some perspective of the potential you hold within your endless wisdom, what do YOU intend to do with it? I mentioned this to Kari the other day, how we all possess this vast reservoir of wisdom (this boundless knowledge in our DNA, as she mentioned), yet how few of us have the capacity, or indeed the courage, to tap into it? Fewer still, are even aware of its existence!
Ask yourself this question, and contemplate it long and hard: Are you prepared to sacrifice the wisdom to which you are entitled, in favour of the decrees of what other people deem as good, bad, right or wrong? Evil ego prays on those too fearful to take a stand for what they choose to believe in.
You might recall me saying, Kari, that this is in fact where our responsibility lies: in sharing the limited knowledge the two of us possess, towards assisting others in unlocking the potential residing within them. And the precious mechanism we have, that provides the keys to fit the many locks to the gates of Wisdom, is The PowaForce Forum.
By now, dear readers, you will have grasped the crucial importance of finding that ‘something’ to guide you towards Abundance and Enlightenment in the years ahead… I’m not suggesting that The PowaForce Forum is the only means of doing so, for that would be arrogantly patronising of me. I do urge you though, to explore it as far as you can, by engaging with Kari and myself and pressing us for possible answers to your own truth. Put us to the test!
The idea that we seem to have lost much of our capacity, as human beings, to utilise the universal wisdom our forefathers possessed, is of great interest to me, Kari. Given that, at the heart of everything lies balance, and that a new level of global consciousness is arising, how best should we strive for the equilibrium between what we have lost, and what we have found?
Now we’re talking! Consciousness is language, in all kinds of sectors. And I want to draw attention once more to the atoms we are made of.
Don’t they look like miniature galaxies? Just like planets are circling around the Sun, there is a sky made of electrons circling around neutrons and protons. The distance within a small atom is measured similarly in proportion to the Sun and all the planets circling it. And what holds it together? What exists in the open space, as it is more open space than matter? It is information!
You said, Guy, that we should take a look at what we don’t know that we don’t know, and this is one of those things that can be difficult to comprehend, but as the planets are moving in the Universe, pushing and pulling and affecting our planet, our atoms are reacting. Atoms make molecules and that is what our DNA is constructed of. So, as the Universe changes, so do we.
Or could it be the other way around?
There was a lot of both hope and fear connected to the date 21.12.2012, as the Mayan calendar ended on that particular date. As we know, nothing seemingly happened, and yet there have been a lot of changes in the world—both prior too and after this date. It is so obvious that more and more people are starting to realise that something odd is going on.
At a physical level we have all kinds of symptoms, many people feel very confused, with odd pains, odd sleeping patterns, starting to have odd cravings. There is a lot of fear and anxiety going on, I see it every day in my clinic.
What happened in the Universe was that for the first time in 26 000 years, all the planets in our Galaxy were in line, circling around the Sun. That was a turning point. We could have destroyed our planet prior to this, as I’ve said before, when my kids were born, I had a plan for how to survive. It simply faded away. The consciousness was rising on the planet and slowly the fear was replaced with hope.
It is time to let go of the fears we previously needed to survive, as we went deeper and deeper into survival mode, and start to balance a new existence in love, peace and harmony.
I want to go back to the eternal energy that expresses itself through conscious creation. How much do we know about what our ancestors knew 26,000 years ago? You may say that we don’t know anything. Then I will say, look at the growing evidence from which it was created. Look at the knowledge, which is far beyond what we have now. Even though more and more evidence of its existence is being scientifically proven as we grow in technology.
Our religions are based on a spiritual understanding far younger, and no matter what we believe in, the understanding of the information and all the rules, are man-made.
How can an eternal energy that expresses itself through conscious creation be judgemental, filled with anger and so much fear? I read a quote some days ago, from a man talking about the most important thing he learned when growing up. He said:
“One is that God loves me so much, that I’m going to burn in hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on Earth and you should save it for someone you love!”
Is that from God or is it man’s concoction?
So many people on the Earth believe in these things. And when they find love, they hesitate, because it is wrong to love. How can love ever be wrong?
Love is! Period!
How can an energy that is a part of everything, be judgemental of itself? Judgement and criticism never creates anything other than fear and sorrow.
I had a conversation with a man about life some days ago, and he was very clear:
“Life is hard work, from the day you are born to the day you die. It is filled with all kinds of struggles and if you are lucky, you may experience a few days of happiness as a reward for your hard work, before you die.”
And this man lives like this—that is what he is convinced of, this is his language and that is what he gets. You would think he is a very hard person, yet he is not. He is very emotional and it is very hard for him to live like this, but he is still to afraid to try anything else.
We live on a planet of free will! Our thoughts and feelings create our words and our actions, and we constantly affect each other. Distance doesn’t matter; time doesn’t matter. I am sitting here, in Norway, writing this on a Friday morning. When I’m done I will send it to you, Guy, and you will read it and correct it (he’s doing a great job with that, by the way). We will publish it and people around the world will read it. These words will live their own life out there, and every time someone reads them for the first time, they will be new.
It will allow new information to fill in with the information you already have. If you can relate to this, you will remember it, and maybe dive deeper into it. If you reject it, that’s okay. Because you have your wisdom inside, well earned through all your lifetimes and all your genetic and Universal knowledge!
There is one truth behind all the man-made rules, and that is that Love is the only real thing! It doesn’t matter how you find it, who you pray to or worship, what your political belief system is, who your family are… If you can see the love as being everything, you know you are on the right path!
The Universe is conscious. Our scientists and astronomers tell us that there must be something more—they call it intelligent design. Every single one of us, with our consciousness, affects the Universe, and this is intelligent design. We make each other so small, we’re just humans, we say… 
Oh, really?
WE are an eternal energy expressing itself through conscious creation!
We are the creators! You, me, everybody! Yes, there is a lot of fear and evil going on, but have you ever stopped to consider the thought that no-one manages to be purely evil? There will always be something this person loves. Another person, a child, an animal, art, music, literature, something beautiful… And the actions of this person cause other people to take even more care of each other!
The energy that supported fear, manipulations and evil intent, isn’t there anymore. It is gone, and that makes it very confusing. The old energy dies hard, and although we will see more struggle, both in personal lives and collectively, it will eventually fade out.
From this day forward, the only energy that is supported is Love, Balance and Harmony! 
I want to go even further with this conversation next week, Guy. I want to talk about how we are the co-creators of the Universe, and how every single one of us is so important in these times of change.  


(Painting by Gena Grunenberg)


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