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In this conversation we will really go into the unknown, Guy. I’d like to take us out of the role we have adopted and that we are so familiar with, this role that makes us small and insecure, separated from others, alone, sometimes victims of life itself.
How often have you heard or said the following when situations get bad: “I guess there is something I’m supposed to learn here…”
Then my question to you is: Who decides what you need to learn? What is that force, which creates situations in your life that make you sad, worried, filled with fear and alone?
If you tell me now, that it is “the other person’s fault”, I say, bless you for being so privileged to have persons in your life that project your inner unbalance and show it to you so clearly!
And have you ever, looking back on your life, experienced anything you didn’t manage to live through?
You have shared some of your story, Guy, I have shared some of mine—looking back it is easy to see that it was necessary to reach this point where we are now!
I want to repeat what I said in our last conversation:
There is an eternal Universal energy that expresses itself through conscious creation!
What does that mean? Think about waking up in the morning by yourself. Slowly you fade out of your dream state and into reality. You know that the moment you stretch yourself or move, you will be more awake and you just lie still and try to hold on to that floating feeling. Can’t you almost feel how you re-enter your body again as you wake up?
Where were you, when you dreamed?
Could it be that we live out our quantum part of life when our body goes to rest? Who will you identify yourself as? Are you your physical body, with all its chemistry and electrical impulses? Are you your conscious and unconscious mind or are you your soul? Or do you manage to be all of it, in balance and harmony?
Most of us identify ourselves by our body and outside circumstances.
“I am a man or woman. I am rich or poor. I am fat or thin. I am smart or stupid. I am dyslectic; I am a victim of circumstances… “
Then I have another question to you: If you are a North American woman, let us say you are a nurse. Your origin is Norwegian, as your Grandparents moved to the ‘Promised Land’ to create a better life for themselves and their children. Last time you incarnated you where a Chinese man, a teacher, and a father, your origin was Japanese. Tell me now, who are you? Are you American, Norwegian, Chinese or Japanese? Or are you part of all? It is all there, in your DNA, for you to make use of as you want to. It is your potential!
Some of us have lived many, many lifetimes on Earth. And a consequence of many lifetimes, is having experienced being both a man and a woman, good and bad, rich and poor, fat and thin, smart and stupid, a victim and a hero—it is all there!
If you have followed and identified with the conversation to this point, dear reader, then you know I am onto something here. If your mind tells you to continue reading, you can be assured that you have been here many times and you can call yourself an old soul.
Because you KNOW it is so! Because you are a part of that Eternal Universal Energy that expresses itself through Conscious Creation and you have learned all you ever needed to learn!
You just forgot… And now it is time to remember!
So many people put their trust in God, without questioning if it was possible that the original interpretation of God was created by men with a completely different understanding of life. Men that lived in times of war; the survival of the fittest; times of fear…
What if we changed the name of God, to the Energy of Life?
What if we changed it to an Eternal Universal Energy that expresses itselfthrough Conscious Creation? An energy we all are an expression of, in a dualistic world where nothing can exist without the other?
Think about THAT for a second or two… Then everything, including our dear Mother Earth, and the entire Universe, is a peace of this energy and the more we achieve a balanced state and spread our higher vibrations of love and joy, the more we increase the consciousness of Mother Earth, and by that, The Universe!
You and all your loved-ones are different expressions of the same energy, as are your enemies and the ones you detest. The drug addict on the corner, begging you for money every day you go to work, people with other sexual preferences than you, violent persons you are afraid of, we are all a part of the same.
We have absolutely free will! It is up to us what we want to create, every step of the way. As we create in our expression of the energy, other expressions of the energy respond. We see it as good or bad, lucky or unlucky, well deserved or not deserved at all—we can’t help it, we can’t escape duality.
But, we can use this knowledge to be more aware of the fact that we are all co-creators. And by that, we are all responsible for what we create.
Now, Guy, I hope you will share some of your wisdom with us. You grew up in a beautiful country that has changed very much the last 20 years, so there has been some wonderful co-creation there. What can you tell us about that and how it expresses itself?
Well, Kari, on the 27 of April, it will be twenty years exactly, since South Africa became a democracy, and whilst many today might ask, “what democracy?” the political differences in opinion are irrelevant. Never mind the past 20 years, South Africa has seen so many changes; so many travesties to co-creation, and yet so many inspiring moments as well.
As I’ve said before, the energy I felt on Election Day back in 1994 was one of embracing, nurturing Love. It filtered throughout the country, uplifting spirits and hearts and enriching us with a sense of jubilant anticipation and togetherness. This was co-creation in one of its finest hours! For years after this, during Nelson Mandela’s presidency, the buoyancy remained and South Africans adopted a bullish attitude.
Well, much has changed in recent years—fear and corruption has soured the taste of many people, leaving us in a place of uncertainty. Many have left, seeking ‘greener pastures,’ whilst others (like myself) chose to remain and weather the political storm in the knowledge that we live in colourful times, in a breathtakingly beautiful country, with a wonderful melting-pot of cultures… 
It’s curious that April seems to be a month of remembrance, because on the 6 April, 1652, a Dutchman called Jan Van Riebeeck first landed at the future Cape Town. He is seen by many to be the founding father of the Afrikaans culture of our country.
South Africa also holds significance as being the geographical host to the “Cradle of Humankind,” situated some 50 kilometres northwest of Johannesburg, and where some of the oldest Hominin fossils (dating back approximately 3,5 million years) have been found.
I don’t intend turning this conversation into a history lesson, but what I do wish to point out is that South Africa, like many other countries around the world, has been subjected to countless claims of ownership and entitlement by mankind. I wonder, what forms of co-creation have taken place in this country alone, not just over the past 20 years, but over the past few hundred millennia?
The very concept of co-creation stems ultimately from the need to survive and grow as a species. It was a very simple thing back then. It still is today, if only we were aware of it! A few scattered ‘indigenous’ peoples still exist across the globe, who cognise the concept of co-creation exponentially more that us ‘westernised’ ones.
My view (which you certainly need not subscribe to) is that the human ego is responsible for arresting the progress of co-creation, ever since the time when one man chose to overcome another and impose his rule. This man believed that he was stronger and that he could therefore take from his fellows what he desired, be it his partner, his food, or his belongings.
This ego then manifested itself in communities, countries, religions and so on, such that we end up today with an absolute need to dominate, resulting in the meaningless loss of life of countless millions.
So the co-creative consciousness that we should enjoy in the 21 Century has been greatly dissipated and disempowered over the years. And yet, Kari, here we are today, together with ever-growing circles of like-minded people throughout the world, seeking to assist others in remembering what it means to co-create.
You’re absolutely correct, Kari, when you say that the path we’ve each led to get us to where we are at this moment, was necessary—in hindsight. An excerpt from the book, The Lower River, by American travel writer and novelist, Paul Theroux, concisely illustrates this point: “The course of a life seems random, but all lives are shaken into a pattern that makes sense only in retrospect.”
But what if we didn’t expend so much of our priceless energy agonising over hindsight? Could-a, should-a, would-a… Most people simply cannot accept that everything we’ve ever experienced; all of the trials and tribulations, along with our challenges and successes, are perfect and as they should be.
Why do I say this? Because everything we experience in our physical form is an opportunity for the soul to learn and grow. If we could all comprehend this, none of us would complain about the circumstances we find ourselves in right now—however bad they may seem. Our past is irreversible and the present, as I’ve said in a previous conversation, is gone in an instant. In addition, whatever has happened during the course of your life is as a result of your relationship to everything that exists, and is therefore in perfect synchronicity.
The effectiveness of your co-creation in the Universe is determined by the levels to which your consciousness extends. The more receptive you are to new learning, the more conscious you become—and therein lies your capacity to effect positive energy in your life and in your sphere of influence.
Unfortunately, learning is a scary thing for most people, and especially the thought of questioning the ‘status quo.’ Instead, they try and shield themselves from accountability, by quoting the words and beliefs of others, who know no better than they do. They’d rather not think about it, pleading ignorance. “What do I know?” is a term used to the point of tragic saturation.
They say that ignorance is bliss—at least the illusion of it… I believe ignorance to be a source of evil, because from their ignorance, people choose to impress (and in many instances, force) their opinions and beliefs upon others. Even if you prefer to remain ignorant of your own truths, you’re robbing yourself of potential Enlightenment. This in itself is a shameful act!
Yes, it’s a scary thing to ask questions, because you fear looking like a fool for asking. It’s even scarier to take a stand for what you believe in! And yet—those who are truly fearful are the ones who believe they know it all; the self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ and ‘leaders’ who find their comfort (again, an illusion) in luring as many as they can into their web of ignorance. And they will always do this in the name of a higher power.
At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I will say that questioning popular belief can be dangerous, because the custodians of ‘what is’ will go to great lengths to protect themselves and their cushy enclaves of Scarcity. Look at Galileo Galilei, as Kari mentioned in our previous conversation… Look at Mahatma Gandhi. Look at Nelson Mandela. Look at Salman Rushdie. Look at Joan of Arc… There are countless more, who over the decades and millennia, have taken a stand for authenticity against the doctrines of those ‘in power.’ Nearly all paid the ultimate price, yet what they stood for prevailed in the end. Power always will prevail over force!
And if your physical form perishes as a result of your beliefs and actions, so what? Our biological clock starts ticking the moment we’re conceived! What we must become conscious of is that our body is merely a vehicle for our soul through one lifetime, yet our soul lives on in infinity, perhaps without beginning or end. Our purpose during our life on Earth is to learn, to raise our level of consciousness and to co-create. This is Enlightenment in its purest form!
Seeing as co-creation is a means whereby human beings might experience togetherness, with each other, as well as everything else in the Universe, Kari, how would you explain to us the importance of seeking answers, especially with reference to the question: “Who am I?”
One thing is for sure, the way you describe the history of your beautiful country, and the fact that you decided to stay in times of change, tells a lot about who you are! What you call a melting-pot of culture, allows an endless opportunity for creation cross the boundaries! 
Who ever said that increased conscious co-creation is easy? We tend to think that as long as we’ve taken some new decisions, changed our politics, accepted our personal responsibility and seek higher consciousness, then our reward will be a life with no struggle, filled with support in every aspect of life, happily ever after.
We may look at others who seem to have found the recipe for how it’s done and seem to manage everything with a smile… Hey, even what Guy and myself say here, could be understood as: “If you just follow our lead, everything will be just great in your life forever more!”
“Ja visst gör det ondt när knoppar brister
Varför skulle annars våren tveka?”  
This is the start of a Swedish poem from Karen Boye, and translated it says:
“Sure it hurts when buds burst
Why else would the spring hesitate?”
The consequence of trying to co-create with increased consciousness hurts!
It is like we live in a world of the most beautiful colours you can possibly imagine, and still the majority can only see black and white. Then some actually start to see the colours—and what happens? They get excited and tell their neighbours about the beauty they see!
And their neighbours get worried… Maybe they experience being excluded from ‘the in crowd,’ they lose friends, family may tell them that they make fools out of themselves, that they are a shame to the family, they may get divorced and fired from work; “we can’t have a crazy person we cannot trust here…”
They may even be diagnosed and medicated! There will always be medication that will help you act “normal” and we are so willing to accept that!
As soon as this person is in the right “box” the neighbours can relax again, in faith that this disturbing element, telling them the world is so beautiful and filled with all the colours you can ever imagine, is gone! Now the world turns back to normal black and white again…
So, who am I? Who are you? If you live in a colourful world that everybody believes is black and white, and you start to see the hidden colours, doesn’t that mean you’re starting to become more advanced? Like the little child who hasn’t learned to read yet, only seeing some dots on the paper, while when learning what the dots mean, he is able to put them all together into sentences that may tell him something of great importance?
It has nothing to do with your age. People can live their whole life, many lifetimes, and still not be able to make something meaningful of those dots. They can read hundreds of books, yet the wisdom in those books will remain closed to them, until they open up for the fact that it is possible to integrate more wisdom and new opportunities if they do the job of learning.
As step-by-step we open up to learn and grow in wisdom from within—and we do learn to see the colours. The creator within everyone, is working with the tools we have, and the better tools, the better we are able to co-create.
There is a beautiful young girl working at the store where I get my groceries. Every time I’m there, she gives me her lovely smile and wishes me a wonderful day! I always leave in a good mood, and smile to the next person I meet.
Whenever I leave, I think of what a wonderful gift that is. Like rings in water, our actions spread out in the world and…Create!
Most often that is all we need to do. Just BE! Be responsible for the power of our words, the power of our actions. Be aware that absolutely everything we do, affects other people and the environment around us.
The more authentic you are, the more joy and happiness you feel, the more positive feedback you receive from other people, the higher frequencies you create! And the more it resonates with who you really are!     
“Who am/are I/you?” We are the magnificent persons that have experienced all the things that create our personal history; you are the expert of your self!
You have absolutely free will to choose whatever you may choose in this world of duality. The more conscious you are about what you choose, why you choose, and what the consequences are, the closer you get to who you have decided to become.
Does the person you have become resonate with your soul? I can assure you, everything that gives you ‘champagne’ in your blood, bubbles of happiness and joy, is your soul speaking to you! Humour and real laughter are two of the very few things that pass through the veil between the spirit and you, without filter.
So now I want to ask you, my dear friend, what can you tell us about the importance of including humour and laughter when in the process of co-creation from the position of a Transformational Coach?
Ah, Kari, just the mention of the words “humour” and “laughter” are enough to make me smile! It’s infectious, isn’t it? Such a warm, positive, life-giving energy! And isn’t that infectious energy the whole point of co-creation?
Humour and laughter also represent Love, if you think about it, and Love is Abundance. So then, it follows that co-creation only exists (and can only exist) in Aubundance. Just think of the times when you’re feeling angry, sad, frustrated, fearful—no trace of creativity, let alone the concept of co-creation, is to be found.
I’ve mentioned on previous occasions that 99% of the people in this world live in Scarcity of one form or another… And if co-creation can only exist in Abundance, then you have some idea of how few truly conscious people there are out there.
Yet even that tiny one percent is sufficient to manifest co-creation, because the moment some levity, some humour, some laughter is cast, the mood in any given situation becomes Abundant! Consider a comedy show—do you ever find any anger or sadness in that atmosphere? Everyone is happy and smiling and laughing; there’s no separation of culture or religion. All are one in that timeline and the energy is literally bursting with Love!
People are naturally drawn to these events, because this is the power that lies in humour! And yet, unfortunately, these are fleeting moments. Sooner or later everyone drifts back to the routines they know, back to Scarcity… The media we subscribe to daily (television, radio, newspapers, the Internet) is riddled with negative energy, which, due to the fact that everything is inter-connected, affects our Way of Being.
At the moment, many people in South Africa and throughout the world are avidly following the trial of para-olympian, Oscar Pistorius, who killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in 2013. The courts, in their dubious wisdom, chose to allow media access to the courtroom, so that now we have a daily soapie that everyone seems riveted to. And it’s a live broadcast for as long as court is in session…
The negativity that results is stupendous! Angry posts on Facebook and Twitter abound—murder, death, accusation, guilt, anger, judgment are words that infuse all who subscribe. Radio and television dedicates time on talk shows to dissect the daily goings-on, with callers giving their opinions; magazines and online blogs deliver reams of copy on the subject. The language is of absolute Scarcity, however well disguised it may appear. What form of joy, love and Enlightenment comes of this, I ask? Co-creation? A resounding nil!
I admit it is difficult not to be drawn in, such is the influence of negative drama, yet thankfully I have resisted temptation thus far!
You mentioned something crucial, Kari, when you said we should “be responsible for the power of our words, the power of our actions.” Understanding this is critical to the process of transformation! We absolutely must become more observant of the language of our thoughts and deeds, what we take in and what we put out there.
Ask yourself these questions: The news I read each day and the post I follow online; the kind of blogs I read and what is sitting in my email in-box each morning—is it filled with positive, uplifting information, that might assist me in improving who I am, or does it concern war, murder, political strife, famine and so on? In what mood do I find myself after taking it all in?
What am I putting out there every day? I have some friends on Facebook, who share only information about abused animals, with gory pictures, whilst others share only information about substance abuse, child and woman abuse, and the like. Then there are those who have very strong (even militant in some cases) religious beliefs, so what they are sharing is pointedly biased and judgmental, “We’re right and they’re wrong.”
Most certainly, humanity needs to be made aware of the perils of the world, and support should be given to organisations and movements who toil against evil, so I do not criticise those who choose to share whatever it is that drives their passion.
Just know and comprehend that whatever you are putting out there is what you are receiving. I’ve stated before that everything exists in language, so that means everything you are exposed to impresses itself upon your Way of Being, be it negative or positive. This is the stuff you dream about at night, and think about during your waking hours. Be aware of what you are consciously or unconsciously asking for.
I’m not suggesting that you adopt a ‘head-in-the-sand’ approach to life, because you cannot simply shut out what you don’t want to hear or see or experience. What we don’t all realise is that we each have such a powerful influence over everything that exists, this Eternal Universal Energy that expresses itself through Conscious Creation that Kari speaks of.
So stop! Think! What am I putting out there and how does it impact this Universal Energy? What is the language of my thinking, and what am I really asking for each day, over and over, through my language?
How about looking to the brighter side of life for a change. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I smiled?” or, “What does it take for me to laugh?” Then ask, “What can I compensate for in my daily life that will allow me to smile more and laugh more?” How much more of a difference do you think you would make if you spent your day with a smile on your face and a ready chuckle in your chest? Would it not cause you to stand out as a beacon of radiating Love? Well, why don’t you try it and see… From what I recall, Charles Dickens’ Ebenezer Scrooge was not a well-loved man…
The most enlightening action you can take is to open yourself to new learning, and in doing so, become a more proficient observer. This is how we co-create!
I would like to discuss the topic of Literacy versus Learning in our next conversation, Kari. Let’s take a look at the many millions of people around the world who have limited access to formal education, with all of their challenges and opportunities.

(Painting by Bassey Ndon)


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