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In this conversation, Guy, I want to talk about Liberty vs Freedom as we increase in consciousness. They seem to be the same, but when looking a little deeper, are they? Once they were, but now? In fact, to which extent do these two subjects relate at all?
Freedom: To be free of limitations; to be independent.
Liberty: Free of external control; power to think and act as you wish.
These two descriptions are so far removed from one another, even if in fact Freedom is a synonym for Liberty and vice versa. To be free of external control and have the power to think and act as you wish, is a concept of political thinking. It is of an old energy that says that we are all governed by something bigger and stronger than ourselves. It is the survival of the fittest, where the most powerful set the rules. And if you choose the right actions, you gain the right to Liberty. Or you fight to get it, through a revolution or war.
Freedom is of a new energy, setting yourself free from limitations made of economical power, religious power, political power. Freedom is choosing to live in conscious awareness of your own eternal power, to create your own life as you would have it. Freedom allows your independence, even if there is an external control.
In our previous conversation, Literacy vs Learning, we talked about how the human brain creates the reality you know, interpreting everything that happens using your references from earlier experiences. This creates thoughts, dreams and visions. No one can take that away from you; nobody can imprison you for your dreams. When you envision, there are no limitations, you do not have to follow rules, you can create the life you want, you are as free as you can be, because it is all about you.
I was speaking with a woman last week who has all she needs to live a great life, yet she still encloses herself in a self-made prison because she left her Freedom in the past. She lives in one of the best countries in the world, where there is Liberty to speak and act freely, she can do what she wants with her life, she can believe what she wants, she can go where she wants. But what she does, is deny herself the Freedom to embrace this   
When immigrants from Norway went to America back in the late 1800s to early 1900s, the first thing that met them when they reached New York, was the Statue of Liberty! They had finally reached “The Promised Land”, now they had a chance to create a new life for themselves and their family.  Norwegians still emigrated to USA in the 1960s, when I was a child, to work as carpenters in Brooklyn. They returned home with amazing stories of all the gifts this huge land could provide!
I myself, visited New York for the first time in 1997, and what I remember the most, were all the homeless people, living on the streets, begging for money to survive, in this huge metropolis of people from all over the world!
Sure we have homeless people in Norway too, but not that extensively. The contrast to The Land of Liberty came as a shock to me and of course I ended up talking with one of these homeless persons, a man. He told me he was a very privileged man, as his home was a bench near Central Park, and his friends were a colony of squirrels. He had taught them to do some tricks to entertain tourists, who then gave him money, so he was high up in the hierarchy of homeless. He told me he used to observe other people, living in the area or simply passing every day, how so many struggled to maintain a lifestyle filled with stress and illusions, not realising they where not free at all.
I guess he told me the pleasant side of his story, but still, he was so honest, so trustworthy, and I have never forget him…
So, was that Liberty or Freedom?
This homeless guy I met in New York was satisfied with his life, at least the part he shared with me. I do not know his story, I do not know about his life, all I know is that in that moment, in the sun, with tourists giving him money and his friends, the squirrels, surrounding him, waiting for nuts to eat, he was satisfied.
Right then he lived in the moment, as that is the only thing we know we have! When we are able to do that, we are free, no matter what the circumstances!
All power struggles have their roots in fear! If you don’t follow the rules, punishment will be meted out. If not in this life, then when it is all over! It is manmade, as a part of the power struggles we are so used to, we even place this mindset on to a god. Most religions teach about good versus evil, a war between angels, a loving God as long as you do as He has decided, horrible punishments if you break the rules! They teach that God is the creator of everything, He is filled with unconditional love, yet one angel fooled him and turned evil. Now God has to fight with this angel in an eternal war, for the souls on Earth.
And I can’t help wonder, when so many people in the world believe their God is the creator of everything, why do they reject what is created, like for example, homosexuality. Is that because God made some mistakes?
I remember I was very afraid of God when I was a child, as He was able to see all my mistakes, He was even able to read my thoughts. The punishment was so terrifying, that it was not even imaginable for me. And this evil angel, the Devil, was always there, one step ahead of God, to make me sin so he could have my soul forever…
So whenever I developed a bad thought in my mind, I had to ask for forgiveness at once, in case I should die very suddenly… I remember that the first time I swore, I was horrified! I immediately held my arms over my head, looking up to the sky, waiting for a big finger pointing at me, tearing down the house and starting an earthquake!
Nothing happened. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears, as I was standing there, waiting, hoping that maybe God was busy elsewhere, and didn’t notice what I had done. After a while I settled down, deciding to never swear again, as I could never be that lucky twice!
When remembering this now, it strikes me that there are still people living their lives in fear of God, like I used to. I was watching a programme a couple of weeks ago, about a small sect, where one of the girls wanted to go to college. Everybody became deeply concerned about this madness and she was warned that God would punish her if she didn’t change her mind. She was told that God didn’t want anyone to become educated, and only to read the bible.
This sect was living in USA! And yes, this country gave her the Liberty to believe what she wanted to, live as she wanted to in her own sect, yet still so far removed from Freedom! In other countries, there is no Liberty at all, to believe in, or speak of, what you like. The citizens may even be prevented from having any contact with the outside world at all, like in North Korea, and that requires a strict regime.
It will be impossible to continue in this way; the days of this tyranny are almost over. It may go on for some more years, but as we human beings connect more and more, it will be more and more difficult to enforce. Citizens may wish for Liberty, but it is the urge for Freedom that will set them free!
There is a huge distance between Durban, South Africa and Arendal, Norway, Guy, and the conditions you and I grew up in and live with are very different. You grew up in an Apartheid regime I learned of (and had very big issues with) when I went to school. I don’t even know when you learned about Norway—many people around the world haven’t heard of this small country up north at all. Still, we have the exact same urge for Freedom! To use our Power of Creation to make a better world!
As a Transformational Coach you are an observer of people’s Language and the way they act, and surely you have experienced great changes in your lifetime, both personal, as you have shared, and political! I really look forward to hear what you have to say about Liberty vs Freedom!
Oh yes indeed, Kari! There have been so many changes in South Africa over the decades, whereas Norway has always seemed to keep an even keel… I’m sure that you’ve heard way more in the news about my country, than I have about yours! I believe this is perhaps because the media thrives on drama, which South Africa has in plentiful supply.
You and I have had a discussion before, Kari, about why we think Norway experiences such a high level of depression (now there’s an oxymoron!). Why should this be so, in such a wealthy country, where people don’t have to worry about a fluctuating economy and volatile political climate?
One theory, which I won’t delve to deeply into during this conversation, is that Norway (and other Scandinavian countries) lacks colour—especially during the lengthy winter months, where everything remains dull and grey. Now of course, there is always colour and beauty in everything, if your thinking is that of Abundance. But if your observation comes out of Scarcity, this phenomenon does eventually wear you down psychologically. In addition, having to remain indoors a great deal of the time, adds to the feeling of confinement and influences people’s sense of Liberty.
Another theory that I’ve been contemplating is that of these differing conditions of growing up you spoke of, Kari, and how they might have bearing on people’s psychological state.
I believe that a life without challenges is not worth living. Human beings thrive upon meeting challenges and finding solutions. Without these, we’d never advance as a species.
Could it possibly be that because life is so easy in Norway, people just do not have as many challenges? So life becomes somewhat mundane and monotonous, and people look to devise their own challenges. There’s a saying that goes, “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”… It is but a saying, and although somewhat of an ‘old wives’ tale,’ it does hold some truth. When we are not focused on positive challenges, and finding solutions thereof, the ego gets involved, driving us into depression and worse…
In other words, people have their Liberty, but still restrict their Freedom. We in South Africa face many challenges, whether they are political or cultural, together with unemployment and the constant rise in the cost of living. We’re constantly having to face up to the issue of Freedom, as well as that of Liberty, so challenges abound. Minds are kept busy, and indirectly, content in a manner of speaking.
As I’ve said many times before, we create through language, so if we are unconscious of the relevance of these two words, and the impact they have on our everyday lives, then how do we create the Freedom we so desperately crave? If people whose first language is English cannot ascertain the difference between “there” and “their” or “your” and “you’re”—how do they find any distinguishing meaning between the interpretations of Liberty and Freedom? Fast Food has dulled our senses—I’m convinced of it!
I made mention of this in our previous conversation, Literacy vs Learning, and it’s a very real concern! Our language is becoming more and more diluted. This in turn affects our capacity to communicate effectively. In fact, how do we determine precisely what our own Freedom of thought and imagination is; how do we create the future we desire for ourselves, if we don’t have the capacity of language to do so within?
Kari, I was most intrigued by your story about being so afraid of swearing as a child! I believe, my dear friend, that this fear still exists for you, because in all the time I’ve known you, you haven’t sworn once—even though you’ve had very good cause to do so on occasion. Now, I don’t by any means suggest you should reverse that and start swearing like a trooper (that just wouldn’t be Kari at all!), but this is perhaps an example that many of our readers might relate to.
The things we tell ourselves as children, which at the time are absolutely true and sometimes dangerously overwhelming, remain with us our entire lives, unless we are able to address them head-on and determine their relevance in our present lives.
In the instance of your tale, Kari, this fear you had as a child has resulted in you moderating your language into adulthood, which in itself is a good thing. Have you ever contemplated though, that the childish emotions and interpretations in which this ‘good behaviour’ was rooted, is one of fear? It was, and therefore still is.
I’m sure you’ll forgive me for using you as my guinea pig, Kari, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s so important for all of us to recognise what it is that defines our Way of Being. It could well be that many of the decisions and actions we take today were conceived out of fear!
Most of us aren’t aware how the emotions, interpretations and stories we created in our childhood, have a direct impact upon every aspect of our lives today. And even though the resulting actions might now be outwardly positive ones, the origins of the actions could well be based in fear (Scarcity), resulting in unconscious barriers and misguided interpretations in the present.
All of this conspires to undermine our belief of Liberty and Freedom! Even though these two words exist in innumerable dictionaries and thesauruses, we each have our own individual concept of their meaning—and we construct our lives and futures accordingly!
You mentioned, Kari, the programme you watched about the sect who believe that the only book that should be read and learned from, is the Bible. Well, unfortunately there are more than just isolated groups of people who hold this belief. They’re also not restricted to one religion either. I have the greatest respect and admiration for those who choose a particular belief, as long as they don’t attempt to impose their beliefs on me, telling me that I’m wrong and they’re right. I’ll take my chances seeking my own truth!
Enlightenment is not for those who are limited by the boundaries defined by what is known. Enlightenment is for the explorers of what doesn’t exist. This is Liberty and Freedom working in harmony towards authenticity and wisdom.
Kari, as a Kinesiologist, I know that you are constantly working with people whose limiting patterns of behaviour go back, not only to their childhood, but span generations, and even previous lifetimes. Perhaps you could shed light upon this with relevance to people’s individual interpretations of Liberty and Freedom.
Thank you, Guy, for pointing that out, because it is something most people don’t realise at all!
It’s the references you have from all your previous lifetimes and the references from all your ancestors that give you the possibility to understand and interpret your previous lives’ experiences!
We tend to believe that when life is over, we’re done with all our challenges, and whatever we believe comes after. Well, everything is a matter of perceptions, I guess. My obstacles and challenges as the Norwegian woman named Kari, with everything that labels me, will be over. But genetically all the obstacles and challenges I haven’t solved, will continue to live through my children and their children again. And when I return for another time on Earth, I pick up my own personal issues where I left them—yet another chance to solve them! In another body, in another time, with another start. 
Well, Mr McGowan, you are my soul mate and my teacher! So, with great humour I have to thank you for pointing out my story of the first time I swore.
I have told that story a couple of times before in my life, but never ever thought of it other than that it is a good story. But yesterday, when we Skyped, you pointed it out again, and suddenly I realised that there was so much more to this story—and it has all to do with Liberty vs Freedom!
I am not going to tell the whole story here, only that I was trapped in the middle of doing what I believed was the right thing, as I was raised to be a good girl, and the helplessness when I felt I was denied of it!
So in fact, fear of being punished for swearing was my illusion. My real fear was the fact that I wasn’t able to do what was expected of me; I failed in protecting and shielding someone who was counting on me to do so. So now I faced judgment and punishment for that!
And when looking back on this, I realise I have always had this fear of punishment. Like when someone says to me: “Kari, I think we need to talk…” I immediately think: “Oh no! What have I done now? I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure it wasn’t me doing it, and if it was, I’m sure I had a very good reason to do it...”
Now, despite the fact that I had this fear of God in my childhood, I wasn’t raised in a particularly Christian home. Every Sunday all the kids in the neighbourhood were sent to Sunday school. I was only there a few times, yet all I got from it was fear. I did not find any comfort at all!
So where did my fear come from? Not from my upbringing, my parents never, ever used God’s punishment as a tool to control me! So, it had to come from my blueprint reference, which I now understand a lot more about, as I have revealed much of it in my own conscious evolution process.
This brings me back to our subject, Liberty vs Freedom! Norway is a land of Liberty! We have a lot of open space, a lot of spectacular nature, a lot of harsh weather and a lot of money. It is a good country to live in, but yes, we also have certain places in Norway where there is a great deal of depression for some reason.
When people no longer have to strive to survive, the ‘essential you’ starts to knock on the door. This eternal creative energy expresses itself through conscious creation, in all variety of human beings, lifetime after lifetime. I can assure you, it can be very uncomfortable! And scary too!
The fight for survival is also an expression of this energy, just like everything is, yet we have so many more coping tools, as we have been this way for all human history! Liberty was not an option in previous times—it has come as a result of human evolution. Now we live in times where everybody searches for Liberty! Liberty to speak and act as we want, believe what we want, be respected for our independency, who we are and what we are able to. It is all external; our source to Freedom lies inside! And I believe it is this source that manifests itself as a conscious strive for Liberty, a step closer to the goal of total internal Freedom for us all!
Can you remember how it was to be in love? Have you ever been more silly, and yet have you ever felt more free? When your poor brain was desperately trying, by all means possible, to bring you back to normality, without any luck at all! I remember I was brushing my teeth in hot water, left my car keys in the fridge, forgot my shoes when I as going to work… I completely lost my head! And when I discovered what I had done, all I did was laugh! Everything was joy and laughter! I didn’t need sleep, I didn’t need to eat—all I needed was to be together with this one person!
That is when we live in Freedom!
Well, I guess it isn’t a good idea to constantly be in this state, maybe that is why we come out of it after a while and start to act normally again. But love is the highest frequency of all, together with joy and happiness!
And the strangest thing happens when you focus on what you need in the Now, to feel free! The moment you get the right answer, you get chills! You get emotional! Your cells are dancing with joy, bearing your potential! They are listening to you; just waiting for the moment you take the lead, ready to work for you!
We do live in great times of change—there is no doubt about that at all. Old energy of fear and war, strains and boundaries, no longer work as well as they used to. Still, it continues to go on in different places on the Earth. What also occurs is that this old energy simply vanishes when it has no support anymore. Like the Cold War! Like Apartheid! Yes, it will always be challenging when big changes occur, but we should celebrate that it happens! Because it is human consciousness that creates these changes, from our urge for Liberty to the state of Freedom!
What we talk about here is present in everybody's life, Guy, from a personal level to a collective level. You pointed out, from my words when telling a story from my childhood, an issue of mine, going deep into my unconscious habits, creating illusions in my life. Your profession is as a Transformational Coach… What can you tell us about how we can disclose and transform those illusions that prevent us from living a life in complete Freedom, to the highest good of ourselves and humanity, through our Language and Way of Being?
You raise an important question here, Kari, and as I always say, there’s a solution to everything—you just need to know where to look for the answers… Through years of developing my observation skills as a Transformational and Ontological Coach, I know what questions to ask that will lead the coachee towards relinquishing their own answers from within. Just look at how a simple query on my part, stemming from a particular observation, led you to revealing an entire chain of stories for yourself. And just as I am tuned to my profession, so are you as a Kinesiologist, in ways that constantly amaze me!
In the same way, a mechanic might ascertain the problem with my automobile just by listening to the engine running; or an outfitter might determine my exact measurements for a suit, even though he’s never laid eyes on me before.
It takes training, often years, to reach a level of proficiency, no matter what the field or domain. Yet, if we choose to apply ourselves, with perseverance and dedication, to whatever we wish to accomplish, we eventually reach mastery.
The very same applies to ourselves, and in most instances, we give little or no thought to becoming masters of our own Way of Being, let alone the concept of complete Freedom! And before we apply our consciousness to the greater good of humanity, we have to begin the journey at home—from within.
We all have to start somewhere, though. I know I did, but I required help. Lots of it! The PowaForce Forum provides an excellent platform from which to embark upon your inward voyage of discovery, and believe me, those first wary, fearful steps are always the most difficult to take!
So talk to us, dear readers, and let an expert take a listen to your engine… In this case though, you get to repair it yourself!
Kari, you really struck a chord with me, when you made reference to the idea of falling in love! I know that crazy, mushy-minded feeling only too well! All worries and concerns seem to just melt away—and actually, our world tends to sort itself out perfectly well, without our constant worrying… As you profoundly mentioned, Kari, when we’re in love, we experience the essence of Freedom.
For those not lucky enough to be in love right at this time, another powerful (and rationally controlled) means of experiencing Freedom and Liberty, letting go of the stresses and strains we impose upon ourselves, is through meditative practice.
I attend a weekly meditation practice group, facilitated by Buddhist monks, and I also meditate every morning (shortly after rising) and sometimes in the evening as well. What I find, is that I am able to cleanse the negative influences, dramas, worries and concerns from my thinking. This allows for positive, enriching energy to occupy those vacated spaces in the mind, and paves the way for introducing concepts such as love, joy and abundance to my Way of Being. This too is where Freedom can be had—even if for but a few minutes.
It’s those few minutes, though, that can make all the difference to an otherwise frenetic day and, if practiced on a regular basis, brings very real equilibrium to one’s life.
Most certainly, the illusions remain, except that we become far more conscious of them, and we’re able to distinguish between the energies that are generative for us, and the degenerative ego that suppresses our sense of both Liberty and Freedom.
Slowly but surely we disentangle ourselves from the web of deceit we’ve spun in our language over many years, and as we emerge, so our language (of our thinking, our speech, and our physicality) begins to reflect our true potential. In this way, we both consciously and unconsciously affect those in our sphere of influence, expanding our higher vibrational energy to the collective level.
You know, Kari, when I think back to previous relationships I’ve had, I realise how they’ve taught me so much about Freedom, and how we prevent ourselves from attaining it. I was always (and still am) a very sensitive and emotional person, looking to please and appease. In certain instances, this can be a great weakness, whilst in others it can be moulded into a characteristic of strength.
Well, for me it was a weakness, which I allowed my partners to take advantage of—and yes, I was solely responsible for this! In the beginning stages, when you’re all starry-eyed and ‘in love,’ this trait is masked, because your partner appreciates your emotional sensitivity, but as time passes, and your respective differences start to show up, accepting a dominating personality can be hard to bear. I never wanted to displease, so I would sacrifice my Way of Being, to accommodate the other person. It got to the point where I realised that I had lost both my Freedom and my Liberty, and really had nowhere to turn.
I had essentially become what my partner expected me to be—I lived according to their image of what a partner should be. Of course this cannot last, so these relationships always ended in a parting of ways…
It took me a few unsuccessful relationships to comprehend that I can be sensitive and emotional, yet still have my Power, my Liberty and my Freedom, and be a much better partner as a result, because I in turn understand the importance of legitimacy; allowing the other person to BE who they are! No prejudice, no judgment, just Love…
My advise for those struggling to appreciate the Liberty and Freedom they have, is to first gain a deep understanding of WHAT YOU WANT. Thereafter, I suggest you contemplate WHO you need to BE in order to get what you want. During this process, you’ll be rewarding yourself with the gift of Freedom, whilst liberating yourself to discover new realms of consciousness.
I mentioned the word “sacrifice” earlier, Kari, and in our next conversation, I’d like to discuss the critical differentiation between Sacrifice and Compromise, and the profound change that comes from this understanding.


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