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During our previous conversation, Kari, I made mention of a situation where I “didn’t have the luxury of foresight…” During these particular years of my life, I was experiencing a great deal of emotional upheaval, which I was essentially unaccustomed to. I was, I would say, cognitively blind—completely unaware of the powerful tools available to me. One of the most effective of these tools is this foresight I referred to, the aspect of our being known as Intuition.
We’ve touched on Intuition once before, Kari, yet I’d like to discuss the subject in more depth for the benefit of our readers out there, who would like to open a mineshaft to a wealth of potential they’ve never before dreamed of!
Given that all exists as either sub-atomic particles or wave-forms, according to your school of thought, both physically (seen) and metaphysically (unseen), everything is connected… All the time… Everything! So at our very essence, we are continuously communicating with the Universe—and everything in it.
We all possess the gift of intuition, and we all utilise it to a certain degree, but by-and-large, we entirely miss out on the great benefit it could bring to our lives. An intuitive thought or feeling arises, we ignore it and allow it to pass, and then cry “I knew it!” once it’s far too late to act.
The point is that you did know it, and you’ve always known it, along with all other knowledge you possess! It’s just that because our intuition is on a different frequency from our physical world (i.e. we cannot perceive it with our normal touch, smell, see and hear senses) we tend to disregard it almost entirely.
Our Intuition is, as I like to call it, our Direct Line to the Universe. It’s like having an app within us! It continually gives us messages that we can choose to use or lose. As with all apps, it also requires updating every so often—when we need to take stock of our Way of Being and contemplate changes in our thinking.
I’ll discuss harnessing, or reaping, our intuition later in the conversation… For now though, let’s take a look at what it is and where it comes from. Millennia ago, human beings had a far less complicated way of life, back when we were still hunter-gatherers, relying to a great extent on the powers of our intuition.
The men would go out into the wilderness and just know instinctively where game was to be found—indeed much like the fishermen of today, who head off out to sea and (even without the help of eco-location technology) seem to know exactly where the best fishing spots are to be found. Sometimes I used to do a little fishing amongst the gullies along our coastline, and seldom caught a thing, yet I’d be astounded by some people who would come down to the ocean, cast their lines, and just start pulling in fish!
So, the men would find where the game was and then begin tracking the animal they’d selected from the herd for their dinner. Here again, they required their intuitive capabilities to pre-empt the animal’s movements, until they eventually caught up with it. These days, no intuition is required to go to the supermarket, knowing that we’ll find our meat neatly packaged and priced, awaiting us on the shelves.
The same applied to the women, whose responsibility would be to go off in search of firewood, or to till the fields of corn and bring home whatever grain was needed to be ground… Danger was always an instant away, so they relied on their instinct to warn them of an approaching bear, or sabre-tooth tiger—or even marauding tribes from yonder hills.
People relied upon intuition as a means of survival, pure and simple, so it was in a very highly tuned state. As I mentioned though, over millennia and generations, our reliance on intuition has been replaced by technology, with a gadget for everything. Even our automobiles are becoming more intuitive than we are these days!
So we’ve evolved as a species, just like other species have (if you believe in evolution, that is) to the point where, although we still possess our power of intuition, we seldom have use for it. Or do we?
I say yes, absolutely! We’ve forgotten how to use it, yet we haven’t lost it!
In a You Tube clip of Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech at Stanford University in 2005, he said: “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”
What Steve Jobs refers to, of course, is our intuition, yet it’s still a very fuzzy and vague concept for us sometimes, isn’t it? And although it’s certainly very difficult to see those dots as they stretch into the future, it is, however, still possible to do so. More about that later though…
Kari, you are more au fait than I am with how intuition works at a cellular level, and how we’ve slowly lost the skills necessary to utilise it effectively in our daily lives. Do share with us your insights on the subject.
Wonderful topic, Guy!
I have so often had clients wishing they where more intuitive, knowing what to do, what to choose, be warned when something was about to happen. And you know, they are! Like you say, they just don’t notice.
Intuition is that silent voice, gently whispering in your heart what to do, how to act. The one answering your question even before you’re finished asking it, because thoughts are slow… They have already existed for seconds before you are aware of them.
What do you do with the answer? Do you say: Gosh, I’m stupid! Where did that come from? That is impossible to do! That just isn’t me!
Well, who is it then?
That, dear readers, says a lot about the speed at which our left, analytic brain works! It immediately breaks in and analyses your silent messages according to what you know. What you have learned in life. How to accomplish what you believe you need. What you believe is expected from you. How you can keep on living the life you believe you want. And it dominates 95% of all people living in Western countries.
Before you’re aware of it, the patient, silent voice of your analytical brain comes up with an answer! And I can assure you, it is far from what your intuition tells you!
Remember, your brain is all about keeping a body alive, with all that it takes. It uses all your information from everything you have experienced, and it is huge! And, it is so effective!
It creates patterns and programs that run automatically, smoothly and elegantly, hardly using any energy at all, so we are able to concentrate on our everyday tasks. All the things we have to experience in the outside world, the things we need to develop so we can build our carriers, getting more money, a better house, or a new car.
So where does intuition come from? As humans we work with three kinds of consciousness, our brain, our emotional consciousness and our soul. Our brain constitutes electrical signals working with such complexity that we’re not able to comprehend it at all. Yet they are just electrical signals. Our emotional consciousness contains every emotion we, and also our ancestors, have experienced and it is both three-dimensional and multidimensional. Our soul consciousness is completely multidimensional.
There is a disproportion between how we analyse the world, and the truth! Whilst we think in boxes within boxes, we require everything to be linear; it has to have a beginning and an end, it needs a timeframe, a form, and it is in three dimensions. Intuition is multidimensional. Intuition is a connection between the Universal part of us, and our physical body! It is the part of us that holds the whole story of what we’re about to create, the potential that is growing from within and what our highest potential might be.
It is completely impossible for your brain to grasp that, as it simply goes on working like it always has, using the same old programs it always has, until something changes them.
So what do we do? We know what we want; we may have a plan, but what is that plan’s origin? Who is the owner of this plan? Is it actually yours or could it be that it is a plan made from your assumptions of other people’s assumptions?
I remember I used to record my intuition in an agenda! I did all the right things; decided what I wanted to accomplish, put a timeframe to it, broke that timeframe into smaller and smaller pieces until I had it all figured out. Then I instructed my intuition to tell me what to do….
Often my silent, inner whisper told me to let go; that it was not the right road for me to travel. I tried again. And again. Same feeling, same answer! So, I decided that my intuition wasn’t reliable; that I was one of those people who did not have an intuition at all.
Then I received a very gentle reminder of back when I was eight years old. That evening, I was so afraid to go to bed because I knew the house would burn down that night. My parents did all they could to reassure me that it wouldn’t and that it was safe to go to sleep; that they would take care of me.
I’m not going to tell the whole story, only that the house did burn down. My parents almost died and they were not able to help me at all. I had to help myself. And as a little eight-year-old girl, I just knew what to do in order to lead myself out of a burning house, with so much smoke that it was impossible to breathe.
We are so used to defining ourselves as our physical body, as if we were a machine with consciousness. We analyse everything, we know how things work, we know what is realistic, we make jokes about those poor naïve persons who decide to follow their dream, who sell everything they own to do something crazy, like buying a sailboat and sailing around the world. We shake our heads and know they have gone crazy!
Then we shake our heads in admiration of those who, in some way, seem to know what choices to make in order to make money! It is like they cannot help becoming rich and powerful! They just feel what actions to take!
It is the same attribute, isn’t it? It is all about following the intuition, the gut feeling, the emotional consciousness that is the connection between our synaptic brain and our soul. The question isn’t whether we have an intuition—we all do—the question is what our personal potential is, what we have within us, deep down in our DNA, that we can use to create the life we want.
And in order to get it, we need to stop! Live in the NOW. Just BE. Not constantly reminding ourselves of the past! Not constantly thinking of the future!
This is something you can tell us more about, Guy! How can you help us understand how we, through our words and actions, bridge this gap between our analytic brain and our intuition, and how we can attain deeper contact with that silent whisper?
Oh I love the term “silent whisper”, Kari, because that’s precisely what it is—we can hear it, yet we can’t… It’s not something that we’re quite able to assess in terms of our physical senses; that we’re unable to categorise according to what is tangible to us.
The hunter-gatherer of old would not give a second thought to analysis—indeed if they did, they might not live to realise the result! At the moment their instinct kicked in, they reacted. As you’ve explained, Kari, the brain works a little slower and more methodically than our instinctive impulses, and over time, our need to assess prior to action has taken precedence over instinct.
There are those who inexplicably seem to take advantage of situations, or ‘sniff out’ a good deal, where others never knew it existed. We sometimes refer to this as ‘animal instinct’, don’t we? Well that’s because animals still possess their full instinctive and intuitive faculties. So those of us who possess some heightened sense of intuition are perceived as being somewhat beyond the norm.
Yet this isn’t entirely true, is it? We should be referring to it as ‘human instinct’, because it exists still within us all—we just have to re-learn how to use it more effectively.
So how do we engage with our intuition in a generative manner, whilst sifting through the clutter of our thinking? I used the words “reaping” and “harnessing” earlier in the conversation, and that’s exactly what it is. Messages from the Universe are being fired at us every instant of every day, even whilst we’re asleep.
We have to walk out into that vast field of information, with our eyes wide open, seeking out that which is relevant to our progress in life, discarding that which is not. Just as experienced pickers select only the best fruit in the orchard, so we have to gain experience as observers of our Way of Being, to pick the best fruit of our intuition.
Becoming a more proficient observer is the only means of achieving this experience. And the best way to let go of the thought clutter and allow intuition to rise to the surface of your consciousness, as I’ve suggested time and again, is through meditation.
Through meditation, you slowly allow less and less of your everyday reality to engage you with its busyness, creating neutral space for intuitive energy to flow in. As time passes, you become more adept at entering a ‘conscious’ meditative state at any given time.
Kari, you have, even as a little girl, managed to harness your intuition to the point where it became premonitory. It’s unfortunate though, that for most people premonitions tend to represent doom and disaster, as was your scenario. The upside of this instance is that, had your parents taken heed, they might have avoided the awful events that unfolded. But who listens to the concerns of an eight-year-old child, right?
Only this morning, a dear friend was asking what my views on psychic abilities and higher ESP were—a very opportune query, in light of this conversation! I believe that both are due to one’s resonance with the Universe at much higher frequencies than most of us, and being able to project one’s consciousness into different timelines. This is intuition operating so acutely that events not yet existing in our worldly timeline, are communicated in vivid clarity to the recipient.
Don’t discount, dear readers, that your intuition is very often present to guide you in extreme circumstances—whether or not you’re conscious of it. I’m sure many of you have been in a situation whilst driving (even as a passenger) of a near collision. When this happens, there’s no time at all for the brain to think and send messages to the body as to what action to take. Intuition, in the form of instinctive action, takes over. Remember that survival intuition I was talking about?
Your intuition seems to slow down time, so that the unfolding of events taking place in an instant, become clear enough to do what is necessary to protect your life. The body also plays its role, separately from the brain, to inject that vital dose of adrenalin, which in turn boosts muscle response.
Highly experienced martial arts practitioners often intuitively create a sequence of events many seconds into the future, allowing them to outmanoeuvre their opponent/s. Similarly for champion chess players, except in this instance, the players are making intuitive mathematical calculations many moves ahead. I was an awful chess player, and terrible at mathematics!
As an Ontological Coach, I employ my intuition when it comes to observing my client’s language. Whilst engaging with them, I allow new questions to emerge from their language. This takes patience and keen listening, yet eventually I’m rewarded with a detail that takes us to a new discovery, just as a fly fisherman waiting for that large, wary trout to take the fly…
As I have said, observation is so important when it comes to picking up on those subtle “silent whispers” that come your way. Whenever you feel that little pull in your stomach, that almost imperceptible flutter of emotion, stop and observe for a moment. What are your thoughts at the time? What are your surroundings? Have you just read something? Once ignited, your intuition will unfailingly point you in the right direction.
Kari knows only too well, how often the numbers 11:11 appear for me, and invariably, these phenomena occur in clusters, showing me the magnitude of the occasion! At this point, I know that an energy portal has opened up for me—an opportunity to gain new wisdom. Just recently, I have seen 888 on packaging, 2:22 in the timestamp on a text message, or 5:55 on the clock in my car. The numbers 11:11 have come up continuously, virtually daily. Well, at this particular time, Kari and I are in the process of publishing our first book! We’re also planning online coaching and therapy, as well as our retreats.
A great deal is happening for both of us, and for The PowaForce Forum, and my intuition is reflecting the power of what is going on, more-so than I am able to envisage with my five senses!
Messages from the Universe come to us in many shapes and forms, and once we’ve become more in tune with our intuition, we’re better able to interpret those messages, and take whatever action is deemed necessary.
Most importantly, I believe our intuition guides us towards Abundance, placing opportunities before us as guides towards that huge reservoir of potential and wisdom we all possess!
So, Kari, how would you advise us as to becoming more aware of our intuition, given that it’s so difficult to perceive, and how do we utilise it as a tool of our Way of Being?
Well, one thing is for sure, Guy, it is not easy to notice our inner voice while living in all this noise we’re constantly surrounded with!
In fact, as we have talked about before, most things in life are illusions and assumptions made from misinterpretations. I want to turn things up side down and ask: Do we unconsciously surround ourselves with all this noise so that we don’t have to listen to what our intuition tells us?
If we give our power away, live our life in a way that satisfies other people, follow other people’s dreams, we will at some point in life, end up being a total stranger to ourselves.
I often have clients who really don’t know what they want or need to feel better. They don’t even know what they don’t want.
Often they are very busy; there is always something going on, and when the weekend arrives, it’s party-time. Or a short trip to a foreign city, to shop and have fun. Week, after week, after week… When I suggest they stop for a moment, try to meditate, take a walk in the woods, sit on a rock and listen to the birds, many look at me like I’m crazy!
Meditating takes time, it is difficult, there are always thoughts coming up when they’re not suppose to and sure, they can be out in nature when the snow comes, in prepared paths, together with all the other people in fancy and trendy outfits.
Or maybe they could buy a new bike with matching clothes and work out at the same time…
It is like we are so afraid to stop up and listen, reflect upon what we chose and why we chose it, and most of all, ask ourselves: are we being authentic? Is what we chose in life; the absolute highest and wisest for ourselves?
As you said, Guy, the flow of information from the Universe is constant—24/7! Whether we listen or not, it’s still there! The echo of this information is in our cells, our DNA, the one single place where body-mind-soul meet! In fact human DNA is 3-4% physical, 75-80% emotional consciousness, and 15-16% universal, multidimensional consciousness.
Now we have a situation where every single cell (and there are more than three billion cells in your body) contains all this information about who you are in the Universe and how unique you are. Nobody has the same combination of body-mind-soul that you have! The fact is that today we are 7 billion unique body-mind-souls on Earth!
What do we do with that? Try to fit in? Do what “the others” expect, read the right books and take the right courses in order to end up with the designed result that shows a person in control; an admirable person that others want to be?
No wonder we insert the earplugs and turn up the music as soon as we have a potentially quiet moment! No wonder we do all we can to avoid this silent voice whispering that you are perfect! You don’t need a new car—you need to be happy and in complete harmony with yourself! You need to remember that you are the only person on Earth with your body-mind-soul potential, you have a place to fill and you don’t fill it by letting yourself be manipulated into believing what others say is right for you.
They don’t know! They have their own, unique body-mind-soul!
You know, Guy, I have to repeat myself, and you said it too: We have it all! We don’t have to learn anything! We just have to remember! And in the process of remembering, we become more and more in tune with our intuition!
So where do we start? What about deciding to stop completely during the day, and just feel how your body feels! Are there any sore muscles, how is your breath, how do you hold your head? What do you feel?
What about stopping yourself before you put your earplugs in, or grab your cell phone every time you are alone. What do you feel? Why are you afraid of the silence?
What about giving yourself one day every week where you ask yourself: Will the consequences of those choices I make today bring me closer to who I really am?
I can assure you, the silent whisper will start to raise its voice! It will become more and more clear, and more and more easy to follow!
Yes, our book will soon be released, and there are more to come. Our retreats are about helping you to remember! Our Skype one-to-one sessions are also about helping you to remember. We don’t have your answers, but we can offer you a unique possibility to explore your own body-mind-soul connection!
You and I have often spoken about how our conversations live their own life, Guy. We start with a topic and, after a while, the next topic emerges. This is intuitive; this is Universal communication! And we follow that guidance, don’t we?
I received my guidance, actually almost a week ago. I follow it and I want the topic of our next conversation to be about Communication.

(Artwork by Maria Magdalena)

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