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In our previous conversation, Kari, you posed the question, “Can you love yourself as who you are?” I feel that once we’ve finally reached this point in the development of our consciousness (and let me tell you, for most of us it’s a really challenging path!) a whole new spectrum of possibilities open up before us. Through understanding the essence of Love, we realise that we are creative beings and that we are able to ‘design’ our life’s journey from this understanding. We become Creators in the most powerful sense of the word!
From an early age I knew I could draw pretty well, and my parents always encouraged me further. My father taught me how to colour-in with crayons without scribbling, and to select appropriate colours for the sky, the sun, grass etc… He then taught me how to observe differences in proportion of people, animals and objects, and to transfer what I observed onto paper.
Because I was a so-called “creative type” the natural progression for me, after having completed my schooling (where, incidentally, art wasn’t part of the syllabus), was to pursue a tertiary education in design. This I did, and after having studied graphic design, I launched into a career in advertising that spanned the next twenty years of my life.
I could draw, I could paint and I could design. So what? Did this automatically constitute me being a creator? Not necessarily—at least not in the context of this conversation, because I reached a point of my life, despite my artistic abilities, where I had lost my creative spirit!
Sure, I could still design and I could still turn my hand to the occasional painting here and there, but my cerebral creativity had gone dormant—I was in effect ‘spinning my wheels’ because I had yet to find the true creator in me. There was nothing left to challenge my creativity. I knew there was a great deal lacking, although I had no idea what it was, or how I would find it.
This I only discovered in more recent years, after having worked with international master coach, Pat Grove, and my mentor, Rod Finnie. I had to come to grips with my new chosen path as a Transformational and Ontological Coach, to learn that a whole new dimension to my potential existed that was way beyond what I had thought possible.
Even then, it took meeting you, my dear friend Kari, to really get that sunflower field of possibility blossoming! It is through this journey of somewhat over a year that I have realised that not only am I a creator in terms of my Way of Being, but that I always have been.
In fact, I can almost pinpoint that realisation to a few months ago, when I re-determined my calling as being that of “LOVE”! Through this, I have also come to understand that every single person on the planet is a creator, and that I have been called forth to assist as many as I possibly can to realise their own capacity as such!
I know too, that you and I, Kari, have met ‘again’ in this lifetime because we share a parallel calling and that this time, we are perfectly positioned in our consciousness to manifest that calling.
Believe it or not, I have felt more creative in my Way of Being over the past five years, and exponentially so over the past few months, than I’ve felt during the entire twenty years I spent in my career in advertising! This is because I have come to understand that being a creator is a state of quantum consciousness, whereas being creative as a career is purely three-dimensional.
The result of this realisation, is that I have found creative expression in so many other aspects of my life that I was unaware of, as a writer, as a cook, as a lover, and so on—in fact, I am limited only as far as I choose to limit my imagination, and even that continues to expand each day! Being my own creator, at the helm of my own ship, fills me with a passion for life like I never knew possible!
It needs mentioning here, dear readers, that although some of the claims and statements I’ve just made might seem altogether grandiose, YOU possess the very same capacity for conscious creation as what Kari and I do, or indeed any other human being on the planet! Know that you are born 100% Enlightened! As a newborn baby, you emerge into your world in a state of complete wonder. Everything you experience is new and there exist no limitations to your capacity to learn.
As we grow older though, we become more and more influenced (quite naturally so) by our external circumstances. Our parents and family teach us about life according to their own experiences, and their parents and grandparents before that… To a large degree then, we set off on our life’s journey with the legacy of our elders and ancestors as our guide. Depending on an untold number of variables, this can either benefit us, or inhibit us—or both.
In effect, most people remain totally unaware that their lives are being created for them (for good or bad), whilst all along they have the choice, at any given time, to create the life they want.
In the same way an architect might design a large development, then, having completed their designs in two dimensional plans and renditions, see the results taking shape in three dimensions—so too, are we able to design the life we desire and see it manifest for us.
Since the beginning of humanity we have been creating, both as individuals and collectively, creating dwellings, towns and cities, even countries… We’ve explored into the unknown and created something of that, which never before existed in our consciousness…
We are creators in the very same way as some way some might say that God is the creator. As I’ve said many times before, we create through our language, and believe it or not, we are continuously creating, whether we’re aware of it or not! Each of us has equal impact of attraction on the Universe, yet the degree to which we comprehend that impact determines whether we’re creating what we want, or what we don’t want. And we craft our world according to our language—that of our thought and of our being.
Well, Kari, I know that your strength and wisdom has led you to becoming a consummate creator in the world you live in. Do share with us your thoughts and definitions on the subject!
Wow, great topic, Guy!! Yes, how do we find our inner creator?
In fact, I believe that all we have to do is start being aware, because we are creating, we always have and we always will, as long as we’re human beings…
I do understand it can be very difficult to comprehend that we create our life every single minute. Mostly we are too close to the issues and dramas in our life to be able to see that it’s all a matter of reflection. When you feel people are making your life miserable, when the job you have drains you and you feel like you’re losing it, how can you see that it is all a creation from what you believe in and are conscious of?
There is a weird parallel reality which science has studied over the last 100 years—the quantum reality. No one rejects the fact that it’s there anymore, yet still we don’t know exactly how it works. Basic quantum physics tell us that a particle can be in many places at the same time, based upon consciousness. Every single atom in our body is made of quantum particles, which behave irrationally according to normal physics. It’s like playing billiards and all the balls will be everywhere at the same time, constantly creating new patterns. The only thing that can make one ball stop is to put our mind to it.  And the moment you put your mind to something else, it disappears again.
Quantum particles combine with other quantum particles—this is called entanglement, and when they do, distance doesn’t matter! Whether it’s from Norway to South Africa or from Norway to outer space, the same thing happens. The particles act in complete synchronicity, according to consciousness! Time is irrelevant too, if it’s in the now, the future or backwards in time, it still changes according to consciousness!
Hey, wait a minute! What does that mean?
It means that we have the power to change our past by changing what we focus our consciousness upon! By rewriting the story of your life, you also rewrite how you feel today as well as into your future! This is an amazing fact that we use every day, without being aware of it. What you’re conscious of from your past is what you use to make choices with today and those choices are the basis for what happens in your future!
Think about that for a moment!
There is another fact here; absolutely everything in the Universe is like this! So, if everything in the Universe, including ourselves, is made from something that changes according to consciousness, what does that really mean?
Again, it is very difficult for our human brain to comprehend this, yet we use it every single day, without even thinking of it. Our consciousness! Our thoughts; the way we speak; our dreams and imaginations. And the way we act according to this…
In fact, whatever we are conscious of is what we get. Whatever choices we make during the day, have consequences that lead to something else. And lets face it; the choices we take are according to what we believe is true! Let me take just on example: How many times have you played a conversation through in your mind, a conversation you are about to have or wish to have, one day, with the person that irritates you or annoys you? You not only know what you want to say; you also know what the other person is going to say, don’t you? How can you know that? Isn’t it because of what you believe is true?
There are so many forces in life, which push and pull us continually towards evolution and increased consciousness, and still we doesn’t see what’s going on until we’re through it. We have a mind that is so strong that it will create whatever we’re aware of and whatever we believe in. How many times in your life have you said: If it wasn’t for that person or that thing happening, I wouldn’t be where I am today?
So what is that? Is it something outside you that guards you and makes sure you do what it wants you to do? Is it some kind of destiny, made in stone, something that is supposed to happen at a certain point in life? Or could it actually be yourself, reaching a point where you’re ready to alter your interpretations, to create something else, because your consciousness has increased?
We can’t help changing, that’s the cycle of life! Nothing ever lasts, it has a starting point, and it builds up until it reaches the top, just to start fading out in order to let something new come along. Now we’re back to the Universal Laws and those laws are unchangeable—they have always been and they will always be. That is the way the Universe works!
So what do we do? We do our very best to fight those laws. We do not want to change! We know what we have, we know how to deal with it, no matter if it is good or bad. Yes, we can wish things would change, we can dream of changes in life, but when it comes to making those much-needed changes in our mind, confronting our own beliefs about our self worth, daring to take the step into something completely different, which we don’t have any tools to work with—and that’s when we start resisting! We find excuses; there is always something outside our control we have to deal with before we can make those changes.
Right now I’m experiencing this and actually, because I’m very much aware of it, it’s very amusing! I know it is a reflection of my inner state, I know I’ve created this with my previous actions and as I’m at inner peace with it, I am very much aware of what’s going on.  
In fact, I can practically hear my left-brain hemisphere shouting to me all the things that can go wrong. How it makes so much more sense to let that go, to continue as I do, there will come another chance, a much better one!  And what about all those practical questions, what about this and that?
Then my heart whispers to me: “Do it! It’s the next step! It may not last forever, you don’t even know if it will be. But take that phone call, connect with those persons, open up to that path, see what comes out of it.”
So my right brain hemisphere answers by giving me a lot of images. All the times I’ve taken a step outside my comfort zone, and this was actually the start of something that had the potential to change my life!  And so we’re back to the left hemisphere, now playing a whole movie about all the times I tried and failed! How desperate the situations became and how I regret the decisions I’ve made!
This is going on in us all, every time we try to make changes in our life. If we’re denying the fact that it is our own choice and just continue using the old information of previous experiences and what we know, we just go in circles. Nothing ever happens; we will be in the same place even if we seemingly may have made some changes in life. If we’re making them by using what we already know, we may change our environment, but not the situation. Like my friend used to say: “The goblin will follow you wherever you go.”’
What make it even more difficult to choose a new path are all the people in our environment reminding us of every time we’ve failed. I have a person in my life that is very clear in telling me that he does not believe in me. I have made changes in my life before, what I see as positive—yet this person doesn’t pay attention to at all. Instead he is very eager to tell me about what I don’t have in my life, that I could have if I were a bit smarter. If I had been wise enough to make other choices, normal choices, choices like other people make!
It is easy to believe in this thinking of Scarcity. All our life we have learned through our mistakes, most of us have been raised to believe that life is about avoiding mistakes. It has been that way forever. Like you say, Guy, as parents we teach our children about life, as we know it—according to what our parents taught us! And we do focus a lot on all the dangerous things in life, because we love our children. The thought of anything happening to them is unbearable, so to be sure, we warn them of all those dangers out there!
When our children become teenagers, things change. I remember when my oldest son started junior high—he came home the first day with a long list of everything that was forbidden, and what kind of punishment he could expect if he broke any of those rules! So he went from being a nice, well-behaved and caring boy when his summer vacation started, to a potential juvenile delinquent two months later!
In some mysterious way, we are supposed to make the right choices by the time we finish school. After maybe eighteen years of being told what to do and how to choose, we have to start making our own choices. So what do we do? Don’t we make choices that we have learned to make?
We need some time in order to get this. Some need a whole lifetime, trying to do the right things, act in the right way, follow what is expected.
Then my question is: By whom? Isn’t that simply something that is created in our mind at some point in life, as a tool for making the best choices? As ‘someone else’ saw it!
As usual, Guy, I have so much to say! But tell us, how do we become more aware of what we create and how it affects our daily life, through our Way of Being?
You know, Kari, the more we delve into this conversation, the more I’m beginning to believe that the greater part of this question of how to find the creator within, entails getting to the root of what is holding us back from our capacity to create as we should!
Just this moment a friend sent me an Ultrasound scan of his child in his wife’s womb, and I marvel at the opportunities that lie in store for this new life, the tools with which she will be equipped to live life and the journey she will take based on the foundations laid by her excited parents!
As you and I have both mentioned, Kari, our lives to date are constituted by the belief systems we were born into. We are given a name, a place of birth, and a country of origin. Many are given a religion, which is, according to what some would have us believe, is the final word in our reason for being.
Some are born into a world of crime or strife, or abject poverty… There are also those who grow up ‘with a silver spoon in their mouth’, whose entire future stretches out before them like an endless red carpet.
Who, from this multitude of birth circumstances, has the best chance of finding the creator within—of discovering their fullest potential, or even knowing that it exists?
Is it something that a name, money or influence can buy? Take the beautiful Casey Johnson, for example, heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, who grew up surrounded in wealth and opulence, yet died at the age of 30 after complications from Diabetes, in a low-rent home, subsequent to a life of drug addiction and having been disinherited by her mother, due to the manner in which she led her life…
Can it be denied us because we are born poor? Why not ask the world’s wealthiest novelist, J.K. Rowling, who was on welfare raising her little girl when her agent called to tell her that Bloomsbury would publish her book about an adolescent wizard named Harry Potter? Or Oprah Winfrey perhaps, who was born in rural Mississippi, and spent her early years living in poverty on her grandmother’s farm?
Is religious belief perhaps the answer?
(For some reason, whenever religion is mentioned, people’s feathers get ruffled, so I want to make it clear, valued readers, that the views, interpretations and beliefs Kari and I share are only our own, and you need not subscribe to them in any way whatsoever.)
I was born into a Christian family, and even though we weren’t regular churchgoers, I was brought up believing that Christianity held all the ‘right answers’. To cut a long story short though, something about it never quite sat well for me, and my belief dwindled over the years.
What really disenchanted me the most was, as a teenager, when I came to understand that all religions each claim to hold the only truth, and that all the rest have been misguided somewhere along the way. So for me, religion certainly was not the answer…
At a point in my conscious development, I came to understand that God is within me and that I need not follow a particular religion in order to believe. This was both relieving and comforting, as my relationship with God became much more personal and open to my own interpretations. I no longer saw God as this bearded and benevolent man sitting in white robes on a gilded throne up in Heaven with harp-wielding angels fluttering about, as I had done since I was a child.
Gradually though, my belief changed yet again, when I began questioning the purpose for my existence, how I came into being and where I’d come from. I realised that I could no longer perceive God as I always had, in the form of a being—that in fact, God wasn’t and isn’t a being at all, but rather an entity, a source, light, energy, love, or whatever it is from which everything comes into existence.
So I have now finally come to my own cognition (as have countless others) that creation resides within every dimension of the Universe, and that because I am of the Universe, I create… Just as an inanimate particle of sand is the reason why a desert exists, forever in motion, or as the tiniest molecule of water gives rise to the ever-surging oceans, timeless rivers and broiling cloud formations—so am I! And even more profound, I am gifted with consciousness and wisdom, along with every other human being, animal and plant on this earth.
How I utilise this consciousness is entirely of my own choosing and responsibility. This is a life path towards Abundance that I created for myself—not according to what has been suggested to me or expected of me. I see no end point to this journey, as it is the journey of my soul.
There was a time when, although I had a job in advertising that paid well, doing the work I enjoyed, and working with great people, I was desperately unhappy, and this affected all aspects of my life and my Way of Being. Yesterday I was speaking to Kari about this, and what’s amusing to me (and indeed intriguing), is that even though I have established my life path in terms of The PowaForce Forum, I still dabble in branding and design projects to help with my finances.
I was telling Kari that as our work together increases, this design work has become a hindrance to my focus on the tasks at hand, and I find the vacillation between the two very different dimensions somewhat taxing. Her response was that it is real-time a reminder of the difference between the path that I had been steered towards as a result of my inherited belief systems, and the path that I created of my own choosing… This brought my entire quandary into perspective! You see, back when I was in my ‘dead-end situation’, I didn’t have an idea as to what was possible. In hindsight, I realise that my discontentment drove me to the crossroads where I was forced to make a choice.
If you are not content and happy with the life that you are living; if you are not in acceptance of the challenges you face, and if there is a constant uneasiness or disillusion with the way your life is going right now, then it’s time to take stock, reassess what you want and create new choices! You will know when you reach your personal crossroads.
Almost daily, I come into contact with so many people who are in this position. Whether they are struggling financially; in a love/hate relationship; not getting fulfilment from their careers, or just feel they can’t hack it anymore, their intuitive consciousness is telling them—reminding them that there is more waiting for them.
Whatever you believe in, I urge you not to disempower yourself by relinquishing responsibility and accountability for your life’s journey to any person or higher power, other than yourself. Believe in YOU and your capacity to create all that you desire, and you will automatically receive all the help you need. Never, ever give up in your quest for knowledge, and question everything! This is the manner in which you endlessly create!
Now Kari, for those of us that are nearing that confusing turning point in life, how do we make the clear distinction between the belief system that has got us to where we are right now, and choosing where we wish to be as a creator, utilising our fullest potential?
I have to start this response by repeating your own words, Guy:
“So I have now finally come to my own cognition (as have countless others) that creation resides within every dimension of the Universe, and that because I am of the Universe, I create…”
Every day I meet people who want their life to change. They may have been dealing with their problems for many, many years and tried all kinds of things to get better, before they end up trying Kinesiology. Some say they want to give it a try just one time, and if nothing happens, they know it doesn’t help. Others tell me that no one can figure out what’s actually wrong, so it’s really of no use doing this, but they will give me(?) a chance anyway. Just to know for themselves that they have tried everything.
These clients have one thing in common, the fear and resistance of getting better, and creating a better life! That is not only a phenomenon regarding Kinesiology, it is very common experience when it comes to dealing with physical, mental or emotional imbalances of some kind. At one point the situation starts to become an identity and even if it is a source of lower life quality, even if the person may believe they wish to change their reality, they resist everything that may help.
They forget the appointment. They don’t go out and get the nutrition that is recommended. Actually, they resist doing most of what is recommended and if they notice anything change to the better, they disappear. I don’t see or hear anything from them. And most of all, every session is used to tell me that most likely, nothing will help but sure, it’s nice to be treated anyway…
What you experience will stay in your mind as memory, whether you are aware of it or not. So I’ve also experienced that the same people come back, maybe years later, to try again. Now they are ready!
And at that point, they really do an amazing job accomplishing what is needed to change their life!
So why didn’t they do it the first time? Wouldn’t that be much better, instead of throwing away years of struggling with all those difficult obstacles?
The time that has passed by has been very important for them. They have gone through an inner process, some say that they are so tired of reality as it is, they don’t want it anymore. Others say that they experience something in their external life having changed, which forced them to create new possibilities.
Again, it is these Universal Laws—everything changes, all the time. As said earlier in this conversation, there is an imbalance between when it’s time to make those changes and when our brain gets it…
So, what has this to do with being an inner creator? I would say everything! Our brain wants things to happen logically and in the right order and it only knows how to make it happen by using old information. It actually uses what got you there in the first place, because that is all it has.
Now, does this make sense? If that were a fact, then we would end up in circles, always using that which doesn’t work in order to get better. So we can’t just sit there, waiting for changes, we have to do something to make it change. And this is the clue, to do something consciously to change the old, automatic patterns that have become unconscious patterns!
I have to admit, I have been there myself! Not when it comes to diseases, as I am in very good physical health, but for years I kept holding on to circumstances that made my life worse. I felt trapped in situations, not knowing how to get out of them, and when people told me what was obvious to them, I could almost hear my thoughts saying: You don’t know all the facts! You don’t understand! You have misunderstood it all! Yes, but…
So yes, I became ill, yet not in a way that the doctor could find anything wrong with me. I just did not function at all! My good doctor wanted to give me pills, which I didn’t want, as I have never used medication. After some months he said that I had to, if not, my body would resist treatment. So I agreed to try taking anti-depressive medication, which was all he had to offer. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever done in my life! I completely lost contact with myself, my body, with who I am! After one week I went back to him and said that no matter what happens, I am never going to use that kind of medicine again!
But I couldn’t continue the way I was either, that was for sure. So I had to take new decisions—I had to do something I had never done before. I had to clean up everything that kept me in my old situation, both external and by confronting my inner fears and belief systems.
Well, I guess it is still an issue, and I guess it will always be. Today I know more about myself than I did a year ago, and next year I will know more than I do today. That is a fact to all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not…
Then we have the fact that most of us have learned not to focus on ourselves! That is egoistic, that is impolite, that is wrong! Then my question is: Why?
We usually say there are only two things that are certain in life, our birth and out death. I want to add one more thing: The only person you are going to live together with between birth and death is you! So why not start to figure out whom this person is? Why not figure out how you can make the best choices for you, in order to live the best life you can? What is wrong with that?
In my perception of truth, I am coming back. I am going to live on Earth more times than I can imagine and the very thought of that makes me happy! Still, all I have today is the life I have now. As Kari, a Norwegian woman, born in 1960, a Kinesiologist with four children, a granddaughter and two cats. And probably less years to live then I already have lived.
So what about you, dear readers? You may be younger or older then me—it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have some amazing information stored in your brain and in your DNA, so when are you going to use it to create the life you want?
There are so many circumstances in our external world that require time and effort in order to change. In the meantime, the only one who makes choices about how to deal with it is you! And the life you live, the feelings you have, reflect in how your life is. The external meets the internal—does it balance?
I love this path, Guy! I always talk about consequences, as every choice we have, leads to something. Let us use our next conversation to discuss what being a creator in your life means practically. As in, “ What’s to expect when You start to be You?
(Illustration by M.C. Escher)



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