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We have come a long way during our conversational journey these past weeks, dear Kari, and looking back it becomes obvious that we have walked a pathway that previously didn’t exist for either of us. We never knew where it might lead—certainly we had no idea when starting out, that we’d have our first book in process of publication, or that by the time it launched, we’d be almost ready with the second! Yet we just knew it was leading somewhere, and we looked forward to that “somewhere”!
And now it’s here, and we’re anticipating the next “somewhere”… We are blessed, you and I, my dearest friend, Kari, with being able to realise what it means to live in wonder and anticipation!
In his Commencement Address to Stanford University in 2005, Steve Jobs had this to say: “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”
Looking back then, over the previous conversations, a series of dots emerges, representing a thread that links all of our dialogue together. And woven into the fibres of that thread is a message—it’s a message that speaks not only to our valued readers, but to you and I as well, Kari!
For me, that message speaks of the redefining of my purpose, my calling to “Love” and the realisations of my own potential that this journey has brought to my consciousness. I believe though, that what we have striven to communicate to our readers, and will continue to do so indefinitely, is to ask more questions and become more open to the answers that unfold.
Yet what would we say constitutes the joining of dots throughout our conversations? Well it’s that X-factor we all seek that every human being on the planet has in common: To be happy! And happiness is enlightenment, isn’t it? If we can claim to be truly happy, then I believe we are enlightened, no matter who we are or what we do.
Some years ago I met a man on the island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean. He had once been the editor of a newspaper in Mauritius, but after winning a lengthy court battle about censorship, and having had heart surgery as a result of his stressful lifestyle, he had retired from the ‘rat race’ to this paradise, where industry is virtually non-existent and the pace of life is slow… Here he could breathe the pristine air, walk to the bakery each morning for fresh baguette and then visit his friends, most of whom were fishermen. His health improved immeasurably and he was about as happy as one could be. In fact, most people on the island seemed happy—even the old fisherman mending his nets seemed to possess an air of enlightenment!
There is no fear of violence on Rodrigues, and even petty theft is minimal. What I found conspicuous by its absence was that feeling of ‘having to’ be somewhere and feeling guilty for not being perpetually busy. Sure, I was on holiday, and yet this contented resonance seemed to prevail over all the inhabitants of the island. All were happy and all were at peace with one another…
Interestingly, a while ago I was sitting in the garden, lost in my own world (as I oft tend to become), observing the square metre or so of grass in front of me. There were hundreds of ants and other tiny creatures in that small space, perhaps thousands to be seen with the naked eye, and certainly exponentially more I was incapable of seeing. Now, I was particularly interested in all the different types of ants. They’re supposed to each be wanting to kill and dominate, yet all were on the forage and about their own business.
There were so many of all different kinds of ants though, from the big red ones to the tiniest of black ones, that I thought at some point their paths would cross and one would attack and kill the other. Well, eventually this crossing of paths did occur (a number of times actually, and between ants of different sizes) and in each case, both just did an about-turn and scuttled off elsewhere… Neither wanted confrontation. Both were foraging. Both understood that there was an abundance of whatever it was they were foraging for—conflict was unnecessary! Mother Earth and the Universe will provide!
Why can we not simply realise that there is an abundance of whatever we need or seek—for every being on this planet? No, we as humanity for the most part choose to remain in Scarcity (as individuals, as cultures, as nations) with the greed-induced notion that we have a right to claim something, anything, everything…
Another problem of course, is our history. We tend to live our lives, not only according to our own experiences, but those of our forefathers and our forefathers’ forefathers, believing that the path to New Learning and where we want to be lies therein. Not so! New Learning resides in that which we’ve never even contemplated—in what we Don’t Know that we Don’t Know as yet. Our past experiences will get us no further than where we are right now. In all but that 1% of us who exist in Abundance, negative ego permeates our lives, our thoughts and deeds, and keeps us in the vortex of Scarcity.
If only we better understood the pain and suffering that comes with egotistical desire; the extreme negative energy that we plough into our very souls! Something has to change—and it is changing… It is a shift in consciousness. A very positive shift, of enlightenment!
More and more people globally are awakening to a new way of seeing the world and I believe that perhaps, during the next few decades, this shift in consciousness will reach critical mass. I believe this to be so, because through their heightened consciousness, people begin to look for answers from within. Instead of pointing around us and apportioning blame, we will accept that we each see the world entirely differently and that although we each have standards and beliefs that are not akin to those of the next person, there is a common thread of learning about the world we inhabit and about each other.
Within us, we have all the answers and possess virtually limitless resources and potential towards overcoming challenges and creating our own Journey of Life. At this point, we will begin to accept one another for the abundant beings we are and that we all belong to the same Universe… We might also understand that instead of being, as humankind, at the top of the food chain, we’re simply a part of it…
There really is so much more to Life and Living than what most of us choose for ourselves! Give gratitude that you are blessed with Life and that you have a purpose to fulfil. If unsure of that purpose, then choose to seek it out. Let go of all the material and psycho-analytical trappings our past has led us into and see the world, your world, anew!
So, Kari, what is your take on the path you and I have travelled? What do you make of these dots that seem to join, like a zipper, in our wake, and what does this speak of the lessons we have to share?
Oh, Guy, where do I begin…?
We have shared how you and I met, seemingly by a coincidence, through common friends in a network group. Prior to that point, I started to feel very restless, like something was missing or maybe something important was about to happen and I had no idea what it was. I did understand, though, that in order for changes to occur, there had to be some new parables, as everything I had up to that point, had only got me so far. So I was already open for what was about to come.
My work as a Kinesiologist, as well as my own experiences in life, had given me a knowledge about human nature, our unconscious mind and the amazing power in each and every one of us, which I really wanted to share with the world. The urge to do so became stronger and stronger, but how would I be able to accomplish it?
One day, in deep meditation, I was guided to a beautiful crystal pyramid that was like a transformer. I was asked to sit on a crystal chair, and if and when I felt ready, I could tell my soul mate that I was ready to meet. That signals were sent out into the Universe where my soul mate would receive it, if he wanted and was ready.
Then you came along, Guy, maybe a month or two later! I had completely forgotten that meditation; it came back to me now, as I’m writing this!
I must admit, when we decided that we wanted to share our conversations, one every week, I believed we would run out of topics after a while! When looking back on our journey together, my dear friend, I see we harvest from an endless source of wisdom, which is Universal. It has absolutely nothing to do with our brain, as you say, that can only give us what we already have and create what’s already created! It is the power of potential we have as humans!
We have talked about illusions. That nothing we believe is true, actually is so… We see the reality our brain gives us! Nothing more, nothing less! It is the result of electrical signals! We know this; still it is so difficult to comprehend that fact relative to everyday life!
I have no idea how many times I’ve heard people tell me that they don’t believe what I say, if it can’t be proved scientifically—not thinking of the fact that scientists are also limited by their own brain! How many times have you read about a new study on, let’s say, cholesterol? And the results are never quite the same! So it has to be undertaken again, because each study gives more information which may be used as tools for new interpretations… By the brain! There are no absolutes! And the source of information never runs dry! It is only a matter of how conscious or unconscious you are.
Everything in the Universe comes from the same source and everything is connected. How often have we said and heard that. Is it possible to comprehend fully? All those quantum quarks, combining with other quarks and electrons to make neutrons and protons (which again, is matter), possess something that holds it all together. The same thing is a fact in the entire Universe, as it is everywhere! The bond is light. Light is frequency and frequency in its highest form is love!
Imagine that! Are you able to comprehend it? Or is it that, somewhere between a single quantum quark and the whole Universe, held together by pure love, your brain stops comprehending it? Do you hear the judge in your left hemisphere telling you that if it was the truth, then everything would be light and we would be able to see it? If everything is held together by light and the highest frequency of light is love, then everything is made of love!
That cannot be true! Watch the news! Read the newspaper! There is so much evil going on in the world, which proves we are absolutely NOT made of love!
Then we fall in love! There is nothing that can compete with that! The person we fall in love with is perfect! Even if we may know that is not so, it doesn’t matter! All we do is think of that person, day and night, we forget to put on shoes on our way to work, we put our car keys in the fridge and we don’t have to eat or sleep! There is absolutely nothing we wouldn’t do for this person!
This is not rational brain activity! Actually, this is not duality either! There is no opposite side of love, other than the absence of love—just like there is no opposite of light, other then the absence of light!
Oh yes evil does exist; there is no doubt about that! But is it too difficult to comprehend that it only exists because we have forgotten that we are love? We reject it! And by rejecting that all of us are love, we create anger, bitterness, fear and evilness, we hate those persons doing evil things, we want them punished, we even want them killed sometimes. Forgetting that we all are from the same source of pure Love, some have just rejected it for so long!
So when you and I, Guy, say that we find the truth in the moment, the now, simply by BEING, the thing is that the brain gets a break, the waves in the brain slows down, and the body consciousness takes over.
Now we enter the Universal source of everything! When we are in touch with this source, we feel. We intuitively know what the right path is, and what next step to take. Our feelings are real, they tell the real story about ourselves, as they are unique to every one of us!
The closer we get to our unique soul signature, the more doors open up and the more Universal information occurs. We have most certainly experienced that on our journey together so far, Guy, as things fall into their place when the time is right. Step by step, by just BE-ing in the moment, everything is as it should be. We know we are limited by our brain, we also know that the Universal intelligence and support is not limited at all—it’s just waiting for us to start waking up.
Now, I wonder… One of our previous conversations was about The PowaForce Forum and the four-day workshop, PowaBase, which is such a deep, transformational experience that really speeds up the awakening process. Together we are going to offer this workshop, as well as the rest of the programmes within The PowaForce Forum structure, around the world, as you have done in South Africa.
I am sure we have followers that haven’t read all our conversations yet, what can you tell us about how PowaForce Forum and PowaBase might join the dots in our personal life, and thereby also our professional lives, to gain Insight and Enlightenment?
Isn’t it amazing how sometimes we ‘just know’ without a doubt that something is right? We find no reason to question it, because it simply is… Well, every footfall along this path you and I have travelled since we met, Kari, has felt unquestionably right! There has never been an iota of doubt in my mind that wherever it is that we’re headed is in a direction leading only towards our Enlightenment.
Yet in order to recognise you as the most significant of what I believe will become many partners on this incredible journey of life, love and learning, I had to be resonating on a level where I could receive—and what brought me to that level, was The PowaForce Forum, without doubt!
Rod Finnie and I created The PowaForce Forum at the beginning of 2010 as a 21 Century interpretation of what Pat Grove had begun way back in 1969. The evolution of PowaBase, which is The PowaForce Forum’s flagship training programme, also became the foundation for my own evolution, as it coaxed me into seeing the world, my world, from an entirely different perspective.
When Rod, who was my business partner, mentor and very close friend, passed away in 2011 (followed by Pat’s passing early in 2012), I continued running the one-day PowaChange workshops, but I simply wasn’t ready to take the helm as Trainer of PowaBase. I guess time was needed for both of us to mature…
I’ve said this a number of times throughout our conversations, and Kari, you will acknowledge that it’s been my motto in life for some time now: “Let Go to Let Come”… It has never been more appropriate than in the past two years of my life! I’ve seen how those dots have their own way of joining, as long as I allow them to join of their own accord.
My future holds so much more than I can currently comprehend, so why would I want to force it to conform to what I know? Why try to compartmentalise the unknown? If I do so, then it will never exist! We always tend to plot our lives as precisely as a maritime chart, where everything is predictable and in accordance to what we were always led to believe about ourselves. And when it doesn’t pan out the way we expect it to, we’re disappointed… So we look back to our past and agonise over all the things we could or should have done differently, knowing though that we can never undo what is done.
In doing so, we create a bottleneck of stress and worry over what transpired in our past, which prevents many of our hopes and dreams from ever reaching fruition.
Have you ever wondered what might happen if you just let go of the worry and anxious anticipation and simply allowed the future to unfold of its own accord? “But I can’t relinquish my control!” you might argue… Well, it’s as a result of your need to be in control that you keep getting disappointed.
You could also say, “How do I set goals for the future if I cannot have any expectations?” Certainly, we need to set goals—how else do we communicate to the Universe what we want? There’s a big difference, though, between expectations and beliefs. When we release our requests and are truly able to let go of them at that point, with the 100% belief that we shall receive, that is precisely when they begin to manifest!
Whereas expectation is emotionally based, belief is quantum. In fact, when you believe something will come to pass, you have way more control than you do when you have expectations, where there are just too many variables.
Think of yourself as the CEO of your destiny. Just like issuing a directive as the head of an organisation, you believe it will happen, without concerning yourself with the minor details as to how it will happen—there are others in your employ to see to it that it does… The same applies to the manner in which your life unfolds—ask for what you want, let it go, and don’t concern yourself with the details of it’s manifestation. All is in place, just waiting to make it so! Just believe!
We always say that we learn from our mistakes and from our past experiences, yet how often to we try to forget our mistakes, instead of seeing in them a positive opportunity to learn something new about ourselves every time—thus strengthening our Way of Being?
The key to all of this is in developing your Way of Being so that you are resonating on a level where you can receive. Believing in yourself and what is possible takes time and usually “a little help from your friends”!
This is where The PowaForce Forum comes to hand, and in particular, a programme or workshop such as PowaBase, a four-day, highly intensive series of experiential processes that guarantee you seeing the world very differently at the end of those four days!
As PowaBase’s Trainer, I cannot tell you how you will change—that is entirely up to you. Yet what I can tell you is that you WILL change… Indeed, you will transform! And I do not make these claims lightly, because I have seen EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has been on PowaBase change in their own profound way. I am so rewarded each and every time I see it happen!
Just last week, I attended a cocktail party and a young man approached me asking, “Aren’t you Guy from The PowaForce Forum?” I didn’t recognise him at first, until he told me he had attended the training over four years ago. He said that it had made such a huge difference in his life and still continues to do so. I cannot put into words how encouraged I was, or how grateful I am to him. That I have assisted even one person towards bettering their life, is reward to me beyond measure…
What if you and I together, Kari, could assist a million people across the globe in tapping into their true potential—would this be too much to ask? I think not!
It’s not so much about trusting that the dots will “somehow connect in your future”, as it is belief of the eventuality to be absolute fact! As Kari has said, we have all the support we need from this immeasurable Cosmos, if only we were able to let go…
The fact that you will change in some way is a given—it’s how you choose to change that determines your path to Enlightenment!
So now, Kari, what wisdom do you have to impart towards manifesting the awesome life we all dream of having?
I agree with you Guy, the question is how we choose to change! We have absolutely free will to do whatever we want, also in our rejection of change! It will make life extremely difficult, but it is our birthright to do so, if we want to!
I have often wondered why there is such a gap between the consciousness of the brain and the amazing potential of the body consciousness. It just doesn’t add up! Why on Earth are we made this way? Why are we born with a brain still evolving (that has taken nearly 25 years to do so), that allows for so many misinterpretations?
Why is it that it takes the first 6-7 years just to get out of a hypnotic state? We start with a world of misinterpretations that only increase until we do something about them!
As a Kinesiologist I work with the innate wisdom of the body. Your body knows what is going on; there are no misinterpretations there! Every cell in your body is filled with your Blueprint, your history about everything you are!
For now, the only way I know of getting that knowledge to the brain, is by going deep into the unknown part of yourself, to the things you don’t know that you don’t know, to learn what is going on and to make it understandable. This is a knowledge the brain should receive immediately when needed. It makes no sense that all it retains are our previous experiences, yet it is so…
If we, on the other hand, view this from a survivor’s point of view, it makes perfect sense! Then it is crucial to use old experiences and old knowledge about all those dangers out there. In order to survive, there is no room for admiring those beautiful flowers or feeling the love inside—you have to act without hesitating! By instinct!
Just this very thing shows that we are evolving! The fact that you are reading this should tell you that you know there is something more. You have taken the next step, out of survival mode and into the mode of life!  
We are far from fully developed! We have so much yet to accomplish, so much more to understand. It is my absolute certainty that we will evolve to a point where there is no use for Kinesiology or PowaBase to get in touch with our wisdom—every one of us will be fully able to get the messages from the body intelligence and create the life we want, through our own consciousness.
I am also absolutely certain that it will take generations upon generations to get there, but in the meantime, we just have to continue our work, Guy, by assisting people on their path!
I have experienced so many amazing things through my clients that make me sure of the wonderful wisdom, as well as the intelligent Universal system there exists in this gap. People have come with all sorts of problems, and after a few sessions they walk out as different people. Not because I have done anything (all I do is to disclose some of the signals from the body’s intelligence), the changes occur when the brain receives it and starts to create new and better solutions, together with new understandings.
The thing is that those experiences, that once seemed bad, are all potential. All those misunderstandings, all those earlier misinterpretations, are possibilities for increased consciousness.
Then it is time to ask ourselves what the purpose of all this is. What is this wonderful wisdom and the intelligent Universal system for?
At a point in our evolvement, when our consciousness reaches a certain point, something happens. These days I have many clients experiencing this—they first go to the doctor and check out everything, when nothing is found, they try Kinesiology.
They have this strange sensation on the top of the head, as if something hit it, not as heavy as rain, something much lighter, at the same time, it feels very powerful. Some also describe it like ants crawling under the skin.
Some start to feel very compassionate, they burst into tears for no reason and feel very embarrassed for not being able to control themselves. Many are filled with anxiety, or are very depressed. Many have problems focusing their eyes and/or become very sensitive to light, so they have to use sunglasses, and many, many suffer from dizziness.
This is so common now, and it shows DNA in progress, it shows how our increased consciousness changes and upgrades our bodies.
We have talked about the grid of consciousness surrounding the Earth, which is measured every day by The Human Consciousness Project. This grid affects us all, and the more people increasing in consciousness, waking up so to speak, the more are affected. There is no way we cannot be, as we all are citizens of this planet.
What we haven’t talked about is the Schumann effect, which shows that our Mother Earth also has a pulse, a frequency, discovered in late ‘Fifties. And that very pulse is increasing! In synchronicity with human beings’ increased consciousness.
One more thing we haven’t discussed yet, as it is very recent knowledge, is that it seems that our whole Galaxy is moving into a completely new area of the Universe, with a completely new radiation.
What are these synchronicities? From the depth of my heart I want to shout out to every person on Earth: Can’t you see how powerful you are? 
Human evolution works very slowly as it requires a certain amount of us finding inner balance and evolving into the power of Love, before we gain new understandings.
Why? Well, look at what humans have done up until now, when they make new discoveries of how the Universe works. They make weapons! They use that new knowledge to kill each other in even more barbaric ways!
Increased consciousness means increased frequencies. And the only way to increase our frequencies is to turn inward, fall in love with that incredible person you are. Change the view of the dots in your life; see them as traces that show you the real reality. Are you in relationships filled with drama, knowing that we all reflect each other’s inner drama and give each other the lead to new solutions, if we are willing to do what’s needed to do?
Is your body aching? Think of it as a metaphor for what’s going on in your life; the body’s language isn’t linear, it is always in metaphors. Like pain in your hips shows imbalance in life as well as moving forward; pain in your back is unsolved issues in the past. Digestive problems? How do you digest life? Constipated? Why do you keep holding on to what can potentially harm you?
Nothing is by coincidence—every thought, every feeling tells you something. If you’re not able to see the glory of the person you are, everything will tell you to stop what you’re doing and change perspective, if you are willing to do so. That doesn’t mean it isn’t physical, of course it is! It still gives you the message! You can receive it and work with it, or you can tell it to shut up and suppress it with food, excess of workload, alcohol, drugs, sex, exercise—there is no end to the excuses we use…
What about rejecting what you don’t understand? That is actually the first thing we do, when we hear about new things, we don’t believe them! After a while we make fun of them, and of people believing in them. One generation later though, it has become a part of our every day life.
I was born in 1960. The world as it was when I grew up doesn’t exist anymore, so people my age use a lot of experiences to interpret the world that are of no use today. Still they go on and on and the danger is that the older they get, the more they will narrow life down to a small personal box, which may be smaller and smaller as less and less of the old knowledge is of any use.
This is a fact for all of us! Age doesn’t matter, as everything changes all the time. As it is now, we are at a point we have never bee to before; we can’t use old strategies of war in a time when we become more and more aware of the Love we all are made of!
The only thing we can do is trust that we have all the Universal support we need, and as we gain consciousness we change the world into a world of Love!
In the meantime, as it will take some time yet, there are so many things to talk about! What I’d like for next week, is to have a conversation about those roles we play in the theatre of life. Do you have the manuscript for the role you’ve chosen?
(Artwork by Ric Friar)



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