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Well, for one thing, we need to be present in our own life! If I asked you, dear readers, to spend this evening writing down everything you have learned and are consciously aware of, from the day you were born, would you have enough time in one evening? You could try, but I assure you, it is impossible!
In one of our previous conversations, you told us of the enormous reservoir of our consciousness, Guy, and it is almost impossible even beginning to comprehend it all. Still, with all this potential at our disposal, we continue to exist on autopilot 95% of the time. We are simply not present in our own life!
So the question is, where are we? This is when we are unconsciously conscious. Life goes on, day by day and every once in a while we wonder how the days just pass without any content. Nothing exciting ever happens; it is all a monotonous routine…
Many of us look at nature and we often give animals misdirected credibility, and I do believe they sometimes shake their head in amazement as to why humans don’t see what an amazing potential they have. No matter how dearly we love animals, and I am truly an animal lover myself, human consciousness works entirely different to that of animals.
Think about it: why do we continue to develop? Humans and human ancestors have been on this planet for millions of years; physically we are completely able to survive and increase in population. Why do we have emotions? Why do we feel compassion and empathy? We don’t need that to survive! Yes, it makes life a lot easier, and we could say that it is something we needed as cavemen, in order to stick together, because we were certainly not fully able to survive on our own, yet I am pretty sure that all of you reading this will agree with Guy and myself, in the fact that those feelings of compassion, empathy and love, are far stronger than a survival instinct!  
Science tells us that something happened to the human species at about 100 000 year ago, the missing link is yet to be revealed, but the changes that occurred are shown in human DNA. What was the purpose of that? DNA is body-intelligence; it knows absolutely everything about you as it has the whole picture of who you are. And it is unconscious.
The fact is that our brain doesn’t actually have access to it. As it is for now, we have to ‘muscle-test’ to reveal its secrets, and this is the reality I experience every day in the world of Kinesiology! 
We have spoken about it so many times, but I am going to repeat it: The reality you are conscious of is the reality your brain supplies you. It has its own interpretative system, a system that is entirely and completely yours—completely unique to you. There are many similarities, but no one possesses the identical interpretations, as no one has the identical experiences to those you do.
The fact that our brain only uses what is already there in the first place, is something we usually do not think of. Yes, we do understand it when it comes to burning your hand on a stove—your brain remembers the pain and the fear and helps you not to do it again.
But what about situations, other humans, relationships and living together in a society?
Yesterday I talked to a woman who is experiencing a lot of drama with one particular person, and I asked her why she believed he was so agitated about her. She knew why, because she reminded him of his ex, a relationship that was filled with unsolved drama.
We know this, don’t we? There are some persons we have difficulties handling. It may be their outlook, their behaviour, how they speak, or it could be any number of things—the result is that they annoy us. Because they remind us of someone else!
Your brain remembers your experiences with that person and automatically tells you that this other person (whom, by the way, may be a very nice person) isn’t someone you want in your life.
But there is so much more involved, if you think about it… At what level do you trust your own abilities to handle the situation? How do you react or not react? What are your interpretations of what is said and what it is that makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable in a given situation?
What is your level of resistance, and how aware are you of the fact that there may be information you’re not conscious of? How do you picture it in your mind and how conscious are you of what’s logically put together from your previous experiences?
All this is part of how you experience your reality. It is what your brain puzzles about during the night; it puts everything together to make logical sense of it, so you can use it to your benefit the next day, according to the reality it provides you!
Our brain is a very complex computer, using everything that is programmed into it to create patterns of behaviour, of conscious thoughts, beliefs, our self-image and where we place ourselves in the world. And we don’t have to give it any attention at all! Our brain just carries on for as long as we live, doing its thing. Your heart will beat, you will continue to breathe, you will digest your food and produce children; you will do your job and drive your car—but you will not be present in your own life! Because there is no guidance! It is just life living itself and we have to take what comes, without any control over the outcome. Can you see how it makes us victims of life?
The thing is, all your experiences are yours to own. You can do whatever you want with them! By, for example, being aware of the fact that there is a person annoying you in your surroundings, why not try and figure out why? The beauty of our conscious mind is that it is more than willing to help out, as long as we take the lead! Often we know why, perhaps we remember who this person reminds us of, and how he or she made you feel back then.
Now you see that you have an ally within your emotions, which is a compass to give you direction. What you do with it is entirely up to you, as we all have free will, the only thing I want you to remember is that you are the one holding the solution. Because the experiences your brain uses may be old solutions, made when you were a little child, it is up to you to reprogram and update the information with new knowledge!
You mentioned The PowaForce Forum and PowaBase, Guy. The genius of it is that unconscious behaviours, thought patterns and belief systems will reveal themselves and reprogram the brain. As you have said before, it is very difficult to reprogram the brain alone, as the reality it gives us is what we believe is the truth.
The result of this is that we need to be pushed out of our comfort zone, to a situation where we realise those old solutions just don’t work anymore, to become more conscious of who we really are. So why not take the step on purpose? The world and the reality we face changes so rapidly that we can’t continue to hold on to old conscious behaviours, believing that we are on track with all the new happenings.
You have seen people taking the lead in their lives after attending PowaBase, Guy, and you have given us some examples of this in earlier conversations. Can you tell us more, as I’m sure we have new readers following us, who may not be aware of how PowaBase is able to bring change to their lives.
Indeed, Kari, the most difficult aspect of realising your fullest potential, is that first step of actually acknowledging that there may be more to it than what you initially perceive—and then, taking the necessary steps to tap into it!
Even once we decide that positive change is necessary in our lives, we need a helping hand to guide us along the path, as most of us just wouldn’t know where to begin. As you correctly said, Kari, we just “aren’t present in our lives”. We’re living with the illusion that we’re ‘doing the best we can’ in the hopes that one day we might be able to fulfil just one of our dreams, whilst never actually believing this day will come to pass. It’s tragic!
Perhaps what we don’t realise, is that we travel the path of consciousness our entire lives, defining and redefining who we are and what we want all along the way.
We all have these hopes and dreams, don’t we? It’s during our childhood years that these dreams are most fervent, and actually surprisingly focused! I recall as a young boy wanting to become a fireman and my prized toy was a bright red fire engine! Later, I was given a wonderful train set and all I desired was to be a train driver, spending hour after hour on my bedroom floor with my ‘Santa Fe’, imagining myself at the controls of this behemoth.
Although these visualisations of my aspirations were extremely vivid, they were eventually superseded by bigger and better dreams, as I moved through stages of conscious incompetence.
As my spectrum of knowledge began to broaden, my aspirations became more focused on what would probably see me ending up with an affluent lifestyle, such as becoming a doctor, or an architect. I even wanted to become a high-class sleuth like Simon Templar, but let’s not go there!
Then, as my schooling years drew to a close, I was faced, for the first time, with actually having to decide what I wanted to do with THE REST OF MY LIFE!
Are we really ready at this point in our lives, are we “present” enough to take such a major decision? Are we conscious enough? It really is a huge responsibility, especially when we consider that for many, it’s the parents who have to sacrifice on our behalf to secure the best possible tertiary education for us. In actual fact though, it’s not truly a ‘conscious’ decision that we take; it’s more a case of choosing from a very limited array of options, often overly influenced by our parents or guardians and the budget they have for our education. Even more of us don’t really have any options at all, so we go with the flow, taking on whatever work we can find and hope that one day we’ll have enough money to pay for our own education.
(Statistically, I’d say that it’s the latter who stand the best chance of succeeding, as they are far more conscious of what it really takes to get to where they want.)
Through all of these decisions, we remain limited by what we know, completely oblivious as to our true and full potential. How many of us spend years studying towards a particular profession, only to find that there aren’t any jobs available? Or we decide that, after all, we really don’t have any interest in pursuing a career in the field we studied for, and which cost a great deal of money…
Such a waste, isn’t it? No, not at all!
We really are only ready, on terms of the maturity level of our consciousness, to truly settle into our true calling at the age of thirty-five, or thereabouts. By this time we have reached conscious competency in many domains through our experience of life.
At the age of thirty-seven, after having spent nearly fifteen years in my chosen profession of advertising, I began to have serious misgivings about where my life was going, and it was five years later that I finally came face-to-face with my true calling! At age forty-three, my consciousness began to finally expand into enlightenment—and wonder.
All of the experiences preceding this point in my life, from my childhood, through my teenage years and early adulthood, and finally adulthood, have constituted my unique journey of consciousness, and it is, as such, perfect! I am, for the first time, “present” in my own life!
This brings me back to the “helping hand” I spoke of earlier, and to your question, Kari, as to what change a programme like PowaBase brings about in one’s life.
We are already in possession of all the answers we need as to who we are, where we want to be, and how we are to get there, and those answers pertain only to YOU! Nobody else, I repeat NOBODY, is qualified to answer them for you!
This is precisely where PowaBase is designed to assist in coaxing those answers into your consciousness. You see the world, your world, entirely differently. In doing so, your full potential begins to emerge and suddenly, new opportunities present themselves. You are resonating at the level where the manifestation of ALL of your dreams becomes possible!
You have also become truly conscious, and at this point the beauty of synchronicity becomes apparent, as you are now on a par with other people throughout the world, on similar levels of consciousness.
This is such a vast topic of discussion, isn’t it, Kari? In fact, assisting people attain higher consciousness is what you and I, and The PowaForce Forum, is all about!
So I’d like to pursue the conversation further, looking at the question of Global Consciousness and how humankind has and is developing in this regard.
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