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How conscious is the world we live in today? In our previous conversation, we discussed what it means to live consciously, and whilst individual consciousness is integral to the manifestation of the consciousness of humanity, I’d like to broaden our focus to look at how it applies collectively.


Where did it all begin?


Ancient history reveals levels of consciousness way beyond what we are able to comprehend in our modern, third dimension world, yet most of us tend to view this timeline as the stuff of myth and legend… As the human species, we have ‘forgotten’ the meaning of consciousness, as well as the limitlessness of its potential.


Most of you will recall the so-called “2012 Phenomenon” (21 December 2012), which was regarded as the end-date of a 5,126-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, more familiarly known as the ‘Mayan Calendar’. Many of us were nervously expecting the end of the world; an apocalypse, or at the very least, some cataclysmic disaster on a global scale. Clearly, none of this came to pass, and, almost two years later, it’s all but forgotten—having subsided back into our unconscious minds as interesting memories…


Yet in the countries that were once part of the Mayan civilization (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador), the 21 December 2012 saw major festivities taking place to celebrate the occasion.


A New Age interpretation holds the belief that humanity would undergo positive transformation and that the date signified the beginning of a new era. So the world breathed its collective sigh of relief and simply continued with its third dimension reality of day-to-day survival, largely oblivious to any particular significance this, or any other event of its kind, has with regard to global consciousness.


Another occurrence, seen by most people as a heart-rending story that had the world media riveted for a time, yet which by-and-large went unnoticed in terms of relevance as a phenomenon of consciousness, was the Chilean mining accident of 2010, known as “Los 33” (or “The 33”). It began on the 5 August, with a major cave-in at the San José copper-gold mine that saw 33 miners trapped 700m beneath the earth for a total of 69 days…


The most noteworthy aspect of this event, in comparison to others of this magnitude in recent history, is that it was one hundred percent positive, constituting the love and compassion of humanity across the world, irrespective of colour, creed or culture. Collective consciousness in abundance!


There was an outpouring of positive energy, from the complete support of the Chilean government, 25 companies from at least seven different countries, to the likes of you and I sitting at home watching the unfolding of events with baited breath and compassionate concern for those 33 men and their families. There were not even any discussions held in the media as to the financial viability of the gargantuan rescue operation, with all of its obstacles, delays and setbacks. Humanity just gave everything and anything that was necessary to bring those men out—even when it was not known until the seventeenth day after the disaster that they were indeed alive!


Furthermore, there is the number “33”… Regarding the day one of the probe drills hit an opening and returned with a message attached to it, international speaker, advisor, consultant and teacher, Jorge Bianchi, had this to say: “It was August 22, the 33 week of that year. Furthermore, if we apply conventional esoteric numerological systems to this particular date, when we add up the digits (numbers) in full date—day, month, year—we get a 33. In numerology, numbers 11, 22 and 33 are considered to be Master Numbers. The digits in these particular numbers are never added up together. So, a 22 does not become a 4 (2+2) but instead it remains as a 22. August 22 2010 then becomes 8+22+2+0+1+0=33.”


Jorge goes on to say: “While the three drills carried on with the drilling, the Chilean Navy was busy manufacturing three metal rescue capsules. What a coincidence—three plans and three rescue capsules—another 33! In the end, Plan B (the second borehole) reached the miners first. It took Plan B a total of 33 days of drilling to do it. Here we see that mysterious number once again.


“This event was filled with the number 33. It is just everywhere. My background is in engineering and business. In my early career I studied and applied statistics and probabilities quite a bit. You may consider the numerous appearances of number 33 as just a coincidence if you wish. However, I have to tell you that the probabilities of something like that happening is 1 in billions… Is there anything more realistic to believe than just coincidence? Is there enough space in our minds and hearts for the extraordinary?”


Now, dear readers, is this simply a heartwarming story, or do you feel that perhaps there might be a great deal more to it in a quantum sense than just an interesting sequence of events?


Moving on to another place in time, do you ever wonder how it was that the pyramids of the Giza Necropolis were built with such absolute precision, that no mortar was used to bond the giant stones and that you could barely slide a razorblade between the gaps? Or that these stones, some of which weighed up to 80 tons apiece, were transported a distance of 800km? Even with today’s huge machinery, transporting the 5,5 million tons of limestone alone would constitute a vast undertaking! Do you ever wonder?


How about the fact that these ancient civilizations understood the ‘phenomena of the sky’ to place these great structures with such precision according to astronomy? Or that many of them throughout the world seem to form some kind of synergistic alignment between the stars and each other?


What of the Lost City of Atlantis? Much of these phenomena leave modern science theorising today… They just don’t seem to have the answers—and yet, once upon a time, human beings had those answers! When it comes to the obvious conclusion that we once possessed a consciousness now forgotten, the best that scientists can do is guess…


So what did humanity know back then, that we don’t today? Or could it perhaps be that we’ve ‘forgotten’ none of it—and that we collectively choose to ignore it? Does the true might and abundance of global consciousness simply lie dormant for millennia, awaiting more and more individuals to seek out their inner consciousness, before reaching the critical mass necessary to manifest the power of human potential once more?


I have many, many questions and many, many theories about the subject, but perhaps you, Kari, could shed some light on the topic, and give us an alternate perspective.




It is so beautiful when you draw the lines back to ancient history, Guy. You are absolutely right—we have lost so much during the years. And the more I work with and study how our DNA works, it becomes so much clearer to me that therein lies the key to the mystery.


It is absolutely amazing to follow both ordinary science and scientists, who combine spirituality and science, to see how they get closer and closer to each other. I believe that one day in the future, we will smile when looking back at the times when we sat in our different boxes and said that “we” are right and “they” are wrong! I also strongly believe there will come a day when religions change, from claiming they have the only truth and the only God, and that all those outside are doomed forever, to acknowledging each other as part of the whole, as we see the compassion and love for humanity, and for our precious Mother Earth, wiping away all the barbaric anger and frustration we have today.


And why do I say things like that? It is obvious that there is still so much cruelty in the world!


I say it because every single one of us has DNA, which contains all the information of everything that constitutes you. Experiences in this life and in your previous lifetimes, as well as all your ancestor’s experiences and knowledge. It is almost impossible to understand this for a third dimensional brain, as most of this is quantum. That means the knowledge of our forefathers is still very much present and waiting to be used.


Humans have free will; we have the power to do whatever we choose. For years I’ve had a picture in my mind when I work with my clients, it is alive and it is full of colour. For every thought and spoken word it changes, it is like an everlasting dance. The more I focus on one thing, the stronger the coloured field becomes. If the focus is negative, the colours become messy and look very dirty; the more positive, the colours shine more and more brightly.


That is my brain’s way of interpreting quantum attributes of free will in human beings. And it is all in our DNA, which is far more intelligent than our brain will ever be, as it also holds the key to our spiritual being.


Thousands of years ago, humans started to spread out in the world. Slowly, generation after generation, they went from living together to splitting apart. You mention Atlantis, Guy, and I do believe that we must go further back, to a place called Lemuria, actually located in the region of what is now called Hawaii. This was a spiritually evolved society who lived in peace and harmony for thousands of years before the ocean started to rise—when the ice melted and they had to leave.


Give ear to the story from ancient Hawaii, stories the elderly have kept for themselves up until present times. Now humanity starts to become ready to listen to how it started…


As humans split further apart, they had to learn how to survive, and more and more DNA began to shut off. We started to lose contact with spiritual knowledge, as we gained the skills of war and terror.


Humanity is still too immature to gain access to all of its DNA—there would most likely be someone that would create another horrible way to kill ‘the others’, as we see now with Islamic State, or the war between Palestine and Israel. No wonder we don’t have access to the potential we have!


Then again, some do. Like Tesla, a man with knowledge the rest of humanity needed one hundred years to start comprehending!


The fear and struggle has become so commonplace in the world that we actually criticise people and call them stupid and naïve when they talk about peace and harmony, as if it is a huge joke. ‘Everybody’ knows that there will never be peace between Israel and Palestine! ‘Everybody’ knows that there will never be peace on Earth and that there will always be cruelty!


Well, then I say: Everyone knows that we are capable of love!


In July 2011 a Norwegian man, called Anders Bering Breivik, detonated a bomb where the government was located in Oslo and killed 8 people. After that, he went to an island about one hour’s drive from Oslo and killed 69 young people, who had all joined a political camp there. All for the purpose of making Norwegians aware of the danger of terror when we let people from other religions, like Muslims, into our country…


The reactions were not as he expected. I have never in my life experienced that kind of love throughout the country. The love was so present that is was as if it were alive; the compassion was so real and so true. All over the country there where people with roses parading, quietly honouring those who died.


The rest of the world shook their heads in wonder at those strange Norwegians, not seeking revenge, only sharing love and compassion.


We learned something that day. Norway is a small country on the perimeter of Europe. After the plague in 1300, we belonged to Denmark for 400 years before we were given to Sweden as a gift from one king to another. We gained independence 200 years ago, a fact we celebrated this year.


That means we don’t have the same history of war that the rest of Europe has. It also means that we don’t have the same hate, learned from generation to generation, as so many other European countries have, regarding linearity or religion.


The collective consciousness is very interesting. As we have opened up more and more to the rest of the world, we started to adopt more of this negativity. People learned from other countries who to hate and the “truth” of why it was important to hate them, and they got fearful. To be sure that we would be safe, they started to share their fear and more and more people joined them.


After July 2011, something changed. Yes, you might say that we have forgotten it, but that is consciously. In our subconscious mind, it is very much alive and a part of our new references. There is more reactance of that fear now, people have started to disclose it as the fear it is.


That is how we open up to our potential in our DNA. It is all there, our compassion, our love, our ability to care for each other. I will never forget the viscosity of pure love that surrounded us that day and the days to follow. It was like Mother Earth herself, together with the Universe, held us, knew us and loved us.


The same love and compassion was felt all over the world when the 33 miners in Chile were rescued. Just like the tsunami in Thailand in 2004 and the tragedy of 9/11. Every time we experience a united compassion like this, it is measured in the magnetic field surrounding our planet. And as we have spoken of before, the transfer of information is in the overlap of magnetic fields.


Every molecule in our DNA has a magnetic field and as our body is built of trillions upon trillions of these molecules, it becomes so strong that it radiates out of the body and creates a magnetic field around us. This field holds all the information about us and it is something we all possess. We are all connected because of this, as we also are connected to the magnetic field of Mother Earth and, in turn, the Universe. We can’t help evolve, the potential is too strong, too many people have started to increase their consciousness and have an impact on those who choose not to. All in all it increases global consciousness.


A friend of mine described it like this: “If the existence of planet Earth can be compared to one hour, then the age of humanity is one second.”

No wonder we misunderstand and struggle to figure out how it all works! We are like babies trying our very best to figuratively walk hand in hand while we do our bit in order for global consciousness to grow. The same way we used to walk hand in hand to stay alive.


I often wonder why we choose to believe that we are so helpless and small, when we actually are capable of changing the whole world. Despite the danger of nuclear war, it hasn’t happened yet. Sixty-nine years after a nuclear bomb ended World War Two (actually it was already over when they dropped the bomb) it has never been used in wartime since. 


And as for those preventing that from happening? They were humans! Joining together in hope that one day there will be peace on Earth…


Next week we will continue talking about Global Consciousness and in my mind I see Africa as the new centre of evolved human beings. This huge continent doesn’t have thousands upon thousands of years of war and battles to clear. It will not be tomorrow, but maybe it is not that far away!

How do you see this, Guy?


(Image, Bill Lowe Gallery)



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