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What is your calling? How many of us are asked this during our lives, and if we are, how do we answer the question? Do we even know what it means?


Consciousness has been the subject of our conversations lately, Kari, and the current topic follows that thread, because discovering your calling is very much about your level of consciousness!


Other possible ways of asking the same question are: ‘What is calling you forth?’ or, ‘What is your purpose in this lifetime?’


How many times do you complain about your ‘lot in life’, or grumble, “I wish I’d taken another path instead of the one I’m currently on”, or do you sometimes feel stuck in a cyclic rut like the hamster on its proverbial wheel? Well, join the ‘Scarcity Bus’—that 99% of people I’m always harping on about…


But does it have to be that way and is it too late to change? Definitely not!


Most of us dream about the things we’d like to do in our lives, yet we either procrastinate, or leave it up to the ‘winning lottery ticket’ to decide, or we simply don’t believe we have what it takes… That’s utter rubbish—and as Kari and I have been explaining in previous conversations, we absolutely possess the potential to fulfill any desire we so choose; it’s only the way we think that prevents us!


The difference between the 99% who live in scarcity, and the 1% of people living in abundance, is that the latter have realised their calling. As I’ve said before, having lots of money, fancy clothes and a flash car doesn’t determine whether you’re abundant or not—it’s about who and where YOU want to BE!


Each and every one of us has a reason for being on Earth. Do you really think you’re just here to work, procreate and die? No, we have a purpose (a calling), yet for the most part we are so embroiled in the busyness of third dimension life that we fail to STOP and take cognisance…


I’ll relate to you my story of how I discovered my calling and what a profound impact it had (and continues to have) on my life. Just six years ago I was unhappy with where my life was going—I detested the job I had, the company I worked for and the boss who ran it. I was living in scarcity…


During that year I had attended a three-day workshop and one aspect of this programme was to write down on a piece of paper what my calling was. I wrote: “To make a creative difference in the lives and businesses of others”.


At the time I guess I was not particularly conscious of the meaning of this word “calling” so, as in most similar instances, I had put the piece of paper away, along with all the other course material, and essentially forgotten about it—out of sight, out of mind…


Now, the Universe has a way of reminding us of certain opportunities to bring about much-needed change in our lives—and keeps on doing so until we take heed. Although I didn’t exactly see the opportunity for what it meant at the time, I received a very strong message! My boss called me in one day at the end of the year and told me that the company could no longer afford to employ me, and that I was being retrenched.


Naturally, my initial reaction was one of fear and uncertainty, followed by an analysis of the options available to me. Bear in mind that I had been in a career in advertising for the past eighteen years at that point, so stepping outside that domain of knowledge was pretty much unthinkable!


Well I pursued the various options for a month or two, and had settled upon the idea of seeking work overseas, even though this was at the onset of a global economic recession… As far as continuing my career in advertising was concerned, it wasn’t altogether a rosy picture (another message from the Universe).


The penny dropped one day the following January. I was sitting in bed reading a particular passage in “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, the specifics of which escape me right now… What is important, is that whatever the passage was, got me thinking about that little piece of paper with my ‘calling’ written on it. So off I went and unearthed it from wherever it was secreted—this time to contemplate with an entirely new level of consciousness.


Gone were the limiting thoughts of scarcity, as I had been removed from the job I hated so much, and was significantly more open to new ideas, hence my choice in reading material!


I studied these words I had written almost a year before, “to make a creative difference in the lives and businesses of others” and realised something profound! I realised that although I had achieved reasonable success as a designer and creative director, I had not made any particular difference in people’s lives—at least not to the degree my ‘calling’ alluded to.


In that moment I chose to step into the unknown; into a domain where I had absolutely no experience whatsoever: I chose to become an Ontological Coach. I barely knew what this meant, even though I had been exposed to coaching during the workshop I’d attended, and my association with Rod Finnie (my future business partner) who was the trainer. Yet somehow I knew with crystal clarity that this was what I was being called forth to be, in light of my ‘calling’.


The rest, as they say, is history, and I have pursued that calling, despite all obstacles—and I am happy with who I am and content with the space I’m in. I am conscious that my life, with all its challenges, is perfect and as it should be! In fact, my calling has now evolved into a much more simplified statement: “Love”.


Admittedly, I have delved deep into my consciousness to reach this point, yet I’ve found that in all I strive for to BE who I choose to be, Love resonates on all levels. My dearest friend, Kari, has played an integral role in assisting me to manifest this calling. Indeed our paths are infinitely entwined—resembling the DNA helix we have resolved to become ever more conscious of.


We must begin somewhere though, dear readers, and my suggestion to you is to start out by taking stock of where you are at right now in your life. I’ll get to that in Part 2 of this conversation. For now, contemplate the life you live. Consider the possibility that, despite what your brain is telling you, there might be more…


Do you ever observe the monotony of your day-to-day life, or of those you come into contact with, either personally or via social media? I see people reaching out for something (they know not what) that gives them some kind of purpose beyond where they are in the moment. I hear of discontent in the workplace and at home. I see people joining causes, yet only peripherally. I sense a great many people despairing for what ‘could have been’… None of them, though, are aware that for each and every one of us there exists a calling, and a vast reservoir of potential—just awaiting our conscious CHOICE!


Kari, you have had a long and winding road in discovering your own calling. Do share this with us, along with your interpretation of what it means to be called forth.




Every time I read or hear stories like yours, Guy, I become so humbled as to the intelligence of our design! We are so incredibly more than we believe, all those illusions we have learnt to believe in, without even considering whether or not they’re real.


Yes, in many ways I have travelled a long and winding road in order to find my calling, yet, when looking back, I can see that it was all so accurate! And I can also see now, that I have come full circle, as the manner in which I now live, I knew and struggled with, as well as tried to get rid of, as a child.


Like compassion… I remember how difficult it was for me when my parents didn’t show the same compassion I felt towards the other kids, or animals, or even material things! I remember I told myself over and over, to remember how it felt. That way I would never treat my own children and other people the same way!


It was so important for me that I was held back because of it. Everywhere I looked, the focus was less on compassion and love and more on getting results, the ‘fighter instinct’. It was very confusing and I was torn between what my intuition told me and what was expected of me.


I am very interested in astrology, as you know Guy, and how the planets’ movements, and the push and pull forces in the Universe, are reflected on our cellular level. One day I was studying Saturn, which is the planet of serious matters, the planet that forces you to complete what you’re doing. If you fail, if you take shortcuts, it will give you a lesson, like you received, Guy, when you lost your job! (Now, I have no idea if that was Saturn at work, but it could be…) And it will continue to do so until you get the picture…


It isn’t about man-made laws, it is about me becoming what I am called forth to BE! As it is for everyone else!


In my horoscope I have Saturn in a position that says I have to learn the hard way this time. My truth is that I have selected my family and my path in this life—with its ups and downs—as well as the moment of my birth. That means it is not a coincidence that I was born with Saturn in a difficult place in my natal-chart, so it had to be important.


I have tried to do all the things that were expected of me. I have tried to bury deep the overwhelming compassion and joy I have when other people succeed, and tried to be a “normal” person. I was convinced that it was my Saturn that wasn’t pleased with what I was up to, so every time I failed in being the person society expected me to be, I tried even harder!


Then one day, out of the blue, I got it! What I did, was to abandon myself, my calling, in order to follow the rules of society! And I wasn’t even that good at it, like you were, Guy! I had no success whatsoever in that department!


Now I can honestly tell you that I live in abundance! The door that opened itself the moment I realised the truth, was to a new world, so beautiful and supporting, so intelligent and trustworthy, that it is difficult to find words to describe it.


That is my story. We all have our own unique stories and steps we follow in order to grow! So what is our calling?


I have pondered about this topic all week, when I work with clients who also want to find out what their life is actually about. There is only one thing that repeats itself, over and over—every one of us has potential and resources beyond comprehension: we are all connected and there isn’t a single thing happening in the Universe that doesn’t affect us at the level of our DNA.


And there is more, because our emotions, our decisions and our compassion is measurable in the Earth’s magnetic field! And as everything is intertwined, it intervenes with the magnetic fields of other planets in the Universe! As well as when our magnetic field changes, we are also impacted by solar storms, which again affect us in a new way… And as we have spoken of earlier, when magnetic fields overlap, there occurs a transfer of information…


This is huge! Science has begun to see this, as it is all about physics… When quantum physics is better understood, maybe it will give science some of the answers they are not able to see as yet.


We all know people who would shake their heads and laugh at this nonsense—perhaps you do so yourself… It’s okay, as the biggest bias for us as human beings, is that we live in a third dimension world, where we explain everything that happens according to what we know! So the only way to change that is to start open up for what we don’t know—and even don’t know that we don’t know.


We don’t like that. We like to find the answers from what is going on in our lives, maybe in books, or we prefer to talk to some authority who is able to explain it. We do not like to accept that there may be something more to life, something beyond the everyday mundane life filled with routines. Which, by the way, is not a problem as long as you are happy with it, the problems occurs when it no longer satisfies you.   


The intelligence of life is benevolent, you are the source of your creation and you reap what you sow. You have absolutely free will to choose what you want—it is yours to hold! You choose it; you make it; you live it!


I can almost hear the protests from all those who have experienced difficulties in life. If you live in areas of war and strife, it is not your choice! If you have lost someone through death and are in pain, it is not your choice! But it is your choice as to what you do with it, no matter how hard it is to deal with.


There is yet another bias regarding free choice: that which we have to choose from! Humans are in an evolution process, which means that we slowly change one way or another. When looking back in history, we see that certain things repeat themselves over and over, and we call it human nature… Such as hate, for example...


We can easily understand why people may hate those who have harmed them, yet what we forget is that we don’t see more than a small piece of the entire picture. Due to the fact that we come and go on this Earth, we live and learn through different roles and the challenge we have is to find in our hearts forgiveness and compassion! This creates our potential and our resources! And the doorway to colourful life is through higher vibrations, which results from leaving fear behind, trusting that you are safe and that the Universe will always support you. 


We still have a way to go before we are there. For now, we see the world in black and white, with different shades of grey. So yes, we create our life with what we choose, but if we continue to hold on to the well-known reality without colour, we are unable to create anything else.


Our children are different though. They start to see the world in colour, and what do we do? We medicate them! We say that they are not acting the way they should, that they should see the world in black and white; that there is no colour! Eventually they will discover the same as I did, that their colourful world is the truth. And when they find the strength to live that way, they will make a difference.


What are you called forth to BE? Based on this, it’s a really profound question! What is it this piece of truth that only you have and which is needed in the puzzle of life? You see, no-one is free from of this! It is impossible, as long as we live on this planet! Every thought, every word, every action you take, involves other people, even if it doesn’t feel like it. You may begin your day by giving everyone you meet a smile and that would cause a suicidal victim change his or her mind. You may talk to a friend you haven’t met for years, who will tell you that you said or did something back then, which changed their whole reality—and you didn’t even know it! Maybe you don’t even remember what it was or when it was!


All societies have laws to follow and punishment for not following those laws. They are created by humans. Why do we need them? Well, that may be a stupid question, we all know what happens if we don’t have laws! But what if every human on Earth lived life as they were called forth to BE? Do we fight when we are happy and satisfied? Do we kill when we are happy and satisfied? Do we steal when we are happy and satisfied? I don’t think so! I think we would work together to make our world a wonderful place to live.


But we need to follow our calling, that sweet, silent whisper, so subtle, so loving and so true!


Guy, I think that time is one of the most difficult aspects of this process. We like things to happen quickly, we want results and we want it now! But this is a work of life, isn’t it. What was true when we were kids has changed. Some of it doesn’t exist anymore, yet we hang on to it, trying desperately to make it work. Where do we start in this process? How do we know what to hold on to and what to let go of?


(Image by Chris Solimann)





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