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Continued from Part 1: (Kari: “Where do we start in this process? How do we know what to hold on to and what to let go of?”)
It’s a very relevant question you ask, Kari, yet easier said than done—due to the fact that only you hold the answers to your own potential…
The key however, lies to my belief, in the statement you made: “What was true when we were kids has changed.”
Most certainly, our childhood dreams usually fall by the wayside—I remember wanting to be a steam-train driver and had a passion for large, powerful machines on wheels (or tracks)… I also enjoyed drawing them, which might account for me ending up choosing a career in graphic design.
There was, however, an undercurrent calling me forth for over four decades, of which I was completely unaware… Again, the Universe gave me an indication that I had a passion for helping people, when ‘hospitality’ featured strongly in an aptitude test I took in Grade 11.
In hindsight, I was always an attentive observer and a good listener as a child. I used to enjoy listening to the adults in conversation, taking it all in, yet far too reserved to share my opinion.
It is difficult to see these subtleties for their true meaning when we are young though, and even our parents cannot pick up on them, so they do their best to steer us according to the more obvious tendencies or potentials we display as we grow.
In addition to this is that as time passes, so does the way society thinks—what was ‘the norm’ even just a few years ago is no longer so. Governments change, trends change, and even Earth changes. We are always in a process of evolution, as individuals and collectively, and failing to notice the indications of our calling is all too easy amidst the busyness of our lives.
We say that time waits for nobody, and we struggle to keep up with life as it is, let alone finding time to discover our calling. Whilst this may be true in a logical, third dimension sense, if we were to look to our soul, time is irrelevant. Our calling is to our soul what water is to a plant—it is critical in sustaining our growth…
I feel it’s important to mention here, that trying to discover your calling, when well into adulthood, is no easy feat, for the majority of us are simply not equipped with the tools necessary to create that much-needed shift in consciousness.
This is precisely where The PowaForce Forum is able to play a pivotal role! Certainly it is the wish of both Kari and myself to offer some guidance through these conversations, yet realistically, one would benefit far more in discovering and nurturing one’s calling with the aid such that The PowaForce Forum provides.
As an aside, Kari, I was considering this important message earlier, as we were experiencing a power-outage, preventing me from working on my laptop (whose battery life isn’t what it used to be!) This unexpected break in my writing allowed a space for contemplation, which I would otherwise not have had, and would have not have considered relating this important message… If we don’t make time for what is necessary, the Universe makes it for us…
At The PowaForce Forum, we do not make promises such as: “You too could be driving this bright red Ferrari you see behind me” or, “Enrol with us and enjoy all the idyllic holiday destinations of your dreams”… Whilst I wish this were true, I’m afraid to say that NOBODY can guarantee you such things! NOBODY in this third dimension world can present you your calling, your dream occupation, car, vacation, or anything else—unless you are ready to receive it… And for that, you need NOBODY other than YOU!
Now, you are welcome to spend your hard-earned money on such schemes and concepts if you will (and believe me, millions of people do—I know this through personal experience), yet none of them will provide you with the kind of transformation it takes to discover your calling; the blueprint of your highest and fullest potential.
I ask that you carefully consider the question I put to you, valued reader: How often have you contemplated investing in YOUR LIFE, and in discovering YOUR UNIQUE POSSIBILITIES?
This leads me to the opportunities provided by The PowaForce Forum. Whereas we don’t make any claims as to the material gains you might experience by enrolling in our programmes and workshops, we do give one absolute guarantee: You WILL see the world differently!
This claim is not made lightly, as we fully appreciate the essence of transformation, and it is our calling to assist you in realising your own! Kari, I am sure you will attest to the fact that the answers to this do not lie without—rather they reside within…
Whilst much can be said for the motivational merits of reading books others have written on the subject, or the plethora of workshops, seminars, webinars and training programmes that exist out there, transformation can only come about when you actively begin to experience YOU. Learning comes from that which you experience yourself, not from what others have before you. The PowaForce Forum assists you by providing the tools you require to unlock your potential and discover what it is that calls you forth.
The first step towards accomplishing your calling is to be content with WHO you are right now, not WHERE you are or WHAT you possess—in the knowledge that what you have (right now) is sufficient. People place far too much emphasis on money, thinking that if they had just a little more, they could accomplish X or Y. This is scarcity thinking, where enough is never going to be enough—it also allows you to procrastinate... Whatever you require to facilitate change, you already possess—it’s but a choice away!
Believe in yourself, and that anything is possible, as long as you do not resist the flow! Here on the East Coast of South Africa, swimming in the ocean can be treacherous to the inexperienced, as the side-wash currents are sometimes very powerful indeed! What I have always learnt is to never resist these currents, should you get caught, for if you do, you will quickly tire and possibly drown. It’s best to just allow the current to take you, and even though you may float alarmingly far out, it will always deposit you just a bit further down the beach, no worse for wear…
Nature has many such lessons to teach us if we were to listen, and letting go of what you know, allowing your intuition to guide you towards what you don’t know that you don’t know, will point the way to your calling.
Kari, you too have experience in listening to what the Universe tells you. You are also fully aware of what it is you are called forth to BE—do share with us your thoughts on this, and the level of conscious acceptance one should adopt in order to establish one’s calling.
You story about how it is to swim in the ocean along the South African coast is a wonderful metaphor for life itself, Guy. We do resist the side-washes in our life, we fight them, sometimes desperately; we want to hold on to what we know, even if it doesn’t make us happy! But by letting go of it, just flowing with it, we will eventually end up in a new place with new possibilities.
Right now I am in a situation where I have to move in a hurry. Last Friday morning I had a beautiful home, yet Friday evening I received a phone-call that my landlord needed his apartment back as soon as possible!
With increased awareness follows change. For me this situation is an opportunity, a sign that I am ready to move forward. For a long time now, I so desperately wanted to say, with all my heart, that I am ready to let go of everything I don’t need anymore and follow the lead to my next step!
I have lived at least half of this lifetime, I have a job I can practice anywhere in the world, and I am ready to become whatever I came here to BE!
Every time I thought of it, I hesitated a bit. Not much, though… I usually said: “I am ready, but I want to have some control… Please don’t lead me into something I don’t know how to handle; let me stay close to my family and those I love…”
I knew it was fear, as I also knew I am safe. But nevertheless, it was there, reminding me of everything I love, all the precious things I now have in my life, that I feel I need. Every time I tried, something in me reminded me of how I used to react in situations like this, what the safest way to act would be. I have always made it in the past, why do I not adopt the same thinking now? Why change anything? If I open up to go wherever synchronicity takes me, I have no control whatsoever!  What if…?
Then, about two weeks ago, I was ready. I was so sure that it was time to take my next step! I started to think of moving abroad, to take my Kinesiology to a place where it is more accepted than in this little town in South Norway—but then again, where and how?
And the process continued, I hesitated again! I knew there was no stepping back for me; I had come too far out of survival mode, there was no way back—still it was there… That little worried voice telling me to stop this nonsense! 
Then, last week, I was able to, with full confidence, state to the Universe: “Okay, I’m ready!”
Two days later I found out I was to lose my home!
Now we’re talking! A reaction, an answer, a lead from something unknown, yet still so dearly known!
I am so glad you mention The PowaForce Forum, Guy, as it is a door-opener to this! No-one, when living in scarcity, and without contact with what it means to BE, can imagine how beautiful it is to be in the flow. The power we gain, when we just know that everything is okay, that all we need is in our hands. We have pieces and parts of the whole picture, which is all we need. The rest will follow when the time is right!
I now search for a new apartment; I’ve made some phone-calls and checked out a few, none of which feel right. And every time I think of the situation, I see numbers: 11:11, 10:10, 9:11, 2:33. Today I went to check out one apartment, thinking that maybe I should just take it, no matter how it looks, as I have to find a place quickly—and then my car broke down! 
This is synchronicity; this is the third language, the Universal language. I feel completely safe, every time I think of how uncertain this situation is; a deep sense of being taking care of comes over me. “Everything is as it is supposed to be. Open up and receive, when the time is right, it will be.”
My brain is very confused about this! It is trying to keep me safe, trying to convince me that mere numbers can’t tell me anything! But it is not able to stop my inner voice from speaking the wisdom in my DNA, reminding me why I am here! I can take all the time I need to get ready; the timing is my choice—but I am past the point of no return.
We actually have three kinds of consciousness, as I have said before. The first one is our synaptic brain, which is programmed with everything we have ever experienced in this lifetime. From these experiences, our brain has created patterns, which are used again and again. This is the third dimension consciousness, which demands proof of everything; don’t trust other than what is obvious and hold on to old ways of doing things, as they have proved themselves right.
In this third dimensional consciousness, there is no room for the innate consciousness of our cells and our DNA, where what we don’t know what we don’t know, resides.
This is the smart part of our body, which is tuned in to our physicality. It is this part I access and work with when practicing Kinesiology. It is the whole story of you, your ancestors and your own experiences from all your previous lifetimes.
Lastly, we have our spiritual consciousness, the multi-dimensional, quantum consciousness we all possess—your Higher Self, also residing in your DNA. It has been with you since day one in your first life on this Earth, with knowledge of everything about you throughout your lifetimes!
It is your best friend and is a part of you, yet it is up to you to make contact with it, by getting yourself out of survival mode.
There is no way to find your calling, what you are called forth to BE, when in survival mode! It is totally impossible, as the only thing you do is to go in circles, repeating old belief systems and old actions.  
Then every once in a while, we experience a lightning strike within us, such as I did on Friday, or you lose your job out of the blue, a loved one dies and leaves you in a new situation, or a relationship ends suddenly. There is your opportunity!
A door opens up, so what do you chose? Do you follow your old patterns of survival, making the same choices as you did last time you had an open door to the unknown, led by the fear of what might happen if you don’t do what you’ve always done, feeling you have no other choice? 
Or are you ready to take another direction? You have no idea where it will lead you, but if you do, you start to live your life with intent. And when the time is right, by your choosing, you will find what you are called forth to BE.
I believe that the majority of us are called forth to simply get out of survival mode and into a balanced state, as we, through that, will help other people into balance respectively.
That does require inner work, we have to teach our three-dimensional brain to talk to, and work with, the multidimensional intelligence that possess our vast potential and the truth of who we are, in order to stay balanced and know we are safe. By doing that, we send signals to our surroundings that it is safe for others too, to let go of survival mode.
It is extremely difficult to let go of life until it is time—then we simply breathe our last and leave quietly. No matter how great a struggle, we strive to live! I have friends who have tried to exit life several times, but they never made it. Now, a few years later, they can look back and see how those situations, seemingly having been so difficult, led them towards wonderful changes, for which they are truly grateful. I also know people who succeeded in ending their lives—their time had come…
Every single one of us have our own story. What you have experienced this lifetime is just another chapter in your book of life and it is all yours to use.
If I have lived on this Earth a thousand lifetimes, then I have lost my home many times. Then I know I will get a new one; there is nothing to be afraid of! If I end up moving to another place in Norway or in the world, I probably have lived there before! Therefore, I am just going home! And if the very best place for me is in Arendal, I will find the best home for me right here!
Next week I would like to go deeper into something I am deeply fascinated with. It is as if there is a plan, no matter what choices we make in life. They always lead to consequences… If we don’t like those choices, we can change them! There is a plan for all of us, even to those who are completely blind to it, and who make themselves victims of it. 
It is constantly pushing and pulling us, into situations and out of situations! It is relentless, like waves upon a shore, moving, changing, polishing… What is this Power of Life?
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